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It's the year 2553 and all of Earth's natural resources have been used up. Scientists and astronomers long ago (Out of research and studies, about in the 2100s)have discovered a new planet that people can inhabit. That was the humans' destination. The advanced spaceships used to get to the planet could go as fast as light speed. The planet was in a galaxy called UBW. The humans flew there and and landed on the planet. The planet was named UBW-594244 by the scientist and astronomers that studied it. It had different terrian but the humans could still inhabit it.

They found a wonderful natural resource called mithrilium. People wanted it and soon enough was a global resource and was used for even better technology and more. As humans lived happily, "they" came.

They, the aliens, killed the humans for mithrilium and soon turned into an all out war between the humans and aliens. They were gruesome aliens that were unknown until now. The humans figured out that they were after the mithril, which was being used for super suits and weapons to destroy the aliens. It was a terrible war that had to be stopped.

Chapter 1: The New Recruits

The recruits walked into the secret unknown to aliens laboratory with their general. Chad, one of the recruits, whined about how long they were walking for. "Are we there yet?" Chad would say every minute that passed. The general's answer was always "No, and keep your mouth shut!". Chad sighed, "This is gonna be a long day." Chad thought.

Finally, they made it into the solider training room. The general said "My name is General Laser Burn. It's my nickname that the others told me to use because of my skill in sniper rifles and laser guns. Also because of a dreadful day by an alien attack." "I was with my other soldiers fending off an alien attack using my Passer and Nova27 in Atom Armor while the others were in Thunder Armor TBW10-LW's with a Passer. We were protecting the scientists as they were making a new weapon with mithril. It was bloody, but we managed to pull it off.

Then, all the sudden, a titanic alien appeared and looked like giant bug and fly mixed together. We were all shocked and scared by it's appearance as it screeched and was charging up an attack. We started shooting it and it flew towards us. We dodged the attack, barely and kept shooting. It used a beam attack and sent us running. It followed us. I was saying to keep shooting it in the face to stun it. Then, out of nowhere, I leaped on to the alien and grabbed it's face it tried to get me off it but it couldn't, I shot it's face and it screamed in pain. It flew away with the other aliens following it. I was relieved and frightened at the same time. I wondered how I did that and then my fellow troops congratulated me and called me Laser Burn. The scientists rewarded me with the new laser gun called the Lito7. That's how I got my name."

The recruits stared in awe. They couldn't believe he had done that one time. Then, Laser Burn said "Now, off to the armor room. Next is the weapons room. They started walking, Chad still in shock of what he was just told. "Could he have acuatlly done that? He's braver than I thought." Chad thought.

Chapter 2: Gearing up

They walked into the armor room. There was a vast selection of armors. Laser Burn's was blue and had mithril in it, which made it glow. It had mithril pads that were circular and made him look bulky. It had night vision, an air phone, deflector shields when he wanted them, and could lock on to targets. "Are we wearing that armor?" a recruit said pointing at the General. "No," the general replied. "You are wearing these." he replied, pointing to a machine that had robot hand grasping on a blue armor with stripes and a purple visor. Didn't look as amazing as Laser Burn's armor.

"Since you asked, you can go first. Just go put your head, body, and limbs in the sockets. Also, what's your name?" he asked, pointing to the recruit who asked him about his armor. "Tim" he replied as stepped into the machine. It closed on him and a few seconds later, Tim came out in the armor the robot hands were grasping. Next was another recruit. Laser Burn did the same routine for each of the. Now he knew the names of each of them. They were Tim, Neon, David, and Ryan.

Now it was his turn. He said his name and got into the machine. It closed on him and started attaching armor parts on him. It felt kinda weird for hands to touch him without know where they are. He came and his view was a little purplish. "Wow." Chad said to himself.The general questioned them "How do you guys like the your armor?" They replied "Cool""I like it" or "Sweet". "Good, these will be your in-training armor. You will get better armor if you pass the intiation." Now to the weapons room.

They walked there. Wasn't long of a walk. "These look awesome." Tim said, gazing at the variety of weapons from laser to explosives to machine guns to assault rifles. "What are we getting?" They said unanimously. Laser Burn was searching at some boxes. "Here we are." he said as he approached them with a box of weapons. He handed each one of them an assault rifle. "These aren't made for actual alien killing. These are what you will use for the intiation." That was a let down for not just Chad, it was a let down for all of them. "Back to the training room. Time for some target practice." the general said, knowing they hated how they weren't going to kill aliens. "The aliens can do massive damage to you, which is why I'm not gonna let you kill aliens if they attack."

