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Phantom Forces: A new age

​Hello my freinds! A new fanfic has apeared in my mind. It willl be hopefully pretty long fanfic. Please tell me if you see any grammer mistakes.                 Hope you enjoy! ~Hex

This is told from the prospective of a long-lost warrior that know one remembers.

Known United Human Military units:

Phantom Special Forces Battalion: a Spec Forces Battalion of Black Hole armored troops

Delta-X Spec Forcs Battalion: an elite battalion of X-field troops.

E.P.C: Elite Phoenix Company: A legion of Phoenix troopers.

Beta-2 Legion: a legion of Cygni troops.

Commando's: Commando's are outfitted with Knight Armor.

Sniper teams: Small, elite teams of Atom troops.

Hydra-7: a squad of Hydra troops.

901st SS: An elite Special Forces Battalion (Permission from ArmandoCommando to include the 901st in this fanfic) of Perseus troops. The only unit of pure humans (although rumor has it that their leader, Lt. Gen. Miles Jagdtanker, is a Cyborg) that are not marines.

Alpha-1: A squad of Alpha-class Commando's.

Marines: UHM Marines are fitted with Viper armor. Marines are normal humans, not Cyborgs.

Andro-M Division: elite division of Andromedae commandos. 

Hydra-7: A small team of Hydra troops,

SWAT-36: a SWAT team of Perseus troops,

Drake-461: An alliance of legions, most of them Draco legions.

V.O.D.K.A: Vanguard Operation Dec. 24 of the Kommando Alliance: an alliance of Dec. 24 troops.

Dracula legion: a legion of Draco troops,

Onyx Legion: a massive legion of Knight armored troops that protects UBH, the UHM's capital.

Chapter I: Awakening.

 Hybernation room, UHM Cyborg Military Acadamy, UBP-1116.

April 5, 4728

I don’t know where I am, I don’t know what’s happening to me…at least…I think that something is happening to me. I feel like I’m floating in water, except it doesn’t quite feel like water, its warmer…and more relaxing. I hear voices, some of them are gruff and some of them are light. One of them asks, “Is he ready?” Another one replies, “He had better be, or else we’re all doomed.” “What about the others?” says the first voice, “They will protect us, won’t they?” “They cannot act without a leader.” I get the feeling that they are talking about me. I open my eyes, which are blinded for a few seconds by a bright light, I slowly realize that the light is coming from the watery stuff that I’m floating in. A couple of people stand in front of me, “He’s awake!” The person from before says, “Welcome to UBW-273846, X-179.” I move my hands so that I can look at them, they are long and gruff looking, and when I put them to the light, it almost looks like there are tiny gears in them…I get the feeling that there are. I realize that I’m breathing through an air infiltrator. The glowing blue water stuff is slowly draining from the tank that I’m floating in. Once it is empty, a door to my left opens. “Come on out, Alex,” Says the person that stands by the doorway. “Oh, so now we’re giving him nicknames, are we?” Says someone. “Whats with you today? Didn’t get enough coffee?” The person by the door says, than adds to me, “My name is General Mark Smith, overseer of your training.” Training? “Where Am I? Who are you? Whats going on?” I ask, “Oh right, I forgot, you’ve got amnesia! Forgive me for my lack of explanation,” He clears his throat, “You’r affiliation is B-179, if it comforts you to know what you are, you are a cyborg, a war machine built to serve the United Human Military and lead an elite Battalion called the Phantom Special Forces Battalion, against our enemies.” 


“Army of the Koroshion Star System.”  

“Standard enemy strength? Or more powerful?”

“I’m afraid that there the most powerful alien hostiles that we’ve seen in a long time.” Aliens can be powerful, stupid or weak. Most of them are ether stupid or weak, but some colonies such as the Aracknars, Bravenets, Portramars and us Humans are the most powerful forms of life ever to fly in space. And unfortunately some of these colonies are the ones that waged war on Humans in the Great War of Hailstron. The war of Hailstron was the biggest war in centuries, the whole universe was divided by one small incident, where a riot broke out at a small space station in 3383. 137 humans died that day, along with 126 aliens. But I have never heard of the Koroshion star system before. "Well then, if I’m supposed to lead a SPec Forces Battalion,” I say, “I aught to meet them, shouldn’t I?” “Of course.” Says Smith, and leads me out of the room. I feel extremely overwhelmed.

We come to another room that looks just like the one I woke up in, except there is are more than one tank… their are millions. “Here we are.” Says General Smith. I look around at all the tanks filled with that same glowing blue water that I was floating in when I woke up. There are more people--no, cyborgs--in those tanks, too. “By the way, do you mind if I call you Alex?” Asks Smith, “Sure,” I say. It’s strange, I can’t quite remember anything from my past, and yet I can remember everything in the dictionary. And yet I also am not surprised by anything that Smith had said before. Strange, I think, Maybe I can remember protocal because I'm a Cyborg? “Are are they all asleep?” I ask Smith. “Yes, but they shall wake up soon enough.” He replies. As he says it, one of the people in the tanks opens his eyes and stares at us. “Ah, apparently B-194, or, as I like to call him: Jay, is awake.” Smith walks over to some computers and starts punching in some buttons. Slowly Jay’s tank begins to empty of its contents. I walk over to the tank, open the lock and open the door. Jay stumbles out, blinking with confusion. “What…?Where…?Who…?” He mumbles. “Hello B-194…” Smith explains everything, “…And this is your new commander, B-179, aka Alex.” He finishes. 

“Pleased to meet you.” Says Jay. 

“Ready to go blast some aliens?”

“You bet!” He replies. Smith chuckles. “Lets wake up all the others first.” He says.

Soon the room is filled with Cyborgs, but they don’t look like what I imagined before I met Jay or looked in a mirror. I imagined parts of their faces to be metal with red eyes; but they all just look like normal people. And what I find interesting is that they all have the same features, and what I find even more interesting is that we are… tall. Before, I had just thought that Smith was just a short man and that the scientists were even shorter, but then when I met the other cyborgs, I realized that Smith was actually normally sized, and it was just that the other cyborgs and I were inhumanly tall. We are  about three feet taller than the average human.

Smith had explained everything already, so now Smith is leading them to the armory, with me by his side. We enter a room that does not look like the room where I woke up in. It has tall metal walls, which have, what seem to be metal benches, attached to them. On those benches are all kinds of gear; Helmets, armor, med packs, guns… ect. Everything a army needs to survive. I pick up one of the helmets. Its black with blue lights, just like all the other armor pieces. It kind of looks like something a Knight would wear, except its pitch black and the eye-holes glow blue. “Is this Black Hole armor?” I ask. “It is indeed. Built especially for your battalion, sir.” Sir, I can’t seem to quite process the word when its directed at…me. “Why don’t you and you’re men try the armor on?” Smith suggests. I step into the boots of the armor then fit the torso armor and the gloves on, then put the helmet on last. They fit perfectly, as if they were made for me. “This armor can take a lot of damage before you can get hurt," Smith tells us. I pick up a gun, my HUD tells me that it’s called a TB10-LW assault rifle. It also reads that it’s fairly light-weight and powerful, “I like this thing already,” Says Jay. I turn to see that he is looking at the same kind of assault rifle that I am. “Yes, many soldiers prefer the TB10-LW,” says Smith, “the UNHM’s weapon factories just came out with a new Laser rifle called the LIT-07– it was originaly a kind of Necro blaster, but these are modified to fit for humans better. Some soldiers have already gotten the new prototypes, but others would rather stick to the originals. Better safe than sorry.” I strap my new rifle to my back with a bandolier. Then I take a small knife and attach it to my belt. I stand up and look around. Some of the people are holding guns– most of them TB10-LWs –but some of them had their’s strapped to their backs like me.Then, something catches my eye, a…a sword. A glowing blue sword thing, with an iron handle. “I thought humans only used swords during the medieval ages,” I say. “We did only use swords during the medieval ages,” Explains Smith, “Until we found that they could be more powerful than guns, if used and made properly.” I look up and there is a twinkle in his eye. When he sees that everyone has their weapon of choice he says, “Attention!” Everyone looks up, “Your commander will now give the order of where to go.” 

“The Training room!” I say instantly. Its like instinct. Immediately anyone who was sitting down is now standing to attention. We march down the corridor, towards the training room.

End of Chapter 1.

Chapter II: Getting Acquainted.

Phantom barracks, UHM Cyborg Military Acadamy, UBP-1116.

April 5, 4728.

I lay down on the mattress at the top of my bunk in the barracks. Everyone else is doing the same. Jay sits to my right, on the top bunk. His data pad is on his lap, and by the way his brow is furrowed with concentration, and his fast typing, I would guess he’s righting in a journal. I look at the sealing. “So, what did it feel like for you when you woke up in that watery stuff?” Jay asks.

