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For the armor of the same name in Star Warfare 2: Payback, see Wrath Armor (SW2)

S - Superb
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Average
D - Poor

Strength: A
Defense: A
Health: S
Agility: B
Versatility: B

The Wrath is a new type of armor that was released in the Version 2.93 update (December 2015), alongside the weapons Spreader and U.F.O, as well as the Spectre backpack.

Using the Wrath ability while the crosshairs are red will pull the targeted alien or human opponent towards the user, while also disabling their ability to shoot or to move freely. While the ability can be used to target an opponent from any range, enemies can only be pulled for a limited distance before they are released from the ability.

It should be noted that human opponents can still look around and use items and abilities while being pulled. The pulling ability will not work on teammates and certain "enemies", including bosses and the jumping boxes found in the "Catch Me" game mode. Pressing the button while the crosshairs are blue will still cause the ability to get used up and go into cooldown, so careful aim is required to use it effectively.


Playing as a Wrath user

Opponents cannot evade or shoot at you while they're being pulled, so successfully hitting an opponent with an ability can give you a large window to attack. However, it's also possible for them to use Force Shields or abilities to guard against damage while being pulled (or actually attack if they have the SHIELD backpack equipped).

Fighting against Wrath users

Avoid close-range combat against enemy Wrath users. Use snipers or other long-range guns to kill them.

Armor Details

5,500 HP, +15% Power, +0.5 Speed

Wrath Armor


230 Mithril, +20,000 HP, +15% Power, +0.5 Speed


168 Mithril, +16,000 HP, +10% Power, +10% Gold


$3,300,000, +13,000 HP, +5% Power, +10% Gold


$2,700,000, +10,000 HP, +5% Power, -0.5 Speed
Bonus +5,500 HP, +15% Power, +0.5 Speed


Use: Generate a P2P Mini Gravity Force to pull an enemy close to you.


398 Mithril, $6,000,000, 64,500 HP, +50% Power, +20% Gold, +0.5 Speed

Previous Suit: X-Field Armor


  • Alongside the Spreader, the Wrath Armor first appeared in Star Warfare 2: Payback before making an appearance in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion.
  • Unlike the Spreader, and the Thunder and Phoenix armors, the Wrath's counterpart in Payback shares the exact same name with its Alien Invasion counterpart.