When they got to the training room. The general pressed a button on a controller and aliens appeared. Well, they looked like aliens, but they didn't move. "These are alien drones. They aren't real aliens, just robots." the general said as the terror in the recruits eyes died down. "Now that that's settled, time for some training."the general said as he walked toward a barrier that was accessible. He got into it and contacted them on their air phones. "Let's get down to the basics." The lights died down and the light was dim. Chad, Tim, and Ryan were freaked by the light while Neon and David weren't.

Chapter 3: An Unknown Intruder

"Time for the speedling wave!" said Laser Brun as he pushed a button to release alien drones. They were standing all in one place, shooting the drones. "Oh, man this is freaky!" shouted Tim in his air phone. Chad was shooting the drones with his assualt rifle, which he learned was a FR82a. He was getting cornered by the drones as they were going to attack him. "I would like some help here!" Chad screamed through the air phone. Then, the drones were turned into pieces of metal in a few seconds. Then, he saw Neon with his FR82a a few steps in front of him, killing more drones. "Thanks for the help." Chad said to Neon through his air phone. He was helping out Neon with the drone killing.

He turned his head to the right and could see David and Ryan killing more drones. The drones died in agony, probably to simulate what happens when aliens die. David and Ryan were hiding behind cover and shooting drones at the same time.When they got around cover, David would shoot it while Ryan took down the ones in front. They looked braver than Chad was. To the left, he saw Tim killing the drones in the open, with terror in his eyes. Chad didnt think that was the best thing to do when being attacked by aliens for real.

Tim was getting cornered by the drones and was screaming for help through his air phone. Chad jumped out of his cover and ran to the drones that were cornering Tim. When he fired some shots and killed some of the drones, they turned around and began surrounding Chad. "Gaahhh! This wasn't in my plan!" Chad said in a surprised voice through his air phone. He was killing the drones, but more were going after him. When the drone were about to attack him, they stopped and the lights were turned on.

The recruits were confused. "What happened?" They all said unanimously, staring at Laser Burn. "I hear some noises. They don't sound friendly." Laser Burn said as the sound of screeching and screaming was heard. "I'll check the entrance while you guys stay here." said Laser Burn as he ran to the situation.

It was about 5 minutes and Laser Burn was still gone. "Should we check on him?" asked Tim. "We should, but let's not let him notice that we are there so he won't yell at us." Neon suggested. They went out of the training room and around the corner of the walkway.

They heard gunshots and screeching. They peeked around the corner to see what was happening. There was a solider in a yellow and light blue armor, firing a laser gun while there was another soldier in yellow and turquoise armor that looked bulky. He was firing a machine gun. There was blood on the ground where the 2 soilders were. Then, they saw Laser Burn shooting the aliens with a white and orange gun that shot lasers.

"Oh god! Aliens are attacking them!" whispered Chad in a terrified voice. Laser Burn then took out a purplish blueish sword and started slicing aliens. They were killing the aliens and the recruits went back to the training room. Once they were back, Tim screamed "We're under attack by aliens! We're all going to die!" "No we aren't." Said David, trying to calm Tim down.

Then, all the sudden, aliens broke a hole through a wall of the training room. They had no choice but to fire at the creepy looking aliens. Some of the aliens had a huge jaw with terrifying teeth, legs, and a head while the flying ones looked like flies, but huge shooting energy balls at them. Chad got hit by an energy fly alien and his arm hurt. "Owwww! They're tough!" screamed Chad, in unbearable pain. He was shooting with his good arm. One of the huge jaw aliens chomped on Neon's leg.

"Gaahhh! That is it you stupid aliens! You're all going down!" Neon screamed in anger, charging at the aliens and punching them with fury in his fists. "What the heck do you think you're doing!" they all screamed at Neon. Then, the aliens were charging and cornering Tim, who left Ryan and David because of the aliens attacking them. Chad tried to get up, but a panther-like alien pinned him down. Chad tried shooting it, but the alien clawed the FR82a and threw it beyond Chad's reach. Chad knew it was the end, but suddenly, it died and the other aliens too.

He saw Laser Burn standing in the entrance of the training room. He tried to get up, but he was dizzy and then he was unconscious. The others were also unconscious, except for David. He was terrified by the attack. "Let's get you and the others to the medic bay." said Laser Burn as medic soldiers went to put each of the injured soilders on a medic bed.

Chapter 4: A Terrible Truth

When Chad awoke, he didn't know where he was until he realized he was in a hospital. He really only figured it was a hospital by the wires attached to him to see if he's alive and that there are other injured soilders too. He saw craned his head to the right and saw David and Neon on hospital beds. To the left, he saw Ryan and Tim on hospital beds. All were still unconsious by the alien attack. He saw that they weren't the only people hurt by the alien attack. Some other people were awake too and were in a confused stage. Chad guessed they just awakened.