“It was…relaxing, what was it like for you?”

“Same, it felt like taking a warm bath after a being outside on a cold rainy day.” 

“So…do you think we’ll get to blast some aliens soon?”

“Hopefully…” He says. I sit up, propping my back against the wall, sitting on my pillow. My pillow is actually more like a hard lump of mattress. “What are you reading?” I ask, because now instead of typing very fast, he was reading something very intently. “A book on hostile aliens and the best ways to defeat them.” He answers. “Neat.” I say.

I pull out my own data pad and put it against my legs. “Send a link to me, will you?” I ask him

“Okay.” He replies. He types inn something, and suddenly a message appears on my data pad. I tap the notification, it reads: ‘Here it is, HABWD.-Jay’  I tap the link. As soon as I do so, the message disappears and a whole new page appears. I start to read.

By the time I finish reading the book, it’s seven o’clock and some people are sleeping. Others are reading their data pads, talking to each other or just staring at nothing in particular blankly. The dinner bells go off and everyone gets up and heads for the cafeteria. I pick at what looks like a chunk of meat with my fork. I look at the other people at the table that I’m sitting at. “What is this stuff?” I ask. “Dunno, but look what I got.” Says Jay at my left.

On his plate is a hollow loaf of bread cut in half, with some sort of lettuce inside it. “Look what I got,” says the person from across the table, “I get the feeling that that stuff will make me bounce up and down with joy for no apparent reason.” I completely agree with him, because on his plate is a mound of translucent jelly stuff. “I believe that that is called…Jello, that doesn’t sound appetizing,” Says the person next to him, “by the way, I’m B-165, Caleb.” “And I’m B-231, Scorcher,” Says the person with the Jello.

“B-179, Alex.”

“I’m B-194, Jay.” 

“So we’re introducing ourselves? Well I’m B-228, Vincent, Vin for short.” Says someone to Caleb’s right. “And to answer your question…Alex? Or should I call you commander?” says Caleb.

“Alex is fine.”

“Okay. Anyway, that thing on your plate is called a burger.”

Burger?” I ask, “Isn’t that a little bit of a weird name?” Caleb shrugs, “Its what they named it.”

“So, do you know what this is, wise guy?” Asks Jay. Caleb looks up at something above the place where we get our food. Than he looks down at Jay’s plate. I see what he is looking at. He’s looking at a small number tag  on Jay’s food, that says: 142. Than he looks back up at what I realize is a big sign. I see a list of numbers, for each number theres a name. I look search for number 142, and when I find it, I’m totally stunned by the name. “Cabbage pie.” says Caleb. Cabbage pie? I wonder silently, What kind of a name is that?

We all slowly start to-warily-eat our food.

It turns out that Caleb, Scorch and Vincent all are near me and Jay’s beds. “How was the burger?” Asks Scorcher from the bottom of a bunk to my left. “Good,” I reply. 

“I don’t know how you two can eat meat,” Laughs Vin from below me. 

“Its fine when you don’t think about what it came from and how you got it,” I say. The lights out warning, blairres.“I can’t believe that we are supposed to get some sleep while that thing goes off,” Says Jay. As soon as he says so, the alarm turns off, the lights go out and there is peace and quiet. We all burst into laughter.

End of Chapter 2.

Chapter III: The first mission.


Training roomCyborg Military acadamy, UBP-1116.             

June 16, 4728.

I fire my TB-10-LW at someone with armor that has glowing stripes all over it. My HUD says it’s called Phoenix armor. He has a weapon I’ve never seen before. A stunning bullet zips toward me. I try to dodge but it’s almost right in front of me…and than something strange happens, a sort of Vortex thing apears and sucks the bullet. Instantly I feel myself being healed. “Aw, come on!” Says the Phoenix guy, “I wish I was in Phantom Special Forces Battalion!” Some how I get the feeling that he’s grinning like a madman under that helmet. I fire at him and he dodges, but I get his foot then I get his chest. “Haha!” I laugh when he grunts with impatience for his armor to unfreeze. I move on towards another Phoenix guy. I take out a pistol that I purchased and aim at a Phoenix who’s got his back to me, busy fighting another Phantom person. I click the trigger. Pew. The Phoenix falls, frozen. Just then a robotic voice says into a giant microphone, “Red team has the flag!” I remember that this a capture the flag game and not a Team Death Match. I start to look for the flag holder.

I find that he’s desperately fighting against a Phoenix holding M-ZB2 with a TB10-LW. I freeze the Phoenix with my TB10-LW, But it’s too late. The other Black Hole person is frozen. “Here.” I say and take out a thawing pack from my belt and attach a small glowing red box to his arm. He gets up and picks up the flag, which he dropped when he was frozen. “Thanks,” he says. “My name is B-230, Kex.” He raises his hand before I can tell him my name. “I know who you are, Commander-179.” He says. “Right,” I say. “Let’s get this flag back to base.” When we get there, Kex puts the enemy flag down on the table. It disappears, either the game ended or the flag just spawned back at the enemy base. "Red team scored! Red team wins the match." It appears to be that the game ended.

On the way out, I pick up the units of money (Which look like memory cards from camera's) that have my name under them.

Outside, Jay, Caleb, Vin, Scorcher and I lay in the grass. “So,” Says Jay, “How many hits did everyone get?”

“23.” I say.




“Haha! so nobodies beaten my record yet!” Yells Jay triumphantly. “What’s your record?” asks Vincent. “53,” Jay says, grinning. “53?!!” We all shout in disbelief. “Yup!” He says loud enough for a Draco armored guy near by to here, “53! Did you hear that Ivan? 53!” “Yeah, yeah, I can do better than you though,” He grunts and walks away. “Jay, how the heck do you find the time to meet other people from other legions?” I ask.

“Lunch break, Free for alls, teaming up with other legions, starting rivalries by always freezing particular people in T.D.M's.” He says plainly. “Let’s go to the armory,” Scorcher offers. I say, “Okay.” 

When we get to the armory, we see Gen. Smith with in the doorway with his back to us. When he hears us coming, he turns around with same twinkle in his eye that he had when I first met him. “Well, well, well, if it  isn’t my favorite unit!” He says, “Come meet our newest unit!” I walk into the armory. Hundreds of soldiers fill the room and their all clad in the same armor. My HUD says its called Thunder armor. All of them look stunned, like they walked into a training room expecting to see enemies and instead find dancing hippos and alligators doing the tango. Jay elbows me in the ribs and whispers, “Do you think thats what we looked like on our first day?” “Probably.” I laugh quietly. I walk deeper into the room muttering, “Excuse me,” or, “Coming through.” Most of the soldiers just stare blankly at me. I reach the back of the room where most of the weapons are. “I think I’ll take one of these,” Vin says while looking at an M-27B1, the same kind of Chaingun the Phoenix guy froze Kex with. “I saw a R.O.M.E armored guy get mowed down by a Pegasus person with this thing in a F.4.A, once.” He picks it up with great difficulty. Vin and Scorcher (who had bought a new rocket launcher) hand in their units of money to a man with a gray jump suit, by the door. I grab a few freezing grenades and a few real grenades, pay for them and follow the others back into the corridor.

At target practice, Caleb practices with his R100 from at a long shooting range, while Vincent shows off his new M-27. Scorcher, Jay and I, Practice throwing the grenades I got from the armory. So far Scorcher has the best throw. Boom, I love that sound. Suddenly, a voice booms into the microphone, “ALERT! ALERT! All available units that have been trained for a month or over, pack your stuff and head for the docking bay! This is not a drill! I repeat: this is not a drill!” 

“Finally, some action!” Whoops Jay. 

“You heard him guys, we’re heading to a real fight!” I say.

At the Phantom barracks, hundreds of cyborgs clad in red armor, some with their helmets off, gather in one big cluster. I step up onto a platform, for commanders to make announcements, and say: “Okay people, we are about show those stupid aliens who’s boss!” Cheers fill the room. I wait until the room quiets down to say, “Now lets pack up and head to the docking bay!” I step down from the platform and walk to my bed. I don’t have many items to pack: my data pad, my weapons and a weeks worth food and drink. 

Dropships wait for us at the docking bay. We jump into them quickly. “I guess this goodbye then, Commander-179.” I didn’t even realize that Smith was right behind me. “Yeah I guess,” I say, “but we’ll see each other again. Count on it.” "Oh yes! I forgot, here's a little present from Dr. Cunningham and I," He says, and hands me a badge with a star and three stripes, the badge of a captain. "Thanks sir." We salute, then go our separate ways. I grab Caleb’s outstretched hand and he pulls me into into the dropship. As the doors close, I take a deep breath and prepare myself for whats to come.

