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S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: A
Defense: S
Health: S
Agility: S
Versatility: S

The X-Field armor is a new type of armor that was released in version 2.90 (Christmas 2014), along with The Arrow. It has similar power bonuses compared to Knight, R.O.M.E and the Black Hole armors, but with similar speeds compared to the Cygni and R.O.M.E. armors. The armor has a special ability to create a force field allowing to absorb damage and convert it to HP, making it quite useful in PvE boss fights as well as in PvP if one's health is low.

If you use this armor in PvP, this armor can be very useful if you are surrounded. Instead of being killed quickly, you will instead be healed. It can be especially useful if the group is all on a team, and are not attacking each other, but instead are focused on killing you. If you ever find yourself competing against an X-Field user, remember that you should not attack if they have their ability active. It is very easy to tell if they do, as a bright energy ball appears around them.

This armor appears to be modeled after the new armor designs in the sequel, Star Warfare Payback. It is not yet known if it was Freyr's intention to make it with this design, or if it is merely a coincidence.

Warning: Beware when using the Force Field against Reflection users, the second beam fired will nullify the shield and will deal damage.


Fighting as an X-Field User:

The shield ability is useful when surrounded by enemies. When there are 2 or more enemies firing at you, quickly activate the ability and return fire before they can escape. If you are going against only one player wearing any top-tier armor, do not use the shield ability, because you will only waste it on one player and other enemies will take advantage when the ability starts cooling down.

Another strategy is to use assists or a defensive backpack like the Tri-O-Avatar along with the shield ability in V.I.P or. C.T.F. matches. If you are the VIP or the flag bearer, activate the shield ability when you are backed into a corner or the whole opposing team is firing at you. The shield will protect you and regenerate your health as you secure the VIP or flag.

Fighting against an X-Field User:

X-Field users commonly use the Jin.Jingle backpack and run around the map. Players with the armor and the Tri-O-Avatar are tough to kill. In order to kill an X-Field user, you have to be fast in using your weapons before the player has a chance to use the shield.

If an X-Field is chasing you with a J.O.K.E. or some other close-range weapon, switch to a light weapon and start running away from the player and count to 10 seconds. The duration of the shield lasts 10 seconds, and when that period is broken, you can now attack the X-Field user with ease. The X-Field might catch up with you if you move slower or get stunned by an R700-AA/Xmax-Tree.

Quickdrawing from a sniper rifle to a fast-firing automatic weapon is recommended if you want to kill the X-Field before he/she kills you first. With the Reflection, you can also kill players with their shield active by simply shooting at another enemy near the X-Field; the second beam will rebound to the X-Field, even bypassing its shield ability if it is active. The second beam may cause smaller damage but keep doing this until the X-Field is killed.

Armor Details

X-Field Armor


X-Field Head: $3,600,000, +15,000 HP


X-Field Chest: 42 Mithril, +21,000 HP, +15% Gold


X-Field Hands: $3,000,000, +11,000 HP, +5% Power


X-Field Legs: 200 Mithril, +16,000 HP, +5% Power, +1 Speed


Suit Bonus: +20% Power, +1 Speed, +4,000 HP (hidden)


Use: Generate a force field surrounding you, absorbs damage and converts 60% of it adds to your HP (lasts 10 seconds, 50 second cooldown)


Stat Totals: 242 Mithril, $6,600,000, 67,000 HP, +30% Power, +15% Gold, +2 Speed

Previous Suit: Black Hole Armor

Next Suit: Wrath Armor


  • Although not officially stated, the ability has a 10 second duration and a 45-50 second cooldown