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YB Factory is one of the largest maps in PvP mode. It has two buildings and a massive open area. The purpose of this factory is unknown, but it may have been a resource generating factory.

Spawn Locations

IMG 0349

The blue team spawns next to a building in front of them. Large open ground features on both sides of the blue team's spawn point, but the left side features different obstacles and various bits of cover.

The pink team spawns with an open area and building in front of them. To their right is another large expanse filled with various obstacles and cover.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifles- Useful for long range combat, particularly in the more open areas of the map.

Grenade Launchers- Good for grenade showering or thinning a group of players. Also effective in the rooms with the machinery.

Laser Guns- Good for medium to close range engagements and an upgrade to the assault rifle.

Assault Rifles- Good for medium to close range engagements.

Light Bows- Useful in close to medium range, good for thinning out players.

Laser Cannon- Useful for long range encounters and diversions.

Machine Guns - Good for medium to long range, or as an alternative to the laser guns which trades off mobility for precision; can also be used as a way to mow down opponents from far away and/or close-range. 

General Strategy

Using as much cover as possible in open spaces and hiding in the buildings is key to winning in this map. In Team Deathmatch, many people will just spread at the top of the large ramp. (Near the blue team starting point) This is good until the entire enemy team attacks you at the same time, where they will likely kill you.

The bridge between the two buildings is not that good a camping spot: you are exposed from behind and from the sides, leaving you very vulnerable to surprise attacks, which is not a good trade-off for high ground. Be careful if you're standing out in the open-you never know if a sniper is waiting for you.