End of Chapter 3.

Chapter IV: The arival.

Near orbit of UBW-594244UHM Dropship, Space.

June 16, 4728.

Silence is such a peaceful thing; after two months of hard combat training, that is. Like many people’s, my eye-holes glow blue in the dark, light or no light. About twenty people sit or stand with me in the drop ship. Some of them read their data-pads, others just sit in the dark quietly. “Twenty clicks until orbit,” Caleb breaks the silence. “What assignment do you think they’ll give us?” Asks someone. “Well, apparently it’s an emergency, so it ought’a be something important,” I say. “15 clicks until orbit,” Caleb says. I’m not sure how long its been since we took off. A book on space ships reads that its supposed only take a couple hours, but it feels like seven years. Of course it says that too, but you don’t really acknowledge that. My TB-10LW is strapped to my back with a bandolier. I’m not sure when I’ll have to use it. “Attention!” Says someone into the microphone in the corner of the ceiling, “This is Hawk O'3, We’ve just got word from the Imperial', you'll be landing shortly. Over and out!" 

“Prepp the ascension ropes!” I say.

Our dropship stops several meters above the ground, and we jump like acrobats. I land on soft earth. “Ew, is this stuff…waste?” Asks Jay. “Though cows are rare here in the rest of the galaxy, we still have large tanks of their waste in factories, for farmland reasons,” Replies Caleb in a very matter-o-fact tone. “My legs are sore from sitting,” complains Scorcher, then he snaps his fingers. “The designers! They should make cushioned seats!”  

“Your a genius Scorcher, a plain out genius.” Vin says with sarcasm clearly in his voice. "Thanks!" Says Scorcher brightly. Someone attemps to call me. "Hello? This is Dropship Hawk O'3, of Phantom Spec Forces Battalion. Calling Commander Harprer, are you there? Over."

"Yes this is Commander-179, I hear'ya Hawk O'3, over."

"Okay, I've gotten word from the UHMSF Imperial again, they said to give you a message."  

"Whats the message?"

"They said that your unit will sneak up behind the enemy's front lines, which are being distracted by the E.P.C and Beta-2 legions, and a few Sniper teams. Elimenate them. Sending coordinates. Over."

"On it. Over and out." I hang up and look at my men. "Okay men, we have orders to head behind enemy while they're distracted." 

"Sir, yes sir!" We head towards the coordinates that Hawk O'six gave us.

We hear the battle before we see it. "STAND YOUR GROUND!" shouts someone, "TAKE THEM OUT! TAKE THEM ALL- AAAAHHH!" "Go, go, go!" I say. We run toward the sound of gunshots, and find that the combind legions are struggling to hold out against a huge hord of Speedlings, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE. Millions and billions of Speedlings slash and bite at the line of cyborgs clad in both Cygni and Phoenix armor, who brandish metal sheilds against them-occasionally opening a crack in their defences to slash aliens with a windblade or so that the Sniper teams can open fire. As we race down the hill, I see a Stalker leap over a Cygni's sheild. It nocks the Cygni down, he doesn't get back up. "Nathen! NO!" Yell several Cygnies. Wait a second, I think to myself, I've heard of Nathen. Nathen was the deputy of the Alpha-2, and one of the greatest cyborgs that ever lived. But if the stalker doesn't kill him, than the stream aliens that comes rushing through the crack in our defence, trampling him, has. "RETREAT!" Shouts Tyler, the captain of Alpha-2. 

At the camp called Xmas Bunker, we discuss Phantom's mission. "The enemy is slowly surounding us. The only openings are here and here," Captain Tyler points at two areas on the holo-map. "And Scouts have reported that the passage through the dunes has mine-bombs planted in that area," says Emma, the commander of EPA. "Which leaves the bridge," I say. "Well then, its settled. Phantom Forces will sneak around the enemy's forces using the bridge, while we keep them at bay," says Tyler. I walk out of the command tent, and jog toward the group of bunkers. Some of the troops outside of the bunkers are talking to other Cygnies or Phoenixes. Inside the Vortex bunker, I find Vin, Jay, and Scorcher hanging out around the stairs that lead to the Caffeteria.  "Where's Caleb?" I ask.

"He's on look out duty. The general was pretty impressed by his sniper skills for some reason." Answers Vin.


"Yup, General-132 came with the Andro-M Division for reinforcements."

"Cool," I can't help but feel proud for Caleb, after all, the General of one of the most elite legions ever, had admired his skills. That's a good sign. 

That night I can't sleep. I feel both scared and excited about being outside of training and out in the wide world. Finally I drift off into sleep.

I dream that Nathen is holding a Nova-27 infront of someone with Atom armor, in one of the bunkers. Then Nathen turns into Gen. Smith, then into Caleb, then into someone with Andromedae armor, then finally into someone with Draco armor. The Draco armored cyborg takes off his helmet. I stiffle a gasp, because the Draco that is pointing his Nova-27 at the Atom armored person, is Ivan, the person that had bet against Jay at the training base. And he's grinning. "So someone has finally caught me! Oh, but look! He doesn't have a weapon, and I have!" He laughs, "And I intend to use it!" With that, he fires at the Atom. The Atom screams, and I shout, "NO!" But the dark bunker is already fading away.

End of Chapter 4.

Chapter V: An uncertain future.

Phantom barracks, UHM Base, UBW-594244.

June 17, 4728

Someone is shaking me awake. I blink the sleep out of my eyes, and see that its Scorcher. He looks concerned. "Sir, are you alright?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You were talking gibberish and than all of a sudden, you shouted 'NO!'." 

"Oh, must've been a bad dream," should I tell him happened in my dream? What was it about? I decide to keep it to myself, until I figure it out. I climb out of my bunk, and walk to the caffateria. I chew on a carrot as I think about what I saw. Was it a vision? I certainly hope not. After I finish eating, I get up, walk down to the stairs to the sleeping quarters, then out the door to the command tent. I nod to the general of Andro-M Division, and he nods back. "Good morning commander-179," Says Commander Tyler, "Are your troops ready?" "Ready and waiting." "Good, you may prepp your weapons and head out than. Good luck." I thank him and walk out the door. As I walk out, I trip over someones shoe and fall over. "Omygosh, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Says the person who's shoe I tripped over, in a female voice. I get to my feet, and take of my helmet and say, "Its fine. Hi, my name is Alex, whats yours?"  She takes off her helmet, to reveal a slim featured face, and blond hair, "C-576, Salina, pleased to meet you." "Uhhh, right... I should probably... umm... get my... troops...together." I say slugishly. "Try not to die," She says, smiling. As I walk away, heat rushing to my face, I realize, I should have laughed to that! ARGG! Harper you idiot!

Back at the bunker, I step into one of those boxes that commanders use for giving orders to his or her legion. I speak into the microphone, "Attention all Vortex forces! This is your commander speaking! All troops meet me at the top of Mt. Codak!" As I step out of the box, I see Jay with his arms crossed, and wearing a grin that made it looked like he just got his best birthday present ever. "So," He said, his grin widening, "Who was that, you were talking to?" I look at him quizically, then understanding wash over my face, accomponied with blush, "You mean Salina?" Jay wolf whistles, "Oooooh! Salina! Even more romantic!" I blush again and gape, "You think-! Me and her-! Wha-!" He rolles his eyes at me and says, "Duh! I saw you two talking, and when you turned around, you were as red as Caleb will be when he relizes that he doesn't know every single thing in UBW!" I can't help but let out a laugh,  "Really?" We are both laughing now. "Almost." We laugh even harder. When our chuckling dies down, Jay and I run in the direction of Mt. Cadok.

As I count each soldier, I can hear roars in the distance. UBW used to be a peacefull planet, but today its a              war-zone. I stand on a high rock and say, "Alright men! We all know our mission, so lets go! For the UHM!"

No one knows whats going to happen, and no one knows if we'll come back alive. But we do know that we are fighting for something, and that that something is worth fighting for.



End of Chapter 5.

Chapter VI: Striking Dragon, Hidden Tiger.

Next to Alien camp, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                                                                 June 17, 4728.

