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NOTE: Contains mature content, such as sexual scenes and extreme form of language. NSFW and young readers warned.

Deal With The Devil


James Harper (UNCC code name PA-24, rank Chief Petty Officer): Hailing from the barren planet of Dalista, he had joined the UNCC to support his parents and brothers. Now at the age of 19, he is the youngest chief petty officer in the UNCC after he had saved a UNCC HR from an attack from the Usurpation Forces. However, battling aliens at UBW-594244 is a new feature to him.

Shirley Glistern (UNCC code name R-20, rank Sargent): She was once a police officer on Earth but she was transferred to the UNCC and rose up as class valedictorian in the UNCC Class of 2214. Before the alien invasion at UBW-594244 she was issued the heat-resistant Chaos Armor after she won a shooting championship match. She also has interest in James after a few days of survival.

Chapter 1: A Bad Start

All the wires have been fried. The cockpit smashed with the pilots dead. Switches are no longer functioning. And my teammates? Dead. Private Mallorie, Private Barry, Captain Misato...they're all dead. Even the crew of the UNCS Amsterdam who rode in the dropship with us...they're dead. It was almost dark, the only light source remaining in the ship's passenger cabin is some small red LED light that flickered on and off. I don't see any other man alive but me.

Looks like it was time to get out of my downed ride. I went searching for the rear door console and once I found it I pressed the switches to get out. I was limping out of the dropship, and I did not forget to bring my Reflection sniper rifle and my handy LIT07 which was even outfitted with a beam strainer attachment. I feel so bad for the others who didn't survive the crash, especially Private Barry. He was a good friend and we used to play chess during the trip to this godforsaken planet.

I decided to scout around and look for a safe place to rest. The dropship I was in with my teammates was deployed from the UNCS Amsterdam, which was the very last Falcon-class cruiser to be deployed to the planet. All the other UNCC ships have crash-landed on UBW-594244, and we have lost contact with each other for 5 months. We were all deployed to this planet after some alien race had invaded this planet and killed almost 70 percent of the population. I didn't like what was happening, because my mother lives on UBW-594244. I hope she's still alive, since I haven't seen her for 2 years after I joined the UNCC.

The place my ship had crash-landed was in the middle of a huge canyon range known as the Greggo Canyons. Temperature here was 35 degrees Celsius and higher, so it's a pain in the ass if you did not bring water and wander around the desert dehydrating to death.

I had the following items with me: two cells of mithril energy, a compact sleeping bag, and a handy lantern. I could set some a place to rest before the sun goes down. First thing I had to do- look for a safe place to rest.

I had absolutely no idea on where to go. I was just following paths like some 3-year old child. I still remember the way back to the dropship, however there's nothing to save what's left of it or function it again. The sun was really high up. It was like 2 in the afternoon. I was sweating like a motherfucker, even if my R.O.M.E. armor had cooling systems.

Finally. After a few minutes of walking and searching I came across a small cave. The cave had lots of stalagmite rock formations above, but they shouldn't fall on me while I am sleeping. I checked first if there were any alien presence in the area, and then I could finally have some food and sleep.

Took off my R.O.M.E. armor and Jin.Jingle backpack. I also set up the sleeping bag and the lantern. I have no idea on what will happen next. I don't know if there's any other soldier still alive in this area. However I don't regret joining this mission, even if each and every soldier is immediately deployed to the system.

Before we arrived, while on the journey to the Ralan system I got to have a conversation with my brother who was a botanist on Earth. He looked happy talking with his brother after some months of absence. I used a communication in my room on the UNCS Amsterdam and I felt the same after seeing Toady.

I greeted my brother and I was still in my underwear. He laughed and I informed him that I just woke up to talk with him.

"Hey James, good to see you. Be careful, the Ralan system is completely fucked by aliens and we are worried about you." Toady said.

I chuckled and replied, "Yeah, I will be careful. Just having fun with weapon testing."

He later remembered that I got promoted to Chief Petty Officer a month ago. He congratulated me and I gave thanks to him. I missed my brothers and my parents. I missed the times when we were still little kids, we made a small stand and we sold Stimberry juice for extra money. Toady accidentally wounded his fingers as he was the slicer of the berries, while Mark was our very own "sales manager". Those were still good times. Now I am stuck on this planet, fending off aliens for my survival instead of rescuing civilians and pushing the aliens back.

The cave was well-hidden and safe from aliens, so I could finally take a rest after having a rough touchdown. I'm beginning to ask myself, will I still even make it back to Dalista alive?

I better hope I don't get placed in a metal coffin, with the other soldiers handing the medals and stuff. I hope the fucking Stalkers don't get me. Not even the Dempsters.

I feel like someone's watching me sleep. I was snuggled in my sleeping bag but I feel like there's another being watching me from a cliff. Human or not, I hoped that it was not going to attack me. I don't see him, but he sees me. I'm slightly afraid to open my eyes, stand up and look around, but I just discarded my feeling and continued to sleep.

Day 2

Just woke up and ate on a small meal box I packed in my suit storage port. Better get moving if I want to get out of this hellhole. I kept yawning for a minute or two, and I continued to wander around the canyons.

