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Hex8