We hide behind several large bolders, behind the alien camp, as we wait for the alien army to move out. Finally, after fifteen minutes, we hear the rumbling of hooves, claws, bristled spider's legs, the humming of wings in the air, and slow slimey crawling of slugish creatures, heading away from us. I turn on the private commlink to all squad leaders, "Ok, ready? 1...2...3! GO!" We all leap around and over the bolders, and fire our weapons. The aliens are taken by suprise, or so we think. Then, suddenly, they devide into two battalions. The battalion in the front keeps charging, while the other alien battalion doubles back and charges us. I can imagine silence and someone heart beating, as aliens charge humans. Then that silence is broken as we make contact. Screams, yells, slashing, gunshots, biting, roaring. Chaos is upon us. Hell, has come alive, and is thriving on us. Havoc. Blood. Death. And then silence. The enemy is driven back. We've won. But with heavy casualties. Hundreds of cyborgs lay unmoving clad in Black armor, their blue lights dim. I see some breathing heavily, unconsouse. I call some medics to treat the wounded, and walk through the piles of dead. A medic rushes up behind me and says, "Sir, casualties report." "What are our losses?" I say, dreading the answer. "67, sir." I sigh. "It is a tragedy sir," says the medic. Suddenly, someone yells: "NOW!!" I whirl around, hearing gunshots. But what I expected to be aliens are...Cyborgs. A whole legion of Cyborgs clad in Draco armor. A whole legion of Cyborgs clad in Draco armor... opening fire on my men! I shout in disbelief, and run, trying to spot the leader. Then, I see him. Ivan. So thats what my dream was about! Thats what my vision was about! Ivan is pointing a Windblade at my retreating men. The Draco's press forward, slaughtering the wounded. I run infront of them. Stupid, stupid, stupid me. I shout: "Wait! What the hell are you you doing?!!" Ivan drops the point of his sword, and takes several steps towards me. They stop firing, and a couple of Ivan's men switch their aim towards me. Ivan is just a few feet away from me. "What are we doing?" He asks, "I'll tell you what we're doing: we're doing our job." "Your job, is to fight for the UHM!" Says Vin, from next to me. "The UHM turns us into slaves! They don't give us any choice about wether or not we are soldiers," Ivan says, "Plus, the G.A.K.S.S pays me better." "Pay?! So your just doing this for money?!" I yell. He taps his chin and says, "Yeah, I guess I am." "Your a monster!" Snarls Vin. A squad of Draco's proceeds to open fire on some of my men and Vin. One of them falls, not seeing the attack coming. The others activate their ability's and easily kill the attacking squad. "Only dogs like you would think that!" One of Ivan's bodyguards says. "Yes, your right Cormak. I'm a hero, and you are all villians." Ivan ignores the fact that a squad of his men both fired without waiting for his command, and were destroyed, and continues, "Enough talk. Lets teach these dogs a lesson about getting in our way." We open fire on one another. Ivan and some of his bodyguards get a hold of me, and throw me to the side. Then one of them shoots at my leg. I try to dodge, but the bullet is to fast. I gasp in pain when it gets through the leather bodysuit, but look up right when Ivan is about to click the trigger to finish me off. That is... right when Vin jumps infront of me. From what I can see, the bullet conects with his chest. He gasps, staggers, and falls. I yell, "VIN!!! NO!!!" Ivan and his men smirk and walk away. "Vin! Talk to me soldier!!!" I say desperetly, removing his helmet. Not only is there blood flowing steadily from the hole in his chest plate, but there is also a wound on the side of his head. A double bullet. He smiles weakly, and croaks, "Good bye commander–" And then he's dead. I yell "Vin... VIN!! VIN!!!" I yell again and fire my pistol at the direction where Ivan ran off, blinded by rage. Caleb tries to help me to my feet, but I don't get up, partly because my leg is wounded, and partly because I can't bring myself to leave Vin's body. "He was a brave soldier," Caleb says, bowing his head. "Yeah, yeah he was," I say quietly, standing up. "C'mon, lets put him somewhere where he won't get trampled." We pick his dead body up from the ground and lay him against a packing crate, away from the chaos. 

End of Chapter 6. 

 Chapter VII: Shrouds of Bravery.

 Command tent, UHM Base, UBW-594244.                                                                                                                                                        June 17, 4728.

"What?!" Asks one of the shocked commanders, back at the commmand tent. "Well, it isn't to uncommon for cyborgs to defect," says the calm leutenant of a team of Perseus troops called SWAT-36. "True, but still, the whole Drake-461!" Says Commander Emma, shaking her head. "Wait, the whole Drake-461?! I knew that the Dracula legion has defected, but the whole Drake-461?!" I say in disbelief. "Yeah, once Dracula defected, it started a whole chain of defections in the Drake-461 alliance," the general of V.O.D.K.A-- General-256--, who was sent all the way from the V.O.D.K.A block-aid in the outer-rim, to see if we needed any reinforcments, says, "Thats eight perfectly goood legions -2, because two of them didn't participate in the defection." Captain Tyler says, "And since many of Drake-461 were spread out, there have been many unexpected strikes throughout the galaxy." A Captain of a battalion of marines speaks up, "And now we have more than one enemy." The General of Andro-M Division, says, "Alright, General-256 will file a report to UBH, then we will have a saramony for our fallen men. Dismissed." UBH is the UHM's capital planet, it's block-aid is the highest of all planets, and its infamous guardian legion, the Onyx Legion, is one of the most succeful and elite legions. I walk out the tent, still in shock of Vin's death. It had been so... sudden. I go up to the barracks and lay down on my bed, both in grief, and hungry for revenge.


Admiral Brett Trask.

UHM Star ship Fleet.

UHM starship Armada: Imperial, Bridge, Orbit of UBW-594244

June 17, 4728.

I look at the screen that shows the cafateria, and find that Squad-826 are getting themselves drunk. Again. I guess I can't expect to much of them, after all, they are marines, and marines are humans, not Cyborgs. Marines are the only units in the UHM that are human. "Attention! This Admiral Trask speaking! Squad-826, stop hogging that beer, and come up to the bridge. I want to have a talk with you," I shout into the microphone. It takes them a good 10 minutes to remember which way the bridge is, and another 15 minutes to slowly walk in the right direction, to the elevator, and to figure out which buttons to press. I sigh. What beer does to-- well, what used to be --good soldiers. The elevator door goes, ding!, than opens, to reveal six-- obiously recovering from having to many beers --marines. The leader, Andrew Kepper, staggers forward, attempting to salute-- but failing miserably --saying, "You...*Hic*...called for us- *hic*-  Admooraulee Sask?" I say, "My its Trask, not Sask. And yes I did. Now listen up! You are to stay away from those bee-" Just then, a pilot in Tank armor runs up to me and says, saluting, "Sir, theres a transmission from General-89 of the V.O.D.K.A Alliance, for you." "Wait... ooooh...*Hic* did someone say... *Hic* VODKA?! Can I...*Hic*...have some pleeeeaaaasssssee???" Asks one of the marines from Squad-826. "Shut up trooper," I tell the confused marine, as I walk up to the holo-transmitter. "Put him on," I command. "Yes sir." The General apears with a, Fzzzz. "Ah, General, you asked for me?"  "Yes sir, I have the report, as you wished," He says through the crackling of the transmitter. "Good, go on." 

"Well, there's good news, and theres bad news, which would you like to hear first?"

"Good news. There has been to many victories by the G.A.K.S.S. that I really cant handle the bad news at the moment."

"Naturally. The good news is, the enemy seems to be retreating."

"Good! I hate to ask this, but; The bad?"

"You probably have heard this already, but...umm...." He doesn't finish his sentance. "Continue General," I say. "The alliance known as Drake-461, has defected," He blurts. There is silence. Then I break it, "What?! Thats 8 perfectly good legions!"  

"6," he corrects me.


"Only 6 of them defected."

"Oh, well thats...better," I say. "But anyway, no. I don't believe they will need any reinforcements," He says. "Good. I will send this report to UBH. I will send a shuttle down to retrieve you and your squad–" I am interupted by another Tank armored pilot, "Sir! Incoming space-craft! And it isn't a friendly one!" I quickly stride to the Imperial's window. Sure enough, a G.A.K.S.S Armada has just come out of hyper-space. I look closely, and see their turrets focus there aim on us. They open fire. Imperial shakes by the impact of a Plama Missil. "All units to the docking bay! All fighter pilots get ready for combat!" I shout into the microphone. I'm about to tell the General that he's going to have to wait for his shuttle, but we've lost conection. "Sir! Three enemy gunships have boarded our docking bay!" Shouts one of the pilots. We're going to die, I feel like fainting.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                               Mass-grave site, UHM Base, UBW-594244.                                                                                                                                                      June 17, 4728.

I gulp as Jay and I lay the red shroud over Vin's dead body. It has the UHM's simbol on it, with Vortex's below it. There are six more shrouded bodies, along with the mass grave for all the 5,647 unknown troops that have fallen in battle. One of the shrouded soldiers is Nathen. Several Cygnies, and a couple Phoenixs, are gathered around his body. Someone murmers, "These are not the Shrouds of Death, they are the Shrouds of Bravery." Everyone says quietly in unison, "Amen."