"Good to see you alive!" said a familiar voice. It was the general. "I have some bad news for you and the others." he said with a frown. "The doctors have checked on your status after the alien attack and said that you and the others were in critical condition. Luckily, you're awake and it means the antidote is working." Chad looked confused. "What antidote?" he said.

"We gave an antidote to you and the others to get the acid in your body be gone. I'm guessing you're wondering about the acid. Well, when you were attacked by the aliens, they release an acid every time you come in contact with or are near an alien. You and Tim had the most acid that would have killed you. The acid is something you can't feel come into you until it has done damage to your body. You were brave to try to fend off the alien attack with the others. Tim is gonna need some more work on teamwork since he hasn't been doing the best job in killing aliens. Also needs to know to get behind cover to avoid attacks. One more thing, this isn't the first alien attack we've had in the secret laboratory." Chad was surprised.

Firstly, about how he could have died by the acid. Secondly, how the general told him he was the bravest one fending off the aliens. Third of all, he thought that this was their first alien attack in the secret laboratory. "It was said to be unknown to aliens, I guess that was from when it was when I wasn't there." Chad said to the general. "It used to be, then an alien came in, searching for mithril. It left immediately and came back with backup. It was not a good thing the aliens knew about it. This one of the places where the aliens try to get their mithril from. They want power, but we'll show 'em who's got more power!" said the general to Chad.

"You know what? Since you and the others tried fending off an alien attack, I'm going to give you and the others access to Rank 5 armors and weapons. Tim will need more training, though." said the general. "Sound great!" said Chad. Chad thought for a moment.

Man, Tim is the only one who is totally freaked by aliens. No wonder he tries to run away from them. I wonder why he joined the military in the first place if he doesn't like killing aliens. Chad said in his head. "The others are awakening, I will be talking to them too. Now, you get some rest to recover and let more of the antidote kick in." the general said as he walked over to David.

Chapter 5: Resting and Regrouping

Chad awoke again to see that he was feeling better than last time. He also saw the other recruits awake. "Those aliens were freaky!" screamed Neon as the recruits were talking among themselves. "I hope that doesn't happen again until we are trained." said David. Chad joined them in their chat about what happened. "Did you guys hear? The general said we are getting Rank 5 stuff when we get back to the lab!" Chad exclaimed. They cheered since they knew they would get better armor and weapons to defeat the aliens. Everyone except Tim was cheering. "Why aren't you cheering with us, Tim?" said Ryan. "Um,uh,I was gonna-" the general cut off Tim in mid-sentence by coming in to where they were. "Recruits, follow me. We are going to get on a drop ship that fly us back to the lab." Laser Burn said as he started walking out of the room. When they got to the docking area, there was an aircraft that had missiles and turrents for air strikes against aliens. There was also another general looking guy near the ship. "Hello there, commander. Recruits, this is Commander Blast Fire. Blast Fire, these are the recruits." said Laser Burn as Blast Fire was looking at each of the recruits. "Is that all of them?" said Blast Fire after examing each one. "Yep. Recruits, hop on the drop ship and we're gonna have a conversation about what we are doing when we get back to the lab." said Laser Burn.

The recruits and Laser Burn went on the ship and heard the pilots say "Leaving medic bay in 3,2,1..." Then, the ship flew out of the medic bay and was going to it's destination. "When we get back to the lab, I'm going to show you guys each aliens profile so you know which aliens are most dangerous and which ones are the least dangerous. They are all dangerous, though. After that, we'll pick roles for each one of you. You will get different weapons depending on your role." explained Laser Burn as the drop ship was getting close to the lab. The ride was about 15 minutes.

When they were back in the lab, they saw soldiers repairing the damaged walls and making them more stronger. They went into a room with a holographic computer in it. Laser Burn went to the computer and was searching for something on it. "Ah, here it is." Laser Burn said in relief as a picture of a brownish purplish aliens appeared with it's profile on the computer. The alien on there was called a "Speedling".

It's weapon was it's jaws chomping on people. It had a giant mouth and fangs that would regrow quickly if one is lost. It has a low amount of health but can be very damaging when attacking in packs. They were the most common alien type. "Those guys are freaky looking!" screamed Neon. Next was a scorpion looking aliens that was brown with green eyes and a large tail.

It was called a "Scorpion". It's weapon was it's tail shooting poisonous darts at people. Unlike the Speedling, it was a mid-long range attacker. It's poison is very dangerous to be hit by and it will take about a week or two to get healed from the attack. It had a low amount of health. "Don't want get hit by that thing!" screamed Ryan. After that was a familiar looking alien that looked like a giant fly.

