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The year is 2583. Earth is no longer inhabitable due to all of its resources being sucked dry. Humanity was able to find another planet so they may thrive for many years to come. The planet was named UBW-594244 in 2132 by astronomer Charles Manthackis (2100 - 2179). Years after, what was left of Earth's population packed up and headed out, way past the Solar System. In 2450, the space cruisers had arrived to their destination and quickly, humankind was at peace.

The most valued resource of UBW-594244 is a mineral even tougher than Earth diamond. This material is called Mithril. Unfortunately, such a valuable material causes greed and separation. Wars broke out, and the North UBW military was founded. Not only are they fighters, but they're also the people who mine Mithril out of the depths of UBW-594244's crust. The North UBW military operations include surveillance, mining, and production of supplies such as tools, weapons, and high-tech battle armor. All seemed to go well with these protected mining operations. They were unaware of the dangers lurking from below.

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