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As I watched the survivors doing their shift I sat and I wrote:
"My name is Drake, but everyone calls me Scar because of the cursed mark that runs from my forehead until my cheeks, across my blind eye. This will be my last day being safe, tomorrow I will start following my father's path, into the frontline."
I lift my pen from the page and start memorizing every inch of this survivors base. Then I stare to the journal, the journal that was given by my father, the day he left to fight. I flip the pages back to where my hands hasn't tainted the writing.
I read:
"They are flooding the walls, destroying everything they see, ravaging the countryside. What I mean by 'they', is creatures that are forged from hell and made only for destruction. I run. UBW-594244, a land flourished with a powerful source of energy, The Mithril. I watched them consuming this source of unimaginable power, mutating them into a creature beyond imagination. We have lost" 
I lift myself up and exit my room, into the lab.

The Experiment

My vision are blurred but it took me seconds for my mind to process my surrounding. I realize that I'm lying down on the bed. Doctors and nurses are moving in and out from the room. I try to sit up, my head is spinning around, but I can't. Then I remembered the doctors strapping me to the bed and injecting me with a liquid form Mithril, a glowing blue liquid. Soon I realize that my senses are enhanced and I can hear the proffesors murmuring in amazement, "Prototype-2.... Success...." 
Then I recall something, I agree with this, I agree to become their weapon, the human's last resort.
Before leaving for the battlefield, I write on my journal:
"I have become 'Prototype-2', humans that are enhance with Mithril, and I'm the first one who survive this mutation...... Might as well call me 'The Frankenstein's Monster.' " 
I laugh as I step my way into freedom.

Movin' Out

I enter the armory knowing that the aliens are capable in tearing me apart, even though I'm a 'superhuman'. I wait as the proffesors equip me with an armor which I soon recognize as The Phoenix Armor. Rumors said that this current armor was enhance with Mithril giving me extra protection. No doubt that they're giving me the best technology there is.  Then I realize, there is a 'BLADE-MASTER' backpack lying on the table, with TB10-LW and a passer.
"I strapped my sword across my waist, take the gun, load it up. Here I am, going into the front line." I pause gazing into the sky before I end the page "I am Prototype-2, I'm made for one purpose, delivering destruction to those monsters, saving the universe from it's darkest enemy."

The Scorched Path

"Stuff to never do again:
1. Walking for a million miles"
I sigh as I view this desserted wasteland. I put back my journal into my bag. My Blademaster backpack ran out of energy hours ago. Now I need to walk.
Because of my loneliness I start writting on my journal:
"3 days after travelling and I'M BORED, I should have bring a partner with me." 
I walk for hours then suddenly a terrible roar shreds my ear. I tense then I run toward it.
When I arrive I stood speechless, I look at the horde of alien, there is a bug-like creature roaming for food, they're called 'speedling' by most people, though I don't know why they're called speedling but soon I'm gonna find out. There are giant scorpion but most people just call them scorpions. Before I can even engage them in battle a fireball hits me, even though the fireball looks small, being hit by one is like being hit by a truck. The force send me flying. If it weren't for the armor I'm using I'm good as dead.
I stand up. Then I draw my gun and I start shooting. Everything slows down. My mind seems to catch everything clearly and time moves slowly, andernaline fills my body *DRRRRT DRRRT* 1 down *DRRRRT* got another ONE *DRRRRT*. Then there are 5 carcass of bugs but they just keep coming. *DRRRRT* *DRRRRRRT* *BOOOM* An explosion hits me from behind and I hit the ground.
But it isn't over yet, the bug-like creatures approaches me very swiftly. *DRRRRRT* *DRRRRRT* I shot rains after rains of bullet. Those flying things as well as speedling lies dead around me. Yet it looks like it has only started, the nightmare isn't over. 
"The third wave is coming" I mutter under my breath. I draw my passer and I charge forward.

The First Encounter

Blood soaked the ground, remains of alien are everywhere. I wipe the blood of my sword. I'm exhausted my armor are shredded but I keep journying on. Another roar pierced my ear, it is the third roar I heard today. Due to exhaustion I sit and rest. Then I open my journal and I write 
"Now I know why does people fear 'them' even though I'm very powerful I'm almost beaton." 
And I keep walking while flipping the journal few page back and then seeing a title that caught my eye
"Day XX
Siegfried a monster beyond imagination. I saw the SEAL team trying to beat it yet no luck, Siegfried burn them all, I barely survive. I never forgot my encounter with that monster, a dragon with 4 eyes with wings and an ability to roast it's enemy."

5 days have pass and I'm still wandering through the layer when a roar so loud it shook the earth hearing it I sprint towards it. Then I reach a circular leveled ground, with stones and caves around it. There is another roar and then something came out of the cave, and it's big. "Siegfried," I curse and I took out my gun. Before I can do anything a fireball hit me, it is like being hit with the bug but 10 times stronger. I fall to the ground and a roar is the lasting I hear before everything became black.