Ah. 40+ degrees Celsius of suffering. It was so hot the next day. I set the cooling systems on my armor to maximum, but I can still feel the heat from the abdomen below.

A few minutes of walking, I later encountered a group of Dempsters. Seven Dempsters, two of which were elite variant, were gathered around ten meters away in front of me. I knew it. I'm fucked. I'm really fucked. Not even an single soldier in Draco Armor can survive an ambush from a horde of these bitches. Bio-constructed force shielding? 35mm body scales? Sharp claws for eating? It's a Dempster. Much dangerous than a Stalker, and the elite variants are twice the status.

Before I could pull out my LIT07, two of the aliens had lunged on me and pinned me down. I saw the look on their faces. They seemed hungry for human flesh. They looked like they preferred humans rather than the harmless Metodian Crawlers. I looked delicious to them. One of the Elite Dempsters went on me and I was unable to kick them off, due to their weight.

I'm almost dead. Another valiant soldier of the UNCC falls into the jaws of an alien. My life has come to an end as I knew it. The aliens can't wait to stick their jaws on my neck and body. After this I will just become some random guy who "got fucked up by Dempsters".

Before the aliens could even take a bite out of my chestplate, I can hear a loud gunshot coming from a sniper rifle. It was not from my Reflection, my gun was just lying down on the ground to my right. One of the Dempsters atop me got hit and blew up to bits. Another shot had roared out and this time, the beam pierced through four of the aliens. I observed the sniper beam line and I saw the shooter.

All of the aliens had been taken out. My back hurts so much, and I can't stand up. It was a minute after the shooter had went down from the cliff and to my spot. I opened my eyes to see my savior.

The sniper appeared to be in Chaos Armor with an R700-AA. The person walked towards me and I wanted to crawl away, but my back hurts so much and I can't do it.

It was a girl. She removed her helmet and I took a glance of her face. She was as young as me, and she was attractive. I became instantly hooked to her looks, and the armor she's wearing? It's not standard issue. Chaos Armor are for elite units, it has an integrated heat-resistant system so you don't burn to death by Finetian Killslacks or just simply going inside a volcano.

Wow. I had a look of her rank insignia. Luckily she was another UNCC Sargent. I felt relief after seeing another fellow soldier still alive in this hellhole. She held my hand and pulled me up, but I just noticed that my weapons and mithril energy rods are gone.

"Hello....?" Her voice lowered down after noticing the Chief Petty Officer insignia on the lower-right part of my helmet. She took a step back.

"Ugh...hello soldier. Glad to see other soldiers are still alive here." I looked in curiosity at the equipment she had. Aside from the R700-AA she also had a Trinity and a S.H.I.E.L.D. backpack. Wow, she has good equipment aside from two satchel charges.

"What's your name? Thank you for saving me.." I asked.

"Let's discuss about that later. The sun is going down and we need to be in shelter." I simply said OK to her and I looked around my surroundings. There might be more of those Dempsters, well she was right. We better get going.

She moved closer towards me and I lowered my helmet visor. "We should get going. I'll show you to my place..." I nodded in agreement and decided to follow her, but I still wondered where my weapons and mithril had gone. She's skilled with the sniper, and I had asked her about where my weapons had gone.

I gasped when she pulled out my LIT07 from her back. She also had my sniper rifle and my mithril.

"Give me my weapons, please." I softly asked her but she nodded in disagreement and said "Nope." I begged her to do so but she still won't fucking give my weapons.

"You'll get them when I decide to." She said and smiles. I was slightly mad. I didn't want to use my rank for a reason, because I still don't know her or what the bitch wants. She took my fucking weapons. She took the mithril. She's good, but what does she even want from me? She's worse than a bandit. I trust her. But only a bit.

She told me to simply just follow her to her place. I just came along with her and I didn't want to beat a girl, especially if she's a fellow soldier of the UNCC. Oh, that Chaos Armor really fucking suits her. She's a devil. A friendly devil.

Chapter 2: Familiarization

She led me to some kind of small camp. The only way to get to it was to climb ledges, it was a few feet high and hard to climb but it was surely safe of aliens interrupting our sleep. We have reached the top and her place was consisting of only a small tent and a campfire. Great. Old-school camping experience. This is great.

No wonder she did not pick the wrong place to stay. I could almost have a full 360-degree view of the Greggo Canyons. I can still see the site where my ship crashed. I wonder how did she end up here too?

I proceeded to check the interior of the tent, and it was fit for two. I felt a bit awkward. I feel uncomfortable when I'm sleeping with someone a few inches away from me. Especially if it's a girl. But shit, got no choice but to work with her. I laid down the rest of my stuff, but she still had my weapons and mithril.

I sat down on top of my sleeping bag and asked her politely this time. "May I have my weapons, please?" I'm a Chief Petty Officer but I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Oh, sure! Were safe for now!" She tossed my Reflection and my LIT07, smiling. I tried to look away from her, but her smile made me look back and away at random intervals.

The sun has gone down. She made dinner and it was the time I got to know about her. While lavishly taking spoons of steak and carrots, she had divulged her identity and her backstory. Her name was Shirley.