It was called an "Energy Fly". It could shoot energy balls that could give people in bad armor unbearable pain. It was also a mid-long range attacker. It had a moderate amount of health. "I hate those things!" said Chad in anger. Next up was another familiar alien that was green and had four legs with a head on the cat-like body.

It was called a "Panther". It would pounce on people and claw on them until they die. It had a moderate amount of health and was a mid-close range attacker(mid range because of it pouncing when it is mid range from you.) It is fast so it can pounce on people easily. "That thing almost killed me!" screamed Chad. After that was an aliens that had some kind of giant bulging body with a tiny head and tiny legs.

It was called a "Acid Bomber". It was a kamikaze alien that was also the most fastest one. It would blow up when touched, so it had very low health. It would do massive damage though. If backing up, you could accidentally get hit by one. "Those are the strongest aliens yet!" screamed Tim. Next was an alien that looked like a grey ball with red eyes.

It was called an "Armored Armadillo". It could hit you by rolling at you offensively. It had high health because of it's shield that appears around it when hit. It can still be hurt, but not as much as other aliens. It was the second fastest alien. "That alien gets a shield? No fair." whined Ryan. After that was a giant slug looking alien.

It was called a "Plasma Slug". It would shoot a giant plasma ball at people that would massive damage and could kill viper amrored people in one shot. It's plasma had a splash radius, so that mant it could do splash damage. It had the second highest health of all the aliens so far. It was slow, but could pack a punch. "That thing could kill us all!" they screamed unanimously.

Last up was a giant alien that looked like a giant bull with a purple head and gray body and legs. It was called a "Rhino". It would pick it's target and try to ram it over. If it succeeds in ramming something, it would crush it using it's feet. It had the highest health of all aliens. It also did the most damage of all aliens. "I don't want that attacking me!" they all said unanimously.

"So those are the aliens, now lets choose roles. Tim, you're coming with me while you four choose your roles." said Laser Burn as he took Tim to the training room. "Guess he needs more training." said Ryan as they looked at the roles.

Chapter 6: An Aircraft Rescue

The team was is in the cafeteria, discussing what their team name should be."The Lazers!" cried Neon."No, the Sneaky Lizards!" Exclaimed Ryan."What!?" They all yelled at Ryan."Because lizards are sneaky." Said Ryan."How 'bout the Peacemakers?" Chad asked."Yeah!" Everyone except Ryan exclaimed. Just then, the speakers were turned on. It was the general."All recruits come to my office, now! We have a special mission for all you guys.""Oooo, a special mission." said Ryan."Sounds special." Said Chad.

They got to Laser Burn's office, where Laser Burn was talking to other recruits."Oh, hello there... What's your team name?" Questioned the general."The Peacemakers!" Everyone except Ryan exclaimed."Where's Tim?" said Chad."Right here." Said the general. Tim had worried look on his face."Is he ready for the mission?" said Ryan."Uhh, no. I'm sorry but, he just isn't ready for THIS mission, yet." Said the general."Let me introduce Team Blade." Said the general. The team looked at the team. There was one thing wrong about it: They were all girls! The Peacemakers looked at the team, not believing that GIRLS could join the army."You might be suprised that girls joined the army. But, they are strong and stealthy. This is Amanda-" He pointed to a blonde girl in an armor which had blue disks on it, which was the Strike Armor."This is Ally." She was brunette girl with the amazing Thunder Armor, who winked at Chad."And this is Starlight." She also had blonde hair and wore a purple armor, which was the Atom Armor."Hey there, guys." The girls said. The Peacemakers introduced themselves."Well, not that we have all been introduced, let's explain your mission."

"Your mission is to retrieve a power source in an aircraft in the lair. It has great power that will have a big chance of ending the war between humans and aliens." Explained the general."Sounds easy enough." Said Chad."Actually, there's a swarm of aliens there and there has been a sighting of a large, fire-breathing, hard-plated, winged alien there, called Seigefried." The Peacemakers looked suprised and frightened at the same time."This calls for better armor and weapons." Said the general. Ally walked over to Chad as they were leaving."Let's hope we can all survive and have a great festival after it. I will cover for you when you are trapped." Whispered Ally into Chad's ear."Ally, let's go already!" Yelled Amanda."Coming! Bye, Chad." Then, she left. Chad stood there, only suprised about what just happened and recalled the events that happened. He left and followed the Peacemakers into the armory room.

Chapter 7: Liftoff!

