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To find out how long it takes a weapon to fire out another shot, divide 1 by the firerate of the weapon (i.e. for UNCC-040 Driller, 1/0.77 = approx. 1.30 seconds)

To figure out the upgrade power levels and upgrade costs (for weapons bought with gold), refer to the formulas on the Weapon Upgrades List.

Weapon Type Price Base Damage Max Damage Damage Type Fire Rate Speed Description Requirements/Notes PvP Unlock Level
PrecursorsSW2.PNGUNCC-010 Precusors Assault Rifle Default 16 56 Bullet 5.00 --- This UNCC primary weapon is suitable for most recruits here. Pick it up and I wish you good luck. Assault rifles are effective against single targets 0No requirements. 1
DynamicSW2.PNGUNCC-020 Dynamic Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png20,000 124 434 Bullet 0.80 +0.5 An improved shotgun with high damage. Very powerful at close range. 0No requirements. 1
DrillerSW2.PNGUNCC-040 Driller RPG GoldIconSW2.png30,000 115 402.5 Explosion 0.77 -0.5 An RPG is thrilling for a new soldier. RPGs are excellent for multiple monsters. 0No requirements. 1
DuskSW2.PNGAUNC-1 Dusk Assault Rifle MithrilIconSW2.png90 21 73.5 Bullet 7.14 --- Weapon design adds lots of heavy metal, increasing damage dramatically. 1Finish Stage 1 Normal. ?
HolyStingerSW2.PNGFIW HolyStinger Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png100,000 208 728 Energy 0.77 +0.5 A result of new energy conversion technology, this powerful medium-ranged energy weapon will make you feel like you deserved that kill. 1Finish Stage 1 Normal. 7
AnimusRipperSW2.PNGF-STD AnimusRipper Fist GoldIconSW2.png150,000 100 350 Energy 1.67 --- For field soldiers to remain unencumbered against the speed of the swarm, the UNCC developed Fist Weapons. 1Finish Stage 1 Normal. Fires moving projectiles that explode on impact. 9
NeonSW2.PNGUNCC-777 Neon-7 RPG MithrilIconSW2.png400 360 1260 Explosion 0.67 -0.5 An elegant weapon; beautiful in design with unquestionable power and upgraded rate of fire. 2Finish Stage 2 Normal. ?
BloodMoonSW2.PNGCPPS-I BloodMoon Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png350,000 200 700 Bullet 1.25 +0.5 With the UNCC's modifications, the rate of fire and accuracy of this shotgun yields precise bullet flurries. 2Finish Stage 2 Normal. 12
UranusSW2.PNGEGT-42 Uranus Sniper Rifle MithrilIconSW2.png600 720 2520 Energy 0.56 --- This weapon is as bright as Sirius. 2Finish Stage 2 Normal. Enemies killed by a direct hit will explode, dealing high AoE damage. 13
DawnSW2.PNGAUNC-2 Dawn Assault Rifle GoldIconSW2.png550,000 52 182 Bullet 6.25 --- Lightweight modifications have improved this rifle with a considerable rate of fire and increased damage. 2Finish Stage 2 Normal. 15
EclipseSW2.PNGLT6630 Eclipse RPG GoldIconSW2.png750,000 360 1260 Explosion 0.71 -0.5 Increasing RPG ammo supplies has boosted its power tenfold. 3Finish Stage 3 Normal. 18
BlueFireSW2.PNGC322 BlueFire Energy Rifle GoldIconSW2.png1,000,000 68 238 Energy 5.56 --- This weapon is produced when normal assault rifles fail us. Its energy bullets can penetrate aliens. 3Finish Stage 3 Normal. 21
DecapitatorSW2.PNGCA-723 Decapitator Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png1,300,000 560 1960 Explosion 0.71 +0.5 Newly designed ammo arms this gun with explosive bullets. 3Finish Stage 3 Normal. 24
StormHeraldSW2.PNGTRIP-9654 StormHerald Assault Rifle GoldIconSW2.png1,500,000 86 301 Bullet 5.00 --- Slightly reduced rate of fire to enhance the damage of a single bullet. 3Finish Stage 3 Normal. 23
GeminiSW2.PNGGemini-32 RPG MithrilIconSW2.png1,600 672 2352 Explosion 0.71 -0.5 A new modification with twin-barreled launchers. One shot, two kills. 4Finish Stage 4 Normal. 27
ShadowArbitSW2.PNGUNS-III ShadowArbit Energy Rifle GoldIconSW2.png1,800,000 168 588 Energy 3.33 --- This weapon will make you cranky. 4Finish Stage 4 Normal. 30
LightSW2.PNGFFXV Light Energy Rifle MithrilIconSW2.png2,200 78 273 Energy 8.33 --- Faster firerates like this can be terrifying. The energy in this assault rifle is demonstrated in its greatest effect. 4Finish Stage 4 Normal. 31
CometSW2.PNGComet-II Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png1,800,000 300 1050 Bullet 2.00 +1.0 It is said that this weapon was crafted from a comet that fell from this planet. 4Finish Stage 4 Normal. 33
