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It was a dark and silent night when They came. Those evil beings came here for our planet's huge supply of mithril in the ground. Those aliens start out as white larvae, which digs into the ground and absorbs the mithril. This mutates them into different species of aliens. Occasionally, a larvae absorbs to much mithril, and transforms into an elite. So far there has been sightings of a huge mantis, a dragon, a huge spider, and an enormous serpent. These aliens massacred our people. Everyone cowered in terror and the sight of them. For months the aliens absorbed the mithril, until one day, a group of brave warriors called The Annihilators began to fight back. I am Michael I joined the Annihilators when I was in college, and this is the beginning of the war.

Chapter 1

"Michael Hamilton! Where are you?! Report to my office this instant!" screamed the headmaster over the intercom. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes as I looked up from my desk. My professor glared at me silently. One look was enough to send me scurrying to the office. As I trudged out the door, Dylan and his buddies, who were the tyrants of the college snickered and threw bits of chewed gum at me. Why can't they get caught for a change?  "Come in Michael." said the headmaster after I knocked. When I entered, I saw a tall and muscular man standing beside the headmaster. The head master said “Well Michael, you might have heard of the legion of elite soldiers called the Annihilators. This man is John Harper, he is-" "The head of the Annihilators, “said John, cutting off the headmaster, “Now, to business, our legion just lost a hundred young warriors, since we are in the middle of a war, we can only train a few more people because of the lack of extra time. We have chosen Dylan Harper, Adam Levy, you, and a few more people" "Umm sir, I'm honored and all, but why choose us college students? Why not go looking for adults who are fitter than us?" I asked. "Well, we need people who can fight longer before they turn too old to fight. Plus, you will be trained more before going to fight. Well I have studied your past and I know you are an orphanage so I gave the head a permission slip. If you decide to join, your training begins tomorrow. Now run along." he said, shooing me away”Thank you sir, I'm very honored!" I said happily as I raced out the door.  "Join the army, eh? Well, that'll do you some good, maybe actually make you get up earlier." said Mr. Forman, the head of the orphanage, as he studied the permission slip. “So can I go?" I asked eagerly. “Oh alright bow go pack up and toss your stuff in the van" he said, after a moment of hesitation. Even though Mr. Lee didn't show much emotion when I left, I know that he will really miss him, and so will I.

The training there was tiring, every day I have to wake up at six o'clock and run ten laps around the track. In the afternoon, we practiced shooting and our reflexes. In the night, we did pushups and sit ups. During our training sessions Adam and I quickly became close friends. Sadly, my relationship with Dylan got worse. Months passed by, then years, even though the war started a few years ago, my war began at the age of twenty five.

I woke up to the sound of sirens and screams of the civilians. My heart was pounding as a threw off my covers and joined the marching troops to the armory. “Ain’t this exciting Mike?” Adam yelled over the sound of the sirens. “I nodded grimly not able to think as i grabbed my standard viper armor, cutter, and FR28a assault rifle. My main job was to rescue the trapped civilians since I was a rookie, my friend Adam got to storm the aliens, that lucky guy. I ran through the burning streets looking for survivors. I grabbed my cutter and started slashing away at the burning debris. “Anyone there?!” I screamed, thankfully our helmets has a built in microphone connected to a micro-speaker so I could be heard over the guns. “Help” screamed a voice somewhere on my left I followed the voice until I saw a family cowering under the shadow of a group mutated speedlings. “Run! Jump out the windows! Anywhere but here” I screamed, tossing them a portable fire extinguisher. I Turned off the safety mode of my rifle at let loose a storm of bullets. One by one the speedlings fell spraying blood everywhere. I had to avert my eyes to avoid barfing. This small mistake almost cost me my life. A speedling lunged toward me, but I sliced it open with my cutter. Just when I was about to silently celebrate for I couldn’t see anymore speedlings, one of them had sneaked behind me, and bit my left arm off. I fell to the ground, my vision slowly getting darker, and darker. I could vaguely hear a voice screaming my name. Well, maybe I’ll be able to see the end of that famous glowing tunnel I thought as my vision turned black.

Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of the small beeping of a medipod. I I looked to my left and saw Adam there, snoring away. I gently knocked on the glass to alert him. He snorted then rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “Michael, you’re awake! You’re alive! I never knew someone could lose so much blood and survive!” He exclaimed, as he pressed a button to open the lid of the pod. “Good to see you, too” I groaned. I looked at my left arm and grimaced, where my arm should’ve been was just a short stump with bandages on it. “Oh God, I guess this means the end of my career.” I sighed. “Hey, don’t worry Mike! I recently discovered that I had a thing for fixing and making machines, and guess what I did for you. I made a mechanical arm for you, you just have to go through another surgery and you’ll have a new and improved left arm!’ Adam said happily.

        I followed Adam to the surgery room where three surgeons were waiting. “Are you sure this ‘left arm’ will work?” I asked tentatively, “I just want to make sure that I don’t end up with a useless piece of metal.” “What are you talking about? Of course it’ll work perfectly!” said Adam, sounding a bit hurt. Before I could apologize, a surgeon plunged a needle into me and I fell asleep.

You might think I would just peacefully wake up with a brilliant new arm, right? Wrong. Instead of having a peaceful rest, the scene of the speedling biting off my arm kept on coming back, and everything seemed so real. even the pain.

Note:This is just a small bit please wait for the next half of this chapter, sorry for the inconvenience :) (Hope I spelled it right :P)