The armory room looked like the same as last time: armor on clothes hangers and weapons on shelfs. Chad thought they would just get weapons and armor and go. But, they went to a computer where the general typed in the word "classes." Then, four different weapon and armor sets appeared on the screen. They were each labeled a different class. One was labeled "Heavy Artilery", another labeled "Machine Gunner", one labeled "Sniper", and the last one labeled "Laser Master." They all stared at the classes, wondering what they were there for. Laser Burn spoke up and said "These classes are what you will be for your mission. You each get to pick one. Now, line up in the following order in front of the computer: Neon, Chad, Ryan, and David. Neon, pick your class." "What will Tim do while we are gone?" Questioned David. Laser Burn replied "He'll do missions in areas that have an infected rate of low." Chad couldn't wait to pick his role in the mission. "Pick already!" He cried. "Be patient!" Laser Burn said. "I'll pick Heavy Artilery." Neon finally said. "Good, now I'll get what you need. Come with me Neon. Chad, pick your class now." Said Laser Burn.

Chad sighed. How come Neon gets the best class while I'm stuck with not-as-good roles? Chad thought. That's why he wanted to go first: To get the best role. "I'll pick Machine Gunner." Chad said. At least I get a Machine Gun. Chad thought. Luckily, the general came back and took him to get his armor. He passed by who he thought was Neon, who was wearing the Thunder armor and held a white, large rocket launcher with three slots for rockets to be shot out, and a blue bow that could also shoot three missiles (in this case, energy arrows.). He looked ready for battle. The general got out the thunder armor for him and again, he was placed into the machine that put armor on you. He went in, excited to get his new armor. He could feel the robot arms place and securing the armor on him. He quickly came out of it after his armor was placed on him and looked in a mirror. "Wow, I look fearsome in this armor!" exclaimed Chad in happiness. "Now, here's your Machine Gun-" He gave Chad a golden machine gun, labeled "M-27B1." He also gave him a silver sword labeled "Cutter." He gave him a backpack, which was a purple, insect-textured back pack which would give him great defense for 5 seconds. "Now, go line up where Neon is as I get the rest of the group their roles."

After everyone was geared up, the general took the Peacemakers to the airport. There, they met up with Team Blade. "Nice to see you guys again!" Amanda said. They loaded onto the carrier ship. "Leaving airport in 3,2,1.." Then, the ship blasted off into the sky. As they were traveling, Ally came up to Chad and said " So here's the gameplan. We-" Chad cut her off. "Actually, since we're battling aliens, shouldn't it be the 'Battleplan'?" She sighed. "Okay, the battleplan, as you call it, will be that me and you will be a team to fend of the aliens near an alien spawning place while the others will be two teams: One with Amanda and Neon, and the other one with Starlight, David, and Ryan. We will all work with our partners to get the power source from the ship. So that's all." Explained Ally. "Okay got it." Replied Chad. He looked out the window and he saw a bit of a dusty part of an obscured location. They were going towards it. We're going to land there, and I know it. Thought Chad. Sure enough, they were approaching it quickly, and the landscape didn't look too good. This doesn't look good Thought Chad, who tried to be more brave than frightened, but it didn't help at all. He saw many aliens and his bravery went down to an all time low.

Chapter 8: Attack!

The location of the power source was getting closer. It looked like a desert with brown rocks and bloodstains in many places. The thought about blood made Chad sick about what would happen. He even forgot about Seigfried, the "leader" of the aliens. He wouldn't speak to anyone because of it. They all had speakers to communicate with each other. He could see fright in everyone aboard the ship. So, no one talked until they finally landed. Thump! It was a hard landing that shook up Chad. They all landed right next to the ship, seeing it charging on mithrilium. "Well, that was easy." Said Neon as he started towards the ship. Then, all the sudden, they heard screeches. They were inhuman screeches. "It's the aliens!" Cried Ryan. Sure enough, they came out of holes from in the location. "Split into teams, now!" Yelled Amanda. They did so and Chad was with Ally, fending off the aliens. "Nice, you picked Machine Gunner. That'll be very helpful for this mission." Ally said. "And you picked Laser Master. Wow, those lasers can really shoot through aliens." Chad replied. Chad was having trouble holding the dang thing, though. It was so heavy, he thought he drop under it's weight. The rumble effect didn't help him either. He remembered how he first tried to kill aliens, with a horrible assault rifle. Now, it's easy to kill them with his machine gun. The blood from the aliens still made him sick. The blood was red and disgusting. The battlefield was so gory with alien blood.

