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    Below are some visual comparisons of how much health each armour has after taking into account the HP scaling that's applied in PvP. Unless stated otherwise, the armours in each section have been inflicted with the same amount of damage -- by comparing the proportional lengths of the missing chunk of HP, you can get a rough feel for how much HP one armour has relative to another.

    This isn't an exhaustive list, but it should cover enough ground to give you an idea of how extreme the scaling is on either end of the spectrum, as well as exactly how tanky each armour is relative to each other in PvP.

    Please keep in mind that Damage Scaling is also applied to weapon damage in PvP, so the information presented here won't tell you how powerful weap…

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    Might add more tests and details to this blog as I go along, but getting the raw data up first.


    1. Lose a substantial amount of HP, then keep it constant at that level until you're able to pick up a "Dracula" pick-up.
    2. Just before picking up the Dracula, take a screenshot, making sure your HP is clearly visible against a dark background (pausing the game may help)
    3. Fully charge up Harbinger, then shoot only one target; count how many shots before death if needed. Screenshot HP level after firing off your burst.


    • The Dracula pickup makes you recover "50% of damage done", so by tracking how much HP you recover per discrete shot on one single enemy, you can use it to figure out how much damage your weapon is doing.
    • Make sure the Harbinger …
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    May 15, 2015 by Undead.exe
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    For those who are curious about whether it means I'm starting another campaign: nope, just a reference to an old work and a play on words.

    The Despair Armour doesn't perform close enough to the Thunder to pull off the same tricks. Namely, its ability is a raw +50% POW bonus, instead of the x1.5 multiplier the Thunder had similar to a hyper clip. That, and the ability's cooldown takes too long without using an FCD bonus from a VOID.

    Just a bootleg version of the Thunder -- but still a pretty darned good looking bootleg, if I might say so myself.

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    April 16, 2015 by Undead.exe

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_01......General Morgan: .Here comes Planet UBP1116. You'll notice we took some liberties with your vision system to track your progress.

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_02......PT003: .What did you do?!?

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_03..v...General Morgan: .In your top left visual cortex your destination is marked and there is an additional energy detector.

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_04..O...General Morgan: .Incoming! Soldier up, no more time to explain the new system.

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_05..?...General Morgan: .Destination updated! Here's your next target.

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_06..t...PT003: .There's a strong energy presence here. There are traces of a lost civilization, but there is no one around.

    LOC_DIALOGUE_11_07..2...General Morgan: .Over, no time for rest - move on!


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