End of Chapter 7.

Chapter VIII: Preperation.

Command tent, UHM Base, UBW-594244.                                                                                                                                                                   June 18, 4728.

I'm walking over to the command tent when I bump into Salina. She is checking her M-ZB2 Heavy Mahine gun, when she see's me and puts down her M-Z, walking up to me and salutes. "Sir! Corpral C-576!" She says. "Oh, good  morning Corpral," I say. "Good morning Commander. Listen, I...I heard what happened to your freind, and... I'm really sorry. He must've been a brave soldier," she says with sympathy in her voice. "He was," I say sadly. "Well, I'd best be off. See 'ya Commander," She says over her shoulder, as she walks away. 

At the Command tent, the other officers are waiting for me. "Ah, Commander," Says General-132, "Now that your here, let us proceed. The aliens are falling back, but their remaining forces have clumped together into one base..." Commander Emma finishes for him: "...Giving us one target!" "Indeed Commander," the General says. "So if we  have one target left, why not use all our forces against it?" I say. "Yes. Here's my plan, after I tell you it, General-89 has something to say. Okay, here's the deal. I think that we should devide our legions into two forces. Each force will attack the base at the same time, and they will be overwhelmed, and we might have to hold a siege. And if we are overwhelmed, Leutenant-238–" He nods at the Leutenant "–will take his SWAT team, and come in with heavy firepower. General-89 and his men will stay here to recieve or give communications. He will ask Imperial for reinforcements if needed." "Alright, sounds like a plan. Now, here's what I have to say," Says General-89. "For those of you who don't know this, Dracula legion has disapeared. Probably have retreated, cowards. And I'm afraid that Imperial has been attacked, and possibly destroyed, by two G.A.K.S.S. But another UHM Armada– Relentless –is on its way from UBH, to assist both us and Imperial.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Around 84 feet above ground, Drop ship, UBW-594244.                                                                                        June 19, 4728

My battalion has been paired up with E.P.C for the attack. The four legions have been picked up by dropships, and are almost at the landing zone. My personel squad is prepping their weapons. Jay holds his assault tightly, staring at the floor. Caleb is zooming in on the LZ with his R100 sniper rifle's scope through the window. Scorcher has his rocket launcher strapped to his back, and is calculating how many grenades he can carry without them slowing him down. The screen in the top corner suddenly shows the colored black Tank helmet of the second pilot. The pilot shouts over the Creak, and, Phwamp, of the doors opening, "Alright boys! Be ready to free-rope down, 'cause we ain't any closer than this, without being detected!" We stand up and prepp the ascension ropes. Caleb's the first down. His rope zooms back up, and Jay jumps down. I jump a second before Scorcher. I hit the ground hard, and the vibration rattles through my teeth. I count all 65 of my troops. 63. There used to be 120. So many lives ended at just that first battle, and how many more will end in the future? The UHM will provide more more Cyborgs for Vortex, freshly graduated from the Academy. Ah, the Acadamy. I miss it so much! Commander Emma runs up next to me, saying, "Hey, Commander-179. All my men are deployed, and yours?" I reply, "Deployed. And you can call me Harper, if you want." "Sure, kid. I'll send my best scouts closer to the North-Western corner, while you send some of yours to the South-West corner of the base. If the scouts report back and say that its all clear, we'll extend our troops along our our side of the base. If they come back and report that its not all clear, we'll just have to take out the turrets when we attack," She says. "Okay, I'll get my best scouts ready," I tell her. I walk over to Caleb, saying, "Caleb, I want you to take Trapper and the rest of Scout Squad-999 on a scouting mission to these coordinates. If you see an enemy patrol, do NOT open fire. If they spot you, take them out before they can contact their base. If they open fire on you, contact me, and I'll send Scorcher and some other men to cover your six, while you retreat."

"Sir, yes sir!" He walks over to Trapper, and starts to explain. Good man. 

I watch them run into the distance, and sigh. My booted feet are covered in brown sand. UBW is a weird mix of forest and dessert. The ground is covered with sand, but strange trees that look like giant, purple, glowing mushrooms, grow all over the planet. The only place where you can't find the glowing tree things, are the cannions. I look around at my men. Some are setting up Gattaling Guns on tri-pods, while others take their sniper rifles and climbing into trees, but most of them just stand still, assault rifles in their hands, watching, and waiting. 


Sergeant H-3972, aka Clare.

UHM Unit: Hydra-7

UHM starship Armada: Imperial, Docking Bay, Orbit of UBW-594244, Space.                                                                  June 17, 4728.

"Man down!!! I repeat: Man down!!!" Shouts Sev. I don't have time to look which one of my squad is down, but I already know that its Simon, because his Slash and Voom, of his Windblade can no longer be heard. Even though I'm overwhelmed with sadness, I keep firing my Nova-27. Stay focused, and win the battle, just like Gen. Mark said. I hear some of the aliens up on a cat-walk to my right. Thats where Scope is. I suddenly get a large adrenaline rush and start running towards the staircase that leads to the cat-walk. I will not let another one of my Squad-mates die! Hydra-7 will not be defeated so easily! If Hydra-7 is elimenated, the aliens will take control over the Imperial, because we are the only troops left in the docking bay, and the barracks and everywhere but the Bridge have been blocked off, so no reinforcements can come. Or can they? I hear gunshots as the drop ships aproach, shooting. Troops in Perseus armor are deployed from the drop ships. I stare in awe as the 901st SS destroys every alien in it's path.


Commander D-971, aka Ivan

HIAL legion: Dracula

Shuttle port, GAKSS base, Malcust-386211.                                                                                                                        June 18, 4728.

I walk out the door of the GAKSS shuttle, or rather, I walk through the shuttle's door. "∑e¬çøµe †ø †∆e ∫åße, ø∆  ∫a√e ø˜e," (translation: Welcome to the base, oh Brave One) says a Necro guard, bowing. I nod in greeting. The Necro stiffens, and a look of anger and shock fills his eyes. Oh right! I've forgotten that nodding is an insult to Koroshions! I realize. "I'µ √e¥¥ ßø¥. I'µ ߆i¬¬ ¨ße∂ †ø †˙´ ø¬∂ ˙¨µå˜ ©®´´æˆ˜©ß," (translation: I'm verry sorry. I'm still used to the old human ways.) I say. The Necro bows in understanding and leads me to the base. Slaves, hundreds of slaves, are at work, occasionaly being electrocuted by their masters. Its horrible that the Korrosions turn their own kind into slaves just for money, although I read somewhere that humans did the same a couple thousand years ago. Of course I would gladly turn in my whole race for money, because money is power, and power is what the Savior needs. And I am the Savior. I will be the galaxy's Savior and King! But there is no glory in peace, so I will challenge other galaxies, fight them, and destroy them. I will be the universes source of redemption! It will be the beggining of A New Age!  A new age in which I will rise from the ashes of this war, and purify those who are unclean, dirty, scum. I will be the greatest Ruler of the galaxy. But for now, I must act as the GAKSS lapdog. 

Corpral C-576, aka Salina.

UHM legion: Beta-2

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.

Well, this is way more boring than I thought it would be. But I guess thats life for 'ya. I reload my new M-27B2. Some jerk from Vortex said that an M-27 is to heavy for a girl to lift. Sexist. But then I punched him in the face, Judo-flipped him, and threatened to break his neck. What a jerk. He's the only one so far, though. Harper is nice, and it was really cute the way his face went all red when I smiled at him. Its only been a day since I saw him, and I already long to see him again. Maybe we might be more than friends, one day. Only time can tell. Commander Tyler is on the Comm-link with Commander Emma. I think he's got a crush on her. I stand up, stretch, and walk off to where the other M-27 users are setting up their Gatling Guns as Turrets. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corpral X-182, aka Trapper.

Scout Squad-999.

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.

Xander is watches our six as Sergeant Caleb leads us farther along the GAKSS Base. I reload my AST-KK as we trudge through the mud from the rain that started to fall yesterday. If I look at the sky and zoom in, I can see distant flashes of light, probably gunshots. Imperial's fighters are holding out against GAKSS deployment pods every second we're here. I scan the outside of the forest and find a GAKSS patrol with five Necro's and two Stalkers. "Alien patrol at 2 o'clock!" I say through the comlink. We stop, and Caleb takes out his R100 sniper. "You guys find cover, me and Xander will keep 'em in our scopes," Caleb says taking aim. But before we can even go into prone position, a Necro spots us, and fires his gun. The other Necro's look to where he's pointing and also fire their guns. The Stalkers leap at us and, and one of them knocks Fin to the ground starts to drag him away, while screaming, but before any of us can shoot the Stalker, the beast has already disapeared, dragging Fin behind him, who is still screaming. Poor Fin, I think, while shooting the second Stalker. Suddenly Caleb is knocked to ground, wounded. I see the hole in his armor in  shoulder. We quickly dipatch the rest of the enemy patrol, and Xander quickly puts three drops of alchohol into the hole, to prevent it from being infected. I quickly call command, and explain the situation.

