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After the alien war, UBW-594244 flourished in wonders and techs. Colonies spread around the galaxies and trading is a success between these colonies. One day a trading ship disappeared near to the colony Frostgale. The ship is confirmed lost and every crew dead. Even though the war is over but there is still cadets in training to face rebels and the unexpected........

The New Forces

10 years after the trading ship incident the army of UBW has much more soldiers than before. Then at last a meeting was made about the trading ship incident, ten years too late. "We are going to find out what happened to this ship and I will send three teams: Cygnistar's team, the 901st squad, and Spec Ops" the commander said.

The three teams answered unanimously"sir yes sir".

After the meeting each squad meet up together and talked about the mission. At the time when they meet Cygnistar instantly ask"so what do you think we will meet up there?"

Terminator,Huds and Pure Fighter answered"Maybe just ruins of the ship and stinking dead bodies".

"I don't think so, maybe some creature destroyed the ship because if I am not wrong Frostgale is the closest to the mithril star"interrupted ESCL.

I wouldn't want to meet one if there is Terminator thought but then Cygnistar said" Don't joke around like that ECSL because we destroyed the mithril loving creature some time ago didn't we?"

"Yeah i changed my idea" said ECSL but it start everyone thinking what will they encounter.

Blasting Off

Then the day came when they are going into space. They went to the ship Godspeed and went to the colony of Frostgale. In the way Commander Armando of the 901st division asked Cygnistar" What do you want your division to be called?"

"Hmm maybe just the Railgun Syndicates because we all think railgun is awesome right"Cygnistar replied" What do you guys think?"

"Alright"replied the other four.

Reaching Frostgale

"Alright it is time to go down"The pilot said. Terminator and Cygnistar wear there Cygni armor and Huds who where his atom armor and Pure Fighter who use his Andromedae armor and ECSL who use his Phoenix armor, The 901st use their Perseus armor and the Spec Ops use their Atoms and Thunders armors. Then they went to Frostgale and when they question the villagers they said they saw a falling ship in the frost plains. It took 10 long hours to reach frost plains. By the time they get there they saw a ship torn apart.Cygnistar said"I do not think this is a good sign"

Commander Armando replied "That is the first thing in my mind"

The Unexpected Happen