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  • I live in Ye ole' Europe
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is Failure
  • I am Non-binary
  • King Shoot

    This is a tested, actually done speedrun.

    Estimated Time: 2 hours

    Completed in: 1 hour 30 minutes


    • Complete Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stages 1-3
    • Buy 2000 ammo
    • Complete Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stages 4 and 5
    • Upgrade FR28a to Level 3
    • Buy 3000 ammo
    • Buy Fortune Head
    • Play Singleplayer campaign Front Lines Stage 6 until you kill 200 aliens
    • Buy rest of Fortune
    • Defeat Online Mantis 1
    • Buy ECO-03-VI
    • Buy 10 000 ammo
    • Defeat Online Mantis 2
    • Defeat Online Mantis 3
    • Buy Hydra Legs
    • Defeat Online Poison Pit 1
    • Buy enough ammo to have at least 30 000
    • Buy MCP-76
    • Defeat Singleplayer Mantis 1
    • Defeat Singleplayer Mantis 2
    • Buy 20 000 ammo

    (*Buy Hydra Chest) - Optional: Adds more HP

    • Defeat Online Poison Pit 2

    This should be enough for Rank 6

    (Rank 7 is too hard to…

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  • King Shoot

    Remembering the days of the old, I got an idea to start a new Wiki tournament, a winter one if possible, December 26th to January 1st. (same as the last one).

    TwoPointZero's blog already explains what I have in mind. Since there are about 8 to 10 active users anyways, there won't be any disapointments when applying for the tournament. 

    Comment your thoughts on this below.

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  • King Shoot

    Back in 2011, the Apple App Store was introducted to a new genre of games - Third person shooters that feature wave of wave of enemies attacking the player in a limited arena. They proved to be very sucessful, so much so, that the store was filled with them in 2012. This increasingly annoyed the mobile community, meaning many ignored the games that actually managed to stand out, calling them just another one on the pile of increasing trash. One of those is the subject of today's review.

    From Shanghai's Freyr Games comes Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, another one of the dual stick arena shooters, but with a unique twist, not in terms of stunning graphics or an immersive storyline, but rather, an addicting gameplay model.

    For its enemies, Star …

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  • King Shoot

    So about a year and a half ago, I made a video about the best 5 weapons for both PvP and PvE gamemodes in Alien Invasion. In the video, I listed the M-Z7B2 as first in both PvP AND PvE. One viewer didn't seem to agree, and said it was Reflection that should have won as the best PvP weapon. While he did have pretty solid arguments, my personal favorite is the M-Z7B2, and I can't make a valid decision. I'll start off with a brief comparison of the two weapons:

    First off, the M-Z. A true beast. Without a doubt, the most powerful weapon in-game. Should you get it? Absolutely. Combined with the deadly power of the pumpkins and the saw, it seems truly unstoppable. What does stop it? It's weight. Well, if we presume Star Warfare has weight. Spee…

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  • King Shoot

    Star Warfare In-Game Music

    September 2, 2015 by King Shoot

    Note: Not self-advertising.

    Hey guys. I recenty went on ahead and recorded (for now) almost all tracks in the first and second game. All the recordings are in the highest quallity possible. They are exactly how you hear them in-game. You won't get any better than this >.>

    The tracks themselves are pretty short, I cut them off when they start looping. Which is about a minute for most (quite surprising, I always thought they were longer).

    Main Theme

    Alien Theme

    Boss Theme

    Main Theme

    Alien Theme

    Boss Theme

    Online Lobby Theme


    Link to my public Mega folder containing all soundtracks (can be downloaded): Check here.

    If you have other tracks that I missed, comment bellow and I will upload those as well.

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