End of Chapter 8.

Chapter IX: The last battle for UBW [Part 1] 

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728. 

I'm checking that all the troops are here, just to make sure, when Trapper calls me. "Sir! This Corpral Trapper, I repeat, this is Corpral Trapper, do you read me? Over."  "I read you, Corpral. What is it? Over," I say into the comm-link. "Sir, the area is clear, but we have some casualties. Over," Trapper's voice is slightly muffled by static. "What are the casualties? Over." 

"Sergeant Caleb is wounded, but still holding up well. And Private Fin is MIA, possibly KIA. Xander, Clash, and I, are alright though."

"Alright, I'll get a medic over there ASAP. Over and out."

I quickly call one of Delta-X's dropships. "Yes, this is Hawk O'3, good to see you again, sir."  

"Good to see you to soldier. I need a medic team here."

"Rogger that, sir! Requesting medic team from Imperial, over and out!"

Sergeant K-1123, aka Ice. 

Alpha-class commando squad: Alpha-1

UHM Armada: Imperial, Docking bay, Space.

June 17, 4728.

My commando squad is right behind the 901st SS, covering their six. Jagdtanker gives out orders to his men, while I give mine to my men. A Stalker leaps on to me, but is impaled my the three spikes on my Knight armor's shoulder plate. I shove it off, and shoot it twice, just to make sure that its dead. Nyke, my best sniper, gets up onto one of the cat-walks, assisting the other sniper from Hydra-7. The Hydra armored trooper take's an enviouse look at Nyke's recently issued sniper rifle, the Reflecto-38, or as we like to call it, Reflection. The other sniper has the lower issued, heavier Railgun-100 rifle, also called the R-100. I take out my M-Z and attach the saw to it, then start mowing down the aliens with the saw. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lieutenant D-1332, aka Cormak.

HIAL legion: Dracula.

GAKSS Star ship: ΩØØÎΩÅÓe (translation: BloodBane), Simulation deck.

June 19, 4728. 

I watch from a small platform as Dracula Legion runs the simulation. Commander Ivan has put me incharge, until he returns from his trip to Malcust-31. GAKSS simulations aren't to different from UHM sims, except of course, the fact that you fight UHM soldiers instead. Seeing as the special infantry (Speedlings, Stalkers, Tacorlions... ect.) have ten years worth of training emplanted in their brains, simulations are generaly for Necro's. I look at Rocket squad, who are succeeding greatly, but then switch my gaze to Squad-78, who it seems will have to be eliminated. A simulation UHM soldier in Black Hole armor jumps down from a turret, and starts walk slowly towards them, manicingly. It unsheaths a Windblade from its back, and starts slashing. Three Squads start running for their lives, while two other squads are stunned for fifteen seconds. If they can't handle one Elite soldier, than how are they going to handle 120?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Admiral Brett Trask.

UHM Star ship fleet.

UHM Armada: Imperial, Bridge, Space.                                                                                                                   June 17, 4728.

"Ah, General," I say to Lt. Gen. Jagdtanker, "Good day." "Good day Admiral," He says. He is probably the youngest high-ranking officer I know. "Any news from Admiral Lance Bridges?" I ask. "No, sir. But he has sent us to stay sir." UHM Alpha-class commando's stand on either side of the door, their Knight armor gleaming. It wasn't completely necessary to send the top squad of the Alpha class commandos. But the GAKSS Star Ships have been driven away, and we have reinforcements. Now we're just waiting for our ground troops to succeed... or die.


Dr. Bennedict F. Cunningham. 

UHM Council member.

MCC Room, UHM Cyborg Military acadamy, UBP-1116.                                                                                         June 16, 4728. 

I punch in several buttons, and look away as five of 57 children– barely two days out of the creation machine –are prepared by two doctors to go into the surgery machine, where the infants will be turned into Cyborgs, so that they are taller, stronger, and faster than the average human. These five children– and the other  chidren waiting –are reinforcements for Vortex Spec Forces Battalion. Infants grow rapidly, and by three months, they will be twenty, then they will be mind-wiped of their previouse experiences, then put into a Hybernation bay for the next two months. I was never able to meet B-179 but I know I will have to, some day, because if I don't, he will never know about his– "Dr. Cunningham! Gen. Smith has a message for you!" A young man in his twenties startles me out of my thoughts. "Yes? What is it?" 

"He says that he has gotten a message from the President, and your to come to the ship bay."

Well, I think to myself as I walk in the direction of the ship bay, at least I know Harper will survive. He can only survive.  He has to.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Private V-133, aka Jetler.

UHM Medic Team-135.

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.

My MA72 assault rifle bumps up and down in my hands as I run. Usually Medics like me don't need to use guns, we will ocasionally, though. I wish I my team had been assigned to some armor other than Viper armor. I guess that soldiers that aren't as important as legions like Vortex, like Marines, get lower issued armor. But still, they could've at least given us Fortune armor. Viper armor only has a small air-conditioning system in it. We carefuly run behind boulders and trees so that no Necro patrols spot us. We're near enough to the coordinates that Commander-179 sent us, that I can contact the scout team. "Hello? Hello, this is Medic Team-135, calling Vortex Scouts, do you read me?." "Corpral Trapper here. We read 'ya, over." 

"Good, how's the situation there?" 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lieutenant D-1332, aka Cormak.

HIAL legion: Dracula.

GAKSS Star ship: ΩØØÎΩÅÓe (translation: BloodBane), Armory.                                                                                 June 19, 4728.

I watch as Sergeant Steel tries out his new armor and weapon. It had taken nearly half an hour trying to find one of the Prototype armors his size. He's massive. If he was just a human, he'd alone be at most 7 feet, but combined with the Cyborg's extra leingth, he's a giant. And his armor doesn't make him look anymore menacing. It's Red, gray, and parts of it glow orange. It's name is R.O.M.E armor. Steel is ussually silent, very silent, which makes him even more menacing.  So being tall, being able to snap a man's neck with ease, and having menacing armor, makes him a very, very, very, very menacing man. He mostly carries a Windblade, and the recently issued M-ZB2. He also carries a device that opens up into a J.O.K.E Grenade Launcher. "Well Steel, are you ready to rip some UHM scum in half?" I ask. He cracks his knuckles, his way of saying yes. 

When all our troops are ready, I watch Dracula, Dragon, and ¶ˆ√ˆ˜§ ∂´å∂ (translation: Living Dead) legions load into the drop pods. Steel and a few fellow commmandos get into a stolen UHM dropship. Just then, a sleek silver GAKSS shuttle sweeps onto the deck. Commander Ivan steps out, with a long, black cape flowing behind him. He walks up next to me and whispers, out of earshot from a GAKSS Commander, "Hows our plan for the HIAL coming?" "It's doing very well. I'll show it to you later." I whisper back. Human's Independent Alliance of Liberty is a future rebellion that Ivan, a couple of other high ranking Drake-461 officers, and I have been plotting about. And once we put it into action, we won't have to be GAKSS slaves anymore. "And what about Prototype-R.O.M.E?" "We've run a few sims with it and its proven that it's made for commandos, but we're about to really see it in action," I answer. "An attack on UBO, am I right?" "Yes." UBO-1145 is a UHM planet that has a very large weapons factory, and we are sending our troops in to destroy it, Gecko City, and even the civvies, if they have to. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Max Hindermon.

UHM Marines. 

Gecko city, Look-out tower, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                         June 19, 4728.

I try not to dose off, but it's about 7:00 in the morning, and before I switched places with Janger, I barely got any sleep. If Cyborgs make perfect Soldiers, because they have genetic enhancements, why don't they take up guard duty? But then I see something that makes me stand upright. A couple dozen objects are flying toward our position. Ships. The GAKSS has a new target– Gecko City. I quickly get on the comlink with the Maj. General and say, "Sir! This Private Hindermon! We are possibly being targetted by GAKSS units!" He quickly answers, in his british accent, "Good eye, soldier! Get the troops awake and ready to fight! Clear the civvies out!" "Sir, yes sir!" I say, grabbing the alarm lever. I push it down, saying into a microphone, "All troops, wake up and get ready for combat! We're under attack! I repeat, we're under attack!" 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Maj. Gen. Brett Windslope.

