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VOIDs are a new type of equipment introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback. VOID act as companions to the player, either helping them fight or protecting them. They can be crafted at the VOID Center from various types of VOID material, which can be obtained rarely from defeating aliens and commonly from bosses. Rarer VOID material can be obtained from Heroic missions and Heroic bosses. VOID damage is determined by your first weapon's power, and Hygeio's HP Heal is determined by your maximum HP.

Bosses can be fought 10 times each day. The first 5 boss fights guarantee Mithril. The first eight boss fights guarantee a drop of 8 VOID material. *Note VOID Modules can only be earned by playing Heroic stage bosses.

Explorer mode can also reward you with VOID material. The number of VOID material you get determines how long you play for and perks you have (Farmer). Playing on regular explorer stages rewards you Crystals and Fragments, while playing on Heroic explorer stages rewards you with Crystals, Fragments, and Rock Crystals. *Note you may get more of a certain VOID material than the other.

VOID crafted from normal mode farming (boss or endless) have fewer desired perks and bonuses farming on heroic (boss or endless) VOIDs tend to have more desired bonuses and perks than normal. But if you are looking to craft with best chance for desired bonuses, VOID frags from a resolved Level 4 VOID tends to give the highest chance for desired perks and bonuses such as: FCD, All DMG, All DEF, Max HP, Rabbits Foot, and Cheap Shot.

Material Dropped by Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5

Common VOID material

Aliens and bosses CrimsonCrystal.png EmeraldCrystal.png AzureCrystal.png PureCrystal.png PurpleCrystal.png

Common VOID material

Aliens and bosses CrimsonFragment.png EmeraldFragment.png AzureFragment.png PureFragment.png PurpleFragment.png
Rock Crystal

Uncommon VOID material

Aliens and bosses (Heroic) CrimsonRockCrystal.png EmeraldRockCrystal.png AzureRockCrystal.png PureRockCrystal.png PurpleRockCrystal.png

Rare VOID material

Bosses (Heroic) CrimsonModule.png EmeraldModule.png AzureModule.png PureModule.png PurpleModule.png



CollapsarVOID.PNG Requires Crimson VOID material, which can be found in Stage 1. Collapsar is a destructive VOID capable of creating an explosive singularity that can of defeat swarms or powerful enemies.


HygeioVOID.PNG Requires Emerald VOID material, which can be found in Stage 2. Hygeio is a supportive VOID which can heal the player or their allies during battle.


NirvanaVOID.PNG Requires Azure VOID material, which can be found in Stage 3. Nirvana is an offensive VOID that attacks enemies with an energy beam.


TwilightVOID.PNG Requires Pure VOID material, which can be found in Stage 4. Twilight is an evasive VOID, letting the player move across the battlefield at high speeds in short bursts.


CatalystVOID.PNG Requires Purple VOID material, which can be found in Stage 5. Catalyst is a defensive VOID than can generate a immobile shield, absorbing damage for a moment.

Abilities and Bonuses

Passive Abilities

When a VOID is crafted, it is assigned two random passive abilities that affect the player. These passive abilities are not VOID specific and can appear on any type of VOID. The first ability is revealed at level 1, but does not become active until level 2. The second ability is revealed at level 3, and becomes active at level 4. If the passive abilities of a VOID are not to a player's liking, the player may resolve the VOID so they may reconstruct the VOID and possibly get a different ability.

Primary Passives (Level 2)

  • CheapShotIcon.png Cheap Shot: Increase damage by 100% on the first shot after not attacking or taking damage for five seconds.
  • DextrousHandsIcon.png Dexterous Hands: Increase firerate when switching weapons.
  • DragonHunterIcon.png Dragon Hunter: Greatly increase damage done to Bosses.
  • GreedIsGoodIcon.png Greedisgood: Increase GOLD BONUS by 30%.
  • MagnetooIcon.png Magnetoo: The VOID will automatically float towards and pick up the gold around.
  • MonsterHunterIcon.png Monster Hunter: Greatly increase damage done to minions.
  • RabbitsFootIcon.png Rabbit's Foot: Increase SPD by 1.
  • SuspensionIcon.png Suspension: Increase the movement speed of the Vehicle by 1.

Secondary Passives (Level 4)

  • CubicAttackIcon.png Cubic Attack: Boosts all damage by 35% after using any skill.
  • EnergyArmorIcon.png Energy Armor: Increases the energy shield of the Vehicle by 100%.
  • ExecuteIcon.png Execute: Deal double damage to enemies with less than 40% HP.
  • FarmerIcon.png Farmer: Get more VOID material.
  • FightLoverIcon.png Fight Lover: Increase all other damage for 50% after you deal a melee damage.
  • FlappyFireIcon.png Flappy Fire: Continuous shooting increases firerate by 5% (Up to 50% maximum). *Note that if you stop firing, the FR bonus will be reset.
  • ImmunityIcon.png Immunity: You have extra 10% chance to immune any damage you receive.
  • SteelShellIcon.png Steel Shell: Maximum damage taken from a single shot can only amount to 30% of max HP.

Stat Bonuses

Along with Passive Abilities, crafted VOID are given two random bonuses that affect the player. As the VOID is upgraded, so are the bonuses, but by a random amount. If the player disagrees with the amount, they can cancel the upgrade, but they will lose the VOID material used to upgrade it. Then the player can try again for a better amount, but it will require the same amount of VOID.

  • Increase Max HP by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase All DMG by 2-8% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Bullet DMG by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Energy DMG by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Explosion DMG by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Melee DMG by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase FCD by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase All DEF by 2-8% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Bullet DEF by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Energy DEF by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Explosion DEF by 4-12% at Lv 1-2
  • Increase Melee DEF by 4-12% at Lv 1-2