Just as he was having a good time, in the speaker came a voice. It said "The rhino is attacking us. We need backup! We can't hold it off much long-. No! Not Ryan! David, we gotta this ourselves now! Bam! Owwww! We need backup!" Bzzzt. The speaker went off and Chad knew what he had to do. Ally did, too. They both got there and saw the three of them knocked out cold, the rhino chewing on their armor. "Hey fatso, stop eating that armor!" Yelled Ally. The rhino turned and started towards Ally. "Not the best idea."said Chad. "Stop whining and start shooting!" Replied Ally. He did and the rhino rushed towards them. Chad dodged it, but not Ally."Ahhhh!" Ally screamed. Thunk! She landed on the ground, unconscious. Great, first them now her? Ugh, fighting aliens is hard and dangerous. Thought Chad. He was still shooting the rhino, dodging it's attacks until it finally dies. "Yes!" Cried with joy. Right when he turned, he saw a giant wave of aliens. Chad did a facepalm, hard. "They just don't stop coming." He said. He started shooting until he heard Neon in the speaker. "Chad, my sensors are sensing a hugs alien coming because of it's great power. You need to see if you can get me and Amanda to fight it with you since it's too powerful for one to attack alone. Neon out." Bzzzt. The message ended.

He kept shooting. Bam! He got hit by an energy fly. Actually, hit by many energy flies, and the hit was hard. "Urgh, these flies may hit hard, but I can still kill 'em." Said Chad. He did so and finally, the alien waves stopped. He went back towards the ship and saw Neon with Amanda. "Now that's how you kill aliens." Said Neon. "Ok, so while I get the power source, you guys try to get the others conscious again." Explained Amanda. Neon went over to Ryan, David, and Starlight while Chad ran back to Ally. "Come on, get up!" Yelled Chad while shaking Ally. Then, all the sudden, he heard a roar. "That doesn't sound good." Said Chad. Then, a figure appeared in the sky. It then went towards the ground were they were. "It's Seigfried!" Screamed Neon. It landed and and then took Chad with it's claws, while hitting Amanda with it's tail. "Nooooo! Not Chad. Nooooo!" Screamed Neon. Chad tried to scream, but couldn't as they approached a location circled with tall, cracked brown rocks. They were going there and he knew. This won't be good. Thought Chad

Chapter 9: The Final Battle

The dragon thing landed, which freed Chad from it's grasp.Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! This is happening! Chad thought. Seigfried lunged toward him, using his open wings to accelerate. Chad took out his Cutter and barely dodged the attack. Close one Chad thought. Seigfried got angry and started to throw fireballs at him form the air. Chad dodged them and started to shoot it with his machine gun. "How do ya like that, you freaky thing!" Chad yelled. Seigfried was getting angrier every second, as it didn't think mithril would be this hard. It started to breath fire at Chad. Chad ran out of the way with his Cutter but, was given a minor burn. "Ahhhh! It burns!" Chad screamed. Seigfried saw it's chance and lunged at Chad, claws gleaming with fear. Chad got himself together and dodged it's attack. He started shooting again, and noticed something.

If he shot Seigfried in the face, it would be stunned. Sadly, it didn't take a while for it to regain it's balance. So,Chad started to shoot it in the face a lot. Finally, it couldn't keep up and started shaking it's head wildly. This was Chad's chance. He leaped on to the beast and started towards the head with his Cutter. Seigfried realized what was happening and started to shake Chad off like a dog in the rain. Chad slipped and fell onto Seigfried's could, rough skin pellets.

Ouch! That skin hurts a lot! I gotta hang onto it or else I'm dead. Chad thought. Seigfried got angrier every second Chad was on it. It started to fly upwards very fast, accelerating at high speeds. Uh oh. Chad thought. Seigfried started to do flying maneuvers, mostly involving going upside down. Chad started getting dizzy. I don't think I can hang on anymore. Chad thought. Then, Seigfried started flying up again. Chad tried to use it's pellets as rocks to rock climb on. He couldn't, as his dizzyness and high altitude sickness kept him from climbing. He tried to get up and right when he was about to get to the head, Seigfried made a sharp dive and Chad was thrown off it.

It took Chad only a few seconds to know he was falling to the ground, and the ground was coming closer every second that passed. Seigfried was coming towards him, getting ready to knock him down with it's tail. I'm totally dead. Chad thought. Right then, he saw a nearby rock and tried to land on it. He remembered his backpack's ability and activated it. He used his Cutter to cut in to the rock so he wouldn't fall to the ground. Bam! He hit the rock hard but, the ability negated the damage by 85%.

Seigfried, stunned at what happened landed awkwardly on the ground, claws sprawled out. It was struggling to get up and this time, Chad had the best chance to kill it. This will probably be your only chance to kill this thing. You have to try, Chad. You have to try! Chad thought. He jumped off the rock and landed on the back of Seigfried. Seigfried started to get up and tried to get Chad off balance by swinging it's wing at him. He activated the Thunder Armor's ability to dodge it. Chad got to it's head and Seigfried rammed it's head into a rock. Chad barely jumped off it's head and on to it's neck. Seigfried was dizzy and Chad got to it's head and lifted the Cutter with both arms. "Take this horrible, disgusting, uh, jerky alien!" Chad cried and stabbed the blade with all his might into it's skull.

