• IntenzKO

    Chat is up!

    August 29, 2012 by IntenzKO

    Hey guys,

    I just added the chat section. You can use it for discussions, opinions, challenges and the like. Hopefully it will be glorious!

    It is live chat, so if you see another person on, you may be able to chat with them! Please respect other people, and if you do experience abuse, please tell me or Dragonmasterah.


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  • IntenzKO

    Admins - Wiki Adoption

    August 13, 2012 by IntenzKO

    So about a week ago I filed an adoption request for this wiki so we could get some admins here (we really need them) and u wa wondering who would be up for that.

    I can't see my other blog post so I don't know if you guys did, but here's the link to the forum:

    I can think of a couple users that would be perfect admins, so leave a comment on the forum and/or here if you're interested.

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  • IntenzKO

    Admins - Wiki adoption

    August 11, 2012 by IntenzKO

    Okay, so about a week ago I filed an adoption request for the Star Warfare wiki so I could get some of you guys admins so we could be a better wiki, and they replied! I'm not an admin, but I recommend posting on the adoption forum I made especially you, Dragonmasterah!


    So I think there are a couple of people here who would like to be admins... Make a comment if you do!

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  • IntenzKO

    Game Center Directory?

    August 5, 2012 by IntenzKO

    So I saw a couple comments about wanting a gamecenter "phonebook." Would we like that?

    And are people still liking the sky bridge?

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  • IntenzKO

    So we are thinking about drawing up some plans for (maybe) another map and we would like some input on what people want. We have six ideas:

    1. Snow map (tunnels maybe)

    2. Nuclear area (forest-like stuff)

    3. The gauntlet (large corridor)

    4. King of the hill (vortex style)

    5. YB factory 2

    6. Skyscraper (only vertical map with floors)

    Also, we would like you to keep posting reviews for the sky bridge on the app store... We have three so far! Thanks!!

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