HatredSpineSW2.PNGF-ADV HatredSpine Fist GoldIconSW2.png2,600,000 240 840 Explosion 2.50 --- Crafted from a prehistoric lifeforce, the UNCC developed a new type Fist weapon. It shoots 4 explosive bullets at once, at an increased rate of fire. 5Finish Stage 1 Heroic. 36
HarbringerSW2.PNGRABS-II Harbinger Railgun MithrilIconSW2.png3,000 490 1715 Energy 1.43 -0.5 This special weapon can be charged for a powerful laser strike 5Finish Stage 1 Heroic. Weapon can be charged to fire in either one-, two-, three-, or four-round bursts. 36
MirrorSW2.PNGMirror-FTT RPG GoldIconSW2.png3,000,000 840 2940 Explosion 0.63 -1.0 Tracking rockets pinpoint elusive aliens. As a precaution, it will not trace UNCC humanoids. 5Finish Stage 1 Heroic. Rockets fired will lock-on to aliens. 39
PhantomSW2.PNGHBS-VI Phantom Bow/Sword MithrilIconSW2.png3,600 384 1344 EnergyMelee* 1.25 --- A mysterious material has been put to somekind of evil use in this new type of weapon. 6Finish Stage 2 Heroic. Tapping the fire button changes it into a sword. Holding the button will revert it to a bow. *Damage will not be increased with Melee DMG buffs. 37
EternitySW2.PNGTII-3 Eternity Pistol MithrilIconSW2.png4,000 90 315 Energy 10.00 --- A new weapon discovered on this planet. It's extremely lightweight, can be dual-wielded, and has a fast firerate. 6Finish Stage 2 Heroic. 38
CrescentSW2.PNGLDK-4410 Crescent Sniper Rifle GoldIconSW2.png3,200,000 1440 5040 Energy 0.56 --- This single-shot, high-powered weapon has the ability to make ultra-long-range snipes. 6Finish Stage 2 Heroic. 40
SoulHunterSW2.PNGUNCC-822 SoulHunter Assault Rifle GoldIconSW2.png4,000,000 160 560 Bullet 5.00 --- Against all reason, a UNCC scientist added an alien plague into this weapon. 7Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Reduces the target's DEF by 20% and HP Recovery by 80%. Fires green bullets. 41
BloodSeekerSW2.PNGPWC-I BloodSeeker Sword GoldIconSW2.png3,800,000 850 2975 Melee 1.00 --- This sharp sword thrists for blood. 7Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Heals 1% Max HP per hit. Reduces rebirth time by 1s (up to 5s) after killing a player. 41
ObsidianSW2.PNGEGT-76 Obsidian Sniper Rifle MithrilIconSW2.png4,400 1080* 3780* Energy 0.56 --- UNCC research scientists created this with the mystical obsidian. 7Finish Stage 3 Heroic. *Damage is doubled on direct hit. Lasers fired will leave a damaging streak of energy that lasts for 2s. 36
FireworkSW2.PNGTI-14 Firework RPG MithrilIconSW2.png2,800 960 3360 Explosion 0.67 -0.5 Remolded to increase accuracy. The thrown grenade will transform into a guided missile to track enemies. 5Finish Stage 1 Heroic. When equipped with the Brand's Gift backpack, the detonated grenade will split into two tracking missiles. 35
HolySpearSW2.PNGFIW-II HolySpear Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png4,200,000 1280 4480 Energy 0.63 0.5 An evolved shotgun with overwhelming energy and a smaller spread. 6Finish Stage 2 Heroic. Has a very tight spread compared to other shotguns, effectively allowing to be used at long ranges. 40
WhirlwindSW2.PNGDD2C Whirlwind Gatling Gun GoldIconSW2.png5,000,000 100 350 Bullet 7.69 --- Transformed from an old gatling gun by the UNCC 6Finish Stage 2 Heroic. Each shot triggers Overheating, which increases Gatling DMG by 1%, capped at 30%. Overheating reduces by half when changing targets. 39
MeteorSW2.PNGF-MTH Meteor Fist MithrilIconSW2.png3,800 1000 3500 Energy 1.00 --- "Hahaha, I finally found Myth371!", Dr. Cunningham laughs. 7Finish Stage 3 Heroic. Projectiles are affected by gravity, travelling in an arc. Damage increases the farther the energy bullet travels. 38
KaneriaSW2.PNGSRM-331 Kaneria Pistol MithrilIconSW2.png4,200 100 350 Energy 10.00 --- The UNCC scientists discovered a very peculiar stone. 5Finish Stage 1 Heroic. Each shot builds a charge counter. When fully charged, the pistol projectiles change into beams, and two floating disks are spawned which auto-fire beams at designated targets similar to the Nirvana.
EarthBreakerSW2.PNGA22CA EarthBreaker Shotgun GoldIconSW2.png4,200,000 1600 5600 Bullet 0.63 1.0 It seemed that aliens have learnt how to enhance shields. The Supreme Commander of the UNCC ordered to manufacture a weapon to deal with the alien shields. 7Finish Stage 3 Heroic.  Causes triple damage to shields. Despite doing Bullet DMG, projectiles have energy properties (Pierces enemies, fires blue pellets, and energy shotgun sound effects) 34