The mighty beast fell to the ground, a pool of blood spreading around it's head. "It's over." Chad muttered. "It's over."

Chapter 10: Team Reunion

Chad stood surprised for a few seconds until he got a message from Neon. "Hello? Chad, you there?" "Yeah" he responded. "Oh thank god! Wait... The big target on the radar is gone. Did you ki-"

"I'll tell you about it later. Right now, I need to find a way out of here."

"Okay, I'll send a plane for you. Are you hurt in anyway?"

"Yeah, my arms and back are really sore." "I gotta get the others to the plane for safety, Neon going out." Bzzt

Neon's call ended. Chad then waited a while until, what seemed like a half hour, the plane picked him up.

"Hey, are you alright, Chad?" the pilot asked.

"Just sore, that's all." Chad replied. Chad then clambered into the plane. He saw all the others: Neon, Amanda, David, Ally, and everyone else. Only Neon and Amanda were conscious.

"Oh, thanks goodness you're alive!" They both cried.

"We thought you were done for."

"Yeah, I was pretty lucky. Anyway, did you get the power source?" Chad asked

"Yep. It's right here." Neon pointed to the glowing brick in his hand.

"Also, for some reason, the aliens left when Seigfried was killed. They were probably controlled by it because of how strong it is." Amanda said

"Wow... Are the others okay?"

"Maybe, we don't know. They're unconscious so we don't know they're other conditions right now." Neon said with a worried look.

"So, what happened when Seigfried took you to his battlegrounds?" Amanda questioned.

"Well, you see.." And Chad told them what had happened. After he finished, they were back at the medical bay. Laser Burn was there to greet them.

"Well, hello and welcome back. I've heard of reports of several wounded soldiers. Did you get the energy source?"

Neon gave the general the glowing brick. He was amazed and knew that they actually completed the mission.

"Not many have been able to get this energy source. That's all because of a beast name Seigfried, that used to be a regular alien but, consumed a lot of mithril and, you could say 'evolved', into what it is now. How did you surv-" The medics interrupted him.

"Where should we place the injured ones?" The medics asked.

"Put them in room 27, and try to see if they are alive." The general replied. The medics then rushed the wounded ones onto stretchers and sent them into the medical area.

"So, what happened with Seigfried?" Asked the general.

"Well.." Chad started. He told the general everything that had happened, just like with Neon and Amanda. When he finished, the general had a face of amazement and disbelief.

"Wow, you're like me: One the only few soldiers to be able to kill a huge alien. You should be given a weapon to commemorate this victory. Thank you Team Blade for assisting The Peacemakers in their mission. You are now able to do any missions your team would like to do with The Peacemakers, Amanda.

"Thank you for the honor, general." Amanda replied with a smile.

"Now, we will fly back to base where we will sleep and then have the ceremony tommorow. Let's move." They went towards the plane and flew in it.

"Well." Neon said. "I guess you're some great soldier for killing Seigfried. Great job on that! Also, I think Ally likes you, since I've been, you could say 'spying', on her actions and she's been trying to talk to you. Maybe you should talk to her when you can. That's why she's been eyeing you and wanting to be with you.

"I've sorta noticed that." Chad said with a smirk. "Thanks for the information."

"No problem." Neon replied. Then, the group flew off into the distance, going towards the base.

Chapter 11: Ceremonial Action

How do I start a conversation with him? Ally thought as she rested on her bed. He might be surprised and doesn't want to talk...I don't know! Ally sighed. But I can't stay silent. I need to talk to him. No, I want to talk to him. I will talk to him, even if I'm embarrassed, I will. Ally thought before she fell asleep

The next day, the recruits, excluding Chad, were put in the front seats of the large Cafeteria. There were scientists, generals, and even Team Blade was there. They sat next to the recruits. Before they had a chance to converse, Tim came. "C-could you scooch over a bit?" He asked. "Sure." Said Neon, creating a space for Tim. "So, what happened with you?" Neon asked. "Well, I had s-social education and trained more." Tim stuttered. "Oh, I see..." Neon said as the speakers turned on.

"Hello, everyone!" It blared. "As you may know, we are here for a special event. To commemorate the occasion of a soldier, named Chad, defeating the murderous Seigfried!" Chad then walked through the aisle, with General Laser Burn and a scientist next to him. Marching music played in the background. "Wow, he looks so proud!" Whispered Neon under his breath.