"My name's Shirley. Sargeant Shirley Glistern." She smiles, giving me a thumbs-up. "Sorry for what happened earlier. Thought you were a lower rank..."

"Nah, it's fine. Used to do that back in the UNCC-MA." I set my empty plate aside, and Shirley looked happy after seeing that I loved the food.

I was staring at her armor plate and Shirley asked me what was up with me. I responded and pointed a hand to her helmet while the other at her Chaos Armor.

"Oh, this? Hehe. You look jealous of my armor, sir. Chaos Armor's not standard issue- 18-inch heat-resistant armor plating, built-in internal cooling systems, tungsten carbide coating, I just love this armor!"

"But how did you get it?" I asked Shirley, who was still smiling at me. She appears to be joyful, despite all of this mess.

"Well, you watched the 2214 ShotExpo Competition, right? I was one of the contenders and in the final rounds of sniper shooting I ended up the champion. As a result, a HR gave me the Chaos Armor as the prize! Oh...I remember those days..."

My eyes widened after hearing that. "ShotExpo? Wow, you're a good shooter! Lucky you got the Chaos Armor. Too bad my R.O.M.E. armor is better." We both collapsed into laughter and Shirley's smile grew bigger.

"Wow, you're funny. What was your name?" She asked me.

"James Harper. CPO Penny-Alpha Two-Four. Nothing more you should know."

"Okay...sir. Nice to meet you and how did you get here?"

"My ship crashed. Everyone who was on board got killed but me..."

Shirley looked at me, as if she saw a poor kid who was walking down a street and crying. "That's bad, sir. Did you get hurt or something? I have medical supplies, I can help you-"

"No thanks, Sergeant. I can handle myself. As I said, R.O.M.E. armor is the best..." I smile, giving Shirley a hint of our argument over our armors.

She grins at me and gives me the finger whilst pointing on her armor. Man, it has been my second day here and now I get to meet some hot Chaos user? My expectation of surviving has gone higher since I have made contact with another soldier. Maybe if we work together and get out of here I can ask an HR to give her a Recommendation of Valiant Aid form, and then I could promote her as a way of saying "thank you".

It was already 8 in the evening after we ate dinner. I liked the steak and carrots that she made. She simply cooked them on some metal pot and used a blowtorch to heat the food. Looks like she's been in this place for quite a long time. After the horrible crash I could get along with her. She's a nice person, even if she's a lower rank than me I should respect her, cause she's a girl.

We've put on our clothes for sleeping, and we had our own sleeping bags. We were a few inches apart, because the tent was so small. I didn't bother saying a single word to her before we slept, and she didn't too. Oh well, I think I could ask her to show me the places, routes, and paths here in the Greggo Canyons. Maybe if we work together, we could find our way out of here and seek rescue.

Day 3

I have asked Shirley to show me the whole canyon range. She knows the way out of the canyons, but she had said earlier that the path was blocked and I won't like what she saw, so we insisted on finding more survivors instead before we could even get out of here.

While we were walking, I kept on staring at Shirley. I should have asked her yesterday how did she end up here. I never got to ask her that because I was so, so tired. The only survivor of a ship crash? Almost got jawed by Stalkers? I am starting to get frustrated as I start my first two days here.

Her Chaos armor was so attractive. I wonder what were the other soldier's reactions when they saw her put on her prize at the ShotExpo competition. She really deserved that armor. The armor looked strong and hot. But the person who was wearing it is hotter. Hehe...I don't know why I am saying these things. Maybe it's the result of early bonds? Or am I just having feelings for her?

She led me into a long path to another crash site. It was another dropship bearing the unit code "D82-77I5M" on its side. I knew it was not only the two of us who got stuck here. The dropship looked like it had enough beating, the fuselage was split and the wings were nowhere to be found. It was until I found out Shirley was in this ship and went through the same deeds as mine, solo crash survivor who lives his or her life in the canyons. Holy fucking shit, now she's awesome. Maybe we should get along more often, before we get out of here, or die...

I followed wherever she had gone, but the only part where I had put interest is a cave not too far from our camp. The scanners on my helmet have been picking up mithril signatures, all from inside that cave. Seems like there's a shitton of mithril crystals in the cave, but she told me that we cannot enter that cave, unless we get more firepower. This is getting suspicious, what's in the cave aside from mithril?

It was dawn when we finally headed back to the camp. Shirley was kind enough to show me the areas, paths, and that cave.

"Okay James! Next orbital supply drop will be 10am tomorrow. Those fucking UNCC cruisers only send one pod every three days, so we have to spend the food, water, and ammunition wisely."

"What if they ever don't send in supplies?" I asked in a bored tone.

"Then I'm just going to eat you..." she replied and started at me flirtatiously. I got a bit uncomfortable when she said that, but I smiled back at her.

"Just kidding. You aren't putting up a double-meaning for what I said, aren't you?"

I shook my head. We had cream corn soup for dinner, from a previous UNCC supply drop that Shirley tended to. It was really quiet around us, and finally the sun was down to enjoy a view of the stars.