• Spartacus800

    Star warfare ideas

    September 18, 2012 by Spartacus800

    This is the page to post random ideas for upcoming star warfare updates.

    What i was thinking is that star warfare should have a campaigne mode where enemies dont just spawn in random places but that you have to find the enemy in a large map.

    They should really have better enemies and not just spiders and critters.

    Im thinking it should kind of resemble halo but in third person.

    The new update should have more balanced armor (so that you can actually use skill) and better enemies, like enemies that could actually stand or enemies that have armor. So im pretty much saying that it could kind of resemble N.O.V.A but with better armor, weapons, graphics(im not really sure). Even if it means moving it to a different console or increasing the price i…

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