Chad walked up to a stand, where the scientist next to him said in the microphone: "The we picked for Chad is made for his class. It took us a while to make it but, we present to you..." They said as they pulled out a weapon from their storage case. "The Laser Cannon!" They said as the others stared in awe. "This powerful weapon shoots 5 lasers at once to create a huge laser beam! Because of this, we had to give it a cooldown, or else it would explode in your hands.

Chad was very excited when he got the Laser Cannon. He put it in his backpack, which he carried with him. Laser Burn took he stand. "Now, we will be having food served to you people in a moment but, I would like to say some honorable mentions." As the General listed the names, Chad came down the stairs and sat next to Neon. "Wow." He and the others whispered. "I can't believe you got a weapon that powerful!" Ryan whispered.

As they talked with each other, Ally whispered "Hey, Chad. Could you sit next to me?" Chad turned and said "Sure." With a smile on his face. Right then, the General finished talking. "Now," he said. "Here comes the food!"He exclaimed as servers served food to everyone. As they ate, Amanda and Starlight were talking with each other and Neon, David, and Ryan talked about the coolest weapons they saw. Ally poked Chad's shoulder. "Hey, Chad. Do you have a sec?" She asked. He nodded. "What is it?" He asked. "Well, do you think we could have an, uh, ummm..." "What relationship?" He asked.

"A, um, Friend relationship thing?" "Sure!" Chad said. "Yay! Oh thank you!" She hugged Chad. He put his arm around her. So, Neon was right. She did want to talk with me! Chad thought as he and Ally talked and ate.

Chapter 12: A New Enemy

After the recruits had left the ceremony, it was getting late and they went to their bunks. As the others slept peacefully, Chad had many thoughts in his head.

I wonder what I'll tell the others tommorow about Ally and I. Or, actually, if I should talk to them about it. It could be embarrassing for me, and they could want to know what we do together and stuff. Maybe I should keep it a secret. Me and Ally are just friends, not like it's a big deal or anything. I wonder if that's what Ally thinks, too. I just don't know!

Chad saw the time on the digital clock on a desk and it said 11:30p.m.

I should probably get some sleep for tommorow. I gotta get up at 7:30a.m tommorow for training... And Chad closed his eyes and fell to sleep.


"Wuh, what?" Chad awoke to a rough start. "Ugh." He grumbled after ha saw the clock say 6:40a.m. "I still have time to sleep. Maybe I sho-" He heard a bang on the wall. Chad, bewildered, got out of his bunk, careful to not wake the others, and checked outside of the door. He didn't see any thing unusual. "Nothing," Chad whispered. He heard it again: Bang, bang, bang.

What is that sound? Chad thought. The banging was gradually getting louder every hit. Bang, bang... BANG! "What the-" Chad was cut off by the raging sound of aliens. "Aliens!" Chad screamed. The others heard him. "Chad, where are you?" It was Neon. "Out the door and around the corner!" Chad yelled. "Come, quickly!" Neon got out of his bunk and ran towards Chad. "What is it?" He asked. He then heard the sound of aliens in the area. "Uh-oh. We don't even have our weapons!" Neon then sprinted towards the Armory Room. "Chad, get over here!"

As they got on their armor and took their weapons, aliens were coming closer. "Should we warn the general?" Chad asked.

"There's no time for that!" Neon responded "Right now, it's just you, me, and who ever joins in."

The aliens rounded the corner and got the scent of mithril stuck in their nostrils. They started toward the Armory Room. Chad leaped out in front of them and charged up his new weapon, the Laser Cannon. "You sure that you aliens want this?" Chad mocked as a huge laser beam erupted from the laser gun. "Whoa! This thing is powerful!" Chad said as it instantly killed the speedlings. There were also panthers and energy flies. There were too many for Chad to defeat without getting wounded.

"I could use some backup here!" Chad yelled to Neon. "Ugh, can't find the strong weapons!" Neon replied "Just get a good one and go!"

Before Neon got to the battle, the aliens stooped and a huge tail broke the wall. "Ahhh!" Chad screamed. Then, the head of the monster poked through the broken hole in the wall. The monster alien screeched and it retreated, with the aliens following it. "What did I miss?" Asked Neon. He then saw the hole in the wall. "Where did that come from!?"

"Well," Chad said. "This monsterous alien broke through the wall an probably told them to retreat. I think we have a new threat that we're involved with. Ally walked in on their conversation. "So, should we alert the general?" Ally asked in a tired voice. "Oh! Didn't see you there. Heh." Chad blushed a little. "Yeah, we should." Neon answered.

As they walked, Chad thought Wow, that was a close call. Especially since Neon was there. He at least knows a bit about this friendship. Hopefully he doesn't bring it up around the others behind my back...

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