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The lone cruiser drifted through space, nothing but a twisted hulk of scrap metal and burning steel. The once mighty warship Revontheus, the pride of the Earth Coalition's navy, had been utterly destroyed during the most devastating space fight recorded in history- the last battle between humanity and a seemingly unstoppable alien juggernaut. By a miracle of luck, and the aid of its Prototype-II supersoldiers, the human force had won- but at a terrible price. Trillions lay dead, a whole planet was burning, and nearly the whole human navy was in ruin. But none of this was known to the Revontheus, which was hurtling through uncharted space hundreds of thousands of light years away from the nearest colony.

They would have cared. Had they known, they would have made every possible effort to go back to their homeworld, to help in the rebuilding of Earth, and of the UBW sector. But they could not know; they were all near death, or dead. The crew of the Revontheus, barely surviving in the decimated ship, were kept alive by sheer willpower, salvaging oxygen and supplies from whatever they could find. The captain, Senior Lieutenant Lee "Lucky" Wilhelm, was one of the few crew left alive onboard Revontheus.

Chapter 1

"Men, machines, they both break. It's normal. But when your ship breaks, you're screwed."  

-Navy A.I. Ethereal

I flicker on as electricity pours into my systems. As I do so, the scene onboard is completely different from when I shut off. What happened? Why is my ship in ruin? There are almost no life signs on deck. Of the eight hundred soldiers once onboard this ship, I now only sense twenty-one. A survival rate of just over 2%.

This ship... they told me it was invulnerable. They lied.