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Vehicles are new additions first introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback. Vehicles can be found by either obtaining its Pickup during a match or mission, or summoning one by activating Killstreak. If summoned with a Killstreak, vehicles require adequate space to be called, or it the request will be denied. All vehicles last for 30 seconds, but it can be increased to a full minute with the VOID Passive Skill, Energy Armor.

Currently, there are three types of vehicles:


Forts are stationary vehicles that have a very high rate of fire and damage output. When activating one, the player is switched into a first-person view and cannot move. The player also becomes immune to all frontal damage, but it still vulnerable from behind, Energy Strike Killstreaks, and Collapsar and Catalyst explosions.

CPT-I Fort



A standard tri-barrel turret. A CPT-I Fort requires a killstreak of 4. Fires a single stream of bullets that deal high damage to targets.

Its game files also refer to it as the "UNCC Turret" and the "Protected Canon" (spelling error included).




A wide turret with two quad-barrels. A CPT-II Fort requires a killstreak of 6. Fires two streams of bullets that can shred even the toughest enemy.


Forts are generally quite risky to use during PvP and PvE since you can become veray vulnerable to swarms of aliens and sword-wielding enemies. However, Forts can deal an amazing amount of damage in a short amount of time due to their fast firerate, high damage, and the ability to last for quite some time. Forts are immune to any attack except from the back. It is to your advantage that you sneak up behind the Fort.


When using Forts in PvP, it is optimal to make sure no enemies are following or sneaking behind you. These things often happen when you set up a Fort since you will permanently be rooted to the ground and you will have to dismount if you are not feeling comfortable in that particular position. When firing, shoot as much as possible but also make sure you check around your environment every once in a while in case anyone is either waiting for the right moment to strike or trying to sneak up on you.


In PvE, make sure you aren't being chased by aliens and try and make sure you don't accidentally activate a Fort. Using a fort against an alien swarm may not be the best idea since they could easily overwhelm you before you can even kill them. Your best way to gain maximum value from the Fort is if you can fire at the aliens consistently from a good distance. Do not set up Forts in where aliens can spawn on or behind you as a Black Mayfly or Green Lady can very well deal massive damage to you without you even be able to dodge or notice.


Bulldozers are powerful mobile vehicles that can be driven across the map. They have a very high damage output and can be driven over aliens and players, dealing high damage. However, they have a mediocre top speed and can be difficult to turn. Due to their large size, Bulldozers cannot be driven into tight areas or corridors. The speed of a Bulldozer can be increased with the VOID Passive Skill, Suspension.

Mighty Bulldozer



A basic Bulldozer with two mounted plasma repeaters. A Mighty Bulldozer requires a killstreak of 7. Has a very high fire rate and damage and is extremely accurate even at long distances.

Super Mighty Bulldozer



A heavy-duty Bulldozer equipped with two plasma cannons. A Super Mighty Bulldozer requires a killstreak of 6. Unlike its lesser counterpart, the Super Bulldozer fires two energy projectiles at a moderate rate. The projectiles explode on contact, dealing high AoE splash damage to nearby enemies.


A Bulldozer's power is only limited by its speed and range. In close quarters, it is recommended to try and run over enemies, while firing at medium range targets.


When piloting a Bulldozer, the players hitbox is increased, making you a larger target for all enemies and very susceptible to Sniper Rifles. Its slow speed makes it hard to avoid enemy fire, while its large size makes maneuvering through corridors difficult or impossible. It is recommended to use Bulldozers to ambush enemies around corners, as enemies will not be able to retreat and attack fast enough.


A Bulldozer can easily dominate when fighting aliens. As most aliens are melee-focused, they'll most likey be run over without being able to deal damage back. However, Black Mayflies must be shot at to be killed, Green Ladies can still deal suicide damage on contact, and a Mambull will block the movement of a Bulldozer.

Long Sword



Note: the name "Long Sword" only appears within the internal game files, and has not been officially stated by Freyr as of yet.

A new vehicle introduced in Update 1.13. It cannot be summoned by killstreak, and can only be found in PvP maps. What makes the Long Sword unique is that it can be mounted by two players at the same time; a driver and a secondary passenger in the back. The driver can fire the vehicle's two plasma repeaters, while the passenger can gun down enemies using the  turret. When defeating an enemy, the score will go to both players. However, the Long Sword cannot be used to drive over other players to deal damage.



As the Long Sword  is co-op oriented, it is highly recommended to pair up with another ally to maximize damage output. One of the special features of this vehicle is that it is immune to all attacks, unlike its Bulldozer counterparts. However if an enemy uses the twilight ability and runs through your vehicle, it will still deal damage. It's recommended to use the Corrosion Armor against the Long Sword since it has the 'Previous Skill' ability to use the twilight twice. It can also be used to deal with two enemies at the same time, unlike the Forts and Bulldozers, which can only focus on one at a time.


  • Usable vehicles do not exist in Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. However, stationary scenery vehicles could be seen in some multiplayer maps.
    • The Rover - A vehicle that can be found in the PvP map: the Garage. It cannot be interacted with and seems to be a part of the map, not an entity. Some speculate it may be used in a road mission.
    • The Troop Transport - A vehicle that resembles transport trucks used in World War Two. It is a urban camouflage color, and looks like it could hold a driver, and four passengers.
    • The Fighter Ship - In the level, The Lair, a ship is shown in the center, possibly refueling. It seems that in the Intro of the game, your player is in a ship. When you landed you went to Front Lines, (which is nearby due to rocky enviroment) and investigated there. You fought your way through the sectors to secure your ship. The ship seems to resemble an airplane.
  • Oddly, the normal Bulldozer requires a killstreak of 7, while the stronger Super Bulldozer requires 6.
  • Bulldozers can be driven over allies, potentially killing them in the process. The kill will not count towards the player's score, but the killed ally's death counted will be increased by 1.
  • Defeating 200 players with a regular Mighty Bulldozer will unlock the S.A.W. title in multiplayer.