UHM UBO-1145 guard.

Gecko city, Look-out tower, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                      June 20, 4728.

Soon the the GAKSS Dropships are almost in range of our gatling cannons. "Steady...Steady..." I say to the Marines mounted on the turrets, "OPEN FIRE!" The Marines obey. Rapid-fire bullets fly towards the ships, piercing their hulls. "Its not enough," I mutter. We need explosions to happen, on their hulls. "This is Maj. Gen. Windslope! I need an RPG squad over here," I say into my comlink. "Roger that command!" A squad of troops carrying RPG-31s climbs up onto the wall, wearing Cygni armour, and gets into position. "On my mark!" I say to the RPG squad. "3...2....1! FIRE!" The squad fires rockets at the Dropships. One of the ships goes down, hurtling towards the ground. The Marines keep firing the turrets, and one or two more of the ships crash. The surviving troops that are in the ships that have crashed, heave the doors open. But these aren't Necro's that get out and start charging and firing at our defences. Dracula legion has showed its slimey, cowardly face again. I call on the 3rd Elite Air Force Corps and tell them to rain their bullets down on the defectors. Airborne fighters from the 3rd Elite Air Force Corps zoom over us, both dropping bombs on the Dracula legion, and exchanging fire power with the GAKSS Dropships. I'm thinking everything is going well when, a huge shadow comes over us. I look up and see a GAKSS Starship coming up behind us, deploying Necro's and defectors with jetpacks into the city, and dropping bombs and pods into the city. We've been tricked!         I yell, "All troops focus fire on that Starship!" We need reinforcements. "Sir, a call from the mayor!" A Marine runs up to me, handing me a phone. "Hello?" I say into the phone. "Maj. Gen. Windslope! If there's going to be a fight here, I want to evacuate the city of all my civvies, or what ever you military-type call them!"

"Will do Mr. Mayor! I'll evacuate them to Brooklas'vill."

"Good." He hangs up and I order a battalion of Cyborgs in Thunder armour along with six military jeeps to escort the civilians out of the city. I watch as UHM units fight aliens and rebels. It has been five years since I became a Major General when I was thirty, and I still feel bad that I'm sending so many troops into the battlefield. But I must admit, the battle looks epic. Oh how Jenifer, my wife, would love to see this.

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728. 

Caleb and the scouts are back, finally. They've reported that no turrets have been spotted. Caleb's wound isn't bad, and I'm glad, because I don't want to another one of my squad. Commander Emma's scouts are back as well, and have reported that there are no turrets, but there is one under construction. Commander Tyler called and said the same thing happened with their scouts. Now Emma, Tyler, Commander Alex (I finally found out the name of the commander of Andro-M), and I, are wondering about sending a team of soldiers from each legion, into the base, to disable their computers so that they wouldn't know whats happening in the skies, then hit them with an airstrike, then bring all our legions in. "Sounds like a plan," says Alex. "Everybody select your finest soldier, and send them to these coordinates," Alex sends us the coordinates. I look through all my troops, and finally come to Sargeant Ace, my best warrior. I undoubtingly choose him. He's probably one of the most badass troopers I've ever seen. "Alright, I've got mine," I say. Soon everyone else does to. I explain to Ace and send him to the coordinates. I hope this plan is going to work.

Chapter X: The last battle for UBW [Part 2]

Staff Sergeant A-1311, aka Rath. 

UHM legion: Andro-M Division. 

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728. 

We're scaling one of the look-out towers like Spec. Ops. commandos. I'm the first one up and I flood the wall below with my helmet spot-lamp. No enemies in site. "All clear," I say into my comlink. The trooper from Delta-X is second up. He jumps down onto the wall without a sound, and knocking a Necro guard out cold. I jump to, but my bulky Andromedae armor makes more of a clunk than his X-field armor. Next is the guy from Beta-2, then the girl from E.P.A. I quickly spot a sniper position and run up to it, taking out my R-7AA. I spot three guards, who are about to round a corner to where the Delta-X trooper– Ace –is. I line them up in my scope, breath in, and press the trigger, breathing out, just like how I was trained. I take one of them out in a clean shot, but miss the other two. Before the first Necro can sound the alarm, Ace tackles him and shoots him in the head with a pistol. The girl from E.P.A swiftly punches the second Necro in the jaw, then proceedes to sock him in the stomach, then stabs him with a Windblade. We clear the rest of the path. I guess us four are some of the best UHM troops. But when we infiltrate the building, thats where things get tricky. The whole room is filled with aliens, some standing guard, and some doing... other stuff. I tell the team using hand motions: Marco, when I count to three, you go in there and fill that room with your Laser Cannon's beam. I trust that you won't die. Susan, stay by the door and prepp your Passer, incase any aliens slip behind Marco. Ace, watch for any guards, and if you see any... I draw my finger across my neck. Ace nods, taking out his weapon (though he probably doesn't need it) and starts standing guard. I don't remember becoming the leader, but nobody objects to me giving the orders. 

Lt. P-1176, aka PM.

1st W.I.K.I Corps. 

Gecko city, Near city walls, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                             June 19, 4728. 

Three Draco armored troops leap behind the hull of the dropship that we're using as a defense, but Starstrike mows them down with his M-27. I see one of the troops has an EMP grenade attached to his belt, and I try to scramble towards it, but Myxh– our medic –stops me. "PM, your not supposed to move that leg until what ever the stuff Med Kit was, goes off." Oh, I think, right... I got shot in the leg, and it hurts like crud when I move it. "But there's a EMP just over there!" I say with frustration. "Even if I were to let you move, you would get insta-killed by those MSTs," Myxh says. MSTs– or Movement Seeking Turrets –have been planted all around by Drake-461 troops. "I'll get it!" Starstrike offers. "Don't you–" Hex says, but Starstrike is already running towards it. "Oh crap," Hex and I breath in unison, then Myxh shouts, "Starstrike, get away from–" But the turrets are already fixed their aim on him. "Uh oh!" Starstrike says. "Here! Guys! Take the bomb!" He throws it to us, right before the MSTs open fire on him. "No!" We shout. But Starstrike is dead, bullet holes speckled all over his body. Hex raises his TB10-LW and shouts, "For Starstrike! For the UHM!" We all shout in reply. I throw the EMP. We all crouch behind the dropship as the explosion sounds. Hex peeks up and then says, while running out of our cover, "Its all clear! The guns are dead!" We all run out, firing and yelling. 

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.           

Soon the strike team reports that they have taken down the computers without any cassualties. And now they are coming back without the alert blaires going off. I think my legs have fallen asleep because of waiting all this time... "Sir, we're out of the building, heading back to these coordinates," Staff Sergeant Rath said. "Roger that, I'll send them to the others." I send the coordinates to the other commanders, and then tell Jay to take over, while I'm away. My holo-transmitter vibrates. "Commander-179, this UHM ship Imperial. Are you there?" Admiral Trask asks when he apears on the transmitter. "Yes sir, what is it?"

"First off, we need some of your troops to be deployed at Point Rain, on UBW, to help with an assault on a GAKSS Factory, and second, you had better take care of that enemy base fast, because the enemy has made an attack on UBO, and we need Delta-X there ASAP."

"Roger that, sir. All we need right now is fifteen minutes and an air-strike, than we'll head to UBO."

"Understood, soldier. Over and out!"

I select a platoon of my troops, and  Hawk O'3 sets down a Military motorcycle, for me to get to the coordinates in. "I don't remember the UHM making such classy vehicles," I say, inspecting the shiny motorcycle. "Me niether, but we just picked it and a couple others yesterday," Hawk O'3 said through the comlink, then lifts into the air, and flies away into the distance to deploy the platoon. I step onto the vehicle, put my foot on the gas, and zoom away from the camp. 

Lt. X-873, aka Mystixian.

UHM Legion: Delta-X Legion. 

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728. 

The dropship sets down on the ground and opens the doors. My platoon and I get out, and are greeted by six marines, a couple Hydra armored troops, and two officers. "Welcome to Point Rain, my name is Maj. Col. Jenifer  Windslope, and this is Captain Jatt Mcarny. As you might know, you have been selected to help us in an assault on a GAKSS base," The first officer says. "Now, if you'll follow me." She and the Captain start to march towards a camp, that is overshadowed by a large building in the distance. We march after them, and my friend Niner says to me through the private comlink, "The Major doesn't look to bad." I chuckle, saying, "Shut up. First, she's married to Maj. Gen. Brett Windslope. Second, she's thirty-five, and your in your twenties." "Huh, okay, fine," He says.

Tanks and a few Military jeeps crowd the building's parking area, with engines starting and marines and Cyborgs hopping into vehicles. I climb on to the gatling turret, and Niner drives us forward, joining the vehicles heading for the large GAKSS base.

Outside GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.           

All our troops and vehicles move as fast as they can away from the GAKSS base, before the air-strike. We are supposed to be at least half a mile from the base before our air forces bomb it. Finally I stop my men. I ask the other commanders if they're ready, and when they say yes, I call the bombers. "This is DragonBane-46. Hi, commander.......Okay, my men are ready to take that base down.......Alright, I'll make contact with Hawk O'3 for pickups........ Yes, sir! DragonBane-46 over and out." I watch as the bombers zoom over the base, leaving fire and distruction in they're path. 

X-003, aka Hawk.

UHM Legion: Delta-X, UHMAF Dropship: Hawk O'3.

Around 84 feet above ground, Drop ship, UBW-594244.                                                                                        June 19, 4728

I'm around half way back when DragonBane-46 contacts me. His black Tank helmet apears on the screen. Tank armor and it's helmets are green and blue, but for pilots that are part of a battalion, legion, company etc., their armor is colored the same color as that of the armor the company they belong to is, and the same with the dropships, except the dropships have the UHM simbol on it, a rectangle with blue on the bottom half, red on the top half, and a white star in the middle. "DragonBane-46 to Hawk O'3. Come in Hawk O'3!"

"Copy that DragonBane-46, whats the situation there?"

"Hostiles have been eliminated, but ground troops need a pick up."

"Understood, we're on our way."

"If you spot any hostiles scragglers, take 'em out, too. DragonBane-46 over and out."

The screen goes blank and I call my fellow dropships.

"Hawk O'3 to Hawk 99, do you read me?"

"I'm here boss, what are your orders?"

"We have a pickup request back at camp." 

"Roger that, sir!"

Outside remains of GAKSS Base, Canion, UBW-594244.                                                                                                               June 19, 4728.           

The strike team is lined up infront of the general when I get to the place. "Nice ride," Tyler says looking enviously at the motorcycle.  I walk over next to Tyler and Emma, taking off my helmet, who are watching the general. "Now that Alex has arrived, we may begin. Rath, Morco, Ace, and Susan, you have done very well, when you did the mission, and came out without a scratch. And whats more, you all put your lives at risk, kinda reminds me of me, actually. You also worked as a perfect team, –" at this point I know what the general is saying "– which I'm very proud of. And so, I have thought about this very carefully: Commanders, do I have your permission, to make these four soldiers into a squad?"



"If it will help humanity, than my permission is yours." 

"Alright then. Troops, I hearby declare you part of the Delta-X Spec Forces Battalion!" He declares. "Once you get back to Imperial, the all-new X-field armor is waiting for you." Rath steps up. "Its an honor sir." Suddenly we all hear the thrum of dropships arriving. I don my Black Hole helmet and get on the comlink with the pilot.

"Hey commander, we've come to rescue you!"

"Ha ha. Good to see you again Hawk O'3."

"You can just call me Hawk, you know."

"Sure." The dropships set down and we all hop on board, and fly away into the evening sky.

 End of chapter 9.

Chapter XI: Battle of Gecko City

UHMSF Armada: Imperial, Briefing room, Atmosphere of UBO.                                                                                                        June 17, 4728.

Admiral Trask says into the microphone, "I hope you've all gotten some rest, because you are about to be deployed onto UBO-1145 to defend against the self-proclaimed Humans Independant Alliance of Liberty, along with many GAKSS units. First I am going to send the Vortex Spec Forces operatives and the 901st to assist the UBO-1145's guard, then send any forces needed. They will be accompanied by several Marines, Flamethrower Squads, andSniper teams. Dismissed." All the commanders stretch, get up, and walk out the door. As I'm about to leave, Admiral Trask pulls me aside. "Commander, I would like to inform you that you are being promoted to General," He says. I gape and say full-heartidly, "Its an honor sir!" I jog down the hallway and finally get to the Vortex quarters. I walk into the lounge, where many soldiers are exchanging gadgetts, and others are playing cards. "Attention! Officer on deck!" Someone shouts. Everyone stands up, saluting. "At ease," everyone sits back down. "Who'se ready to get back on the battlefeild? 'Cause UBO-1145 needs our help!" Everyone cheers. "I'll upload the mission to all of you at the docking bay," I say. 

At the docking bay, Titan armored Flamethrower teams and Atom armored Sniper teams are getting into helicopters already. We quickly hop into the dropships, too. 

I turn to Jagdtanker. "Hey Jagdtanker, I've heard you like the Gnam Nam Style song. I like it to, but have you ever considered the song: Radioatcive?" We launch into a conversation about songs.

Captain X-7244, aka Pike.

Delta-X Spec Forces Battalion.

Gecko city, office building, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                             June 19, 4728.

My men easily take down the battalion of Draco armored troops. I fire my newly issued Arrow flamethrower bow into a squad of the enemy, and each ball of fire hits a soldier, then explodes. One of the new recruits, Rath, fires two bullets  into a HIAL soldier's head, with his Reflecto-38 and says, blowing invisible smoke from the sniper: "Headshot." "Show 'em what we're made–" The Draco soldier is cut off by Foxtrot, my second-in-command, who fires six rounds of M-ZB2 bullets into his throat. Suddenly, many of the windows shatter, leaving broken glass everywhere. It dropships that look like our's, deploy men outfitted in a black and green and purple and gray armor armor that I've never seen before. At first I think they are some reinforcments that we don't need, but then they start to open fire on my men. Three of my men fall, and many of us retreat behind desks and walls, while others hold the HIAL soldiers with the red armor off. "Foxtrot, whats going on?! Who are these guys?!" I ask Foxtrot, who is peaking out of a window in the wall, next to me. "They apear to be commandos. Most definetly HIAL. My HUD can't identify that armor, though..." He says calmly. I quickly decide to call command. "Hello, this Captain Phantom of the Delta-X Spec Forces Battalion, calling to UHMSF Imperial. Do you copy? We are in serious trouble! A platoon of what apear to be HIAL commandos– with armor that has not been identified as UHM armor –are putting us under sustained fire! Air Support is needed! I repeat, Air Support is needed!!"

Private T-855, aka Robinwing.

3rd Elite Air-Force Corps: Red squadron.

Around 30 feet off the ground, Outside Gecko City walls, UBO-1145.                                                                                     June 19, 4728.

Two rebel fighters are on my tail, and I'm desperatly trying to shake them off. I swoop down, and they follow, but I stop mid-air and come up behind them. Ha! I think, as I press the fire button, thats the oldest strip in the Book! I aim for a HIAL gunship, which is spraying premium shells everywhere, and fire a rocket. After I am satisfied with the explosion that follows, my Sergeant contacts me and the rest of the squad. "Red Squadron! Come in Red squadron, this is Red Leader, do you copy Reds?"

"Red Number 2, standing by." 

"Red Number 4, standing by."

"Red Number 3–" An explosion and a scream comes from Chopper's end of the comlink. "Red Number 3??! Red Number 3, are you all right??!!" 

Captain B-7244, aka Pike.

Delta-X Spec Forces Battalion.

Gecko City, office building, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                             June 19, 4728. 

It seems as though both my men and the commandos have met their match. There are still many on each side. I quickly throw a grenade at one of the commandos, then pump three slugs into another with my Morpheus shotgun. "Watch my six!" Foxtrot says as he pulls out his own Morpheus and runs at the enemy. I take my Reflection and cover his back. Just as I run out of ammo for my Reflection, I spot five commandos walking towards him with Energy Gloves and Passers drawn. "FOXTROT!!!" I shout, but the commandos are already in a heap all over him, punching and stabbing him. I get a glimpse of red and black through the heap of commandos, but thats all I see of him ever again. To late, I see a energy ball from a Crab heading strate towards me. The world goes black.

Gecko City, City walls, UBO-1145.                                                                                                                                             June 19, 4728. 

"GO, GO, GO!" We race towards the enemy, who has breached the defenses. Shots fire, and soldiers fall. I knock a Draco soldier to the ground, drive my knife into his visor, then kick him into another rebel. I keep firing, dodging bullets and lasers. The Dracula soldiers fall back, and many are pushed over the wall and fall to their deaths. Marines are running around below, firing at HIAL Marines, who are wearing a strange new white and golden armor with a visor in a Y-shape. Through the Private Com-link, I say to Jay, "What the hell is that armor?" "Dunno," he replies. Suddenly, a huge shadow comes over us. At first I think its just a cloud but– "GET DOWN, BOMBER SHIPS HO!!!!!" Screams someone. We all scatter. I watch in silence as the first bomb hits. The citizens are out of the city, but anything they left behind is going to get wrecked.