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March 31st, 2652

I do not know who I am, nor how I got here. I do know that I am not like the Humans around me-- they are weak, pathetic in combat. They cannot take up the mantle of responsibility that is required. But they are sentient, and they are similar to me. They fight with courage and honor, and for that I respect them and fight with them. We fight against hordes of unintelligent life-forms. They are easily taken out, but more keep coming. The people around me view me as strange, or unearthly. The planet I am on is not my home planet. It is a strange shade of blue, with green specks of some foreign alien material. Tomorrow I set out to discover my origin. I have many questions-- who were my creators? were there any more like me? and where did I come from?

April 14th, 2652

For fourteen days I have marched, trekking across thousands of leagues of nothing but sand. I don't have a clear sense of where I am going; following my instinct, I guess. Something within me pulls me this way. For good or for bad, this is the way I will go. I am enjoying it-- without the Human beings' constant chatter, I am able to focus. I had not realized how peaceful it was in the countryside. It looks like there is a structure up ahead-- it should serve as a shelter for the night. Though this structure is tattered and broken, it is an engineering marvel. It still stands, even though I sense the metal is a few hundred years old. The engines on the rear of this ship are unlike anything I have ever seen-- they pulse with a blue light that calls to me. I found a spare set of hands, so I unscrewed my current ones and reconnected my arms to the new ones. They feel stronger, more powerful. I also acquired an upgrade for my central control chip, and I can now track multiple targets. There is a strange light nearby, and I will investigate it as soon as dawn comes.

April 15th, 2652

I have found something that does not belong to this planet. I followed the light to its source, and I have discovered something unearthly. The Human software uploaded into my central storage unit does not recognize it-- the blue glow from the engines seems surreal- blue in general is surreal, but this blue; it pulses, and flickers. As I explored the ship, I noticed strange details. The rust on the metal seems old; very old, perhaps (according to Human analysis) a few thousand years. The weapons onboard, though rusty, are thousands of years ahead of the pathetic assault rifles Humans use. But what is strangest is that there is something missing. In the center of the bridge, a hole has torn right through the center control panel. It seems to be shaped like a shield-- or a crest of some kind, perhaps. There are five escape pod slots on the side of the ship, and only four pods. Could something have escaped?

April 17th, 2652

It's mayday down here. When I left the spaceship, I came across a group of aliens. Being an efficient war machine, I quickly annihilated them all. But then I realized they were tracking something. That something was a group of Humans, who had fled from the city nearby. The city was in ruin. The Humans quickly rallied around me-- I was capable, and efficient, and in their eyes, a savior. Pah! I only did it so I could investigate without those aliens bothering me. But the Humans do help me save energy-- it's been a long time since I last charged, in fact 19 days. I just hope there are a couple of 10 gigavolt outlets in that ruined city-- that's where we're headed now.

April 18th, 2652

Something feels... off. The tracks around our campsite a couple leagues from the city are not like anything I've seen. They're huge- a couple meters across, and there are deep ruts in the earth. Could it be some primal monster? The good thing is, the tracks look old-- perhaps a month ago, the creature could have passed through. I'm just glad we don't have to fight it. The squad of Humans is nervous. They have heard legends of a creature far mightier than anything in the world. However, I do not believe them. Nothing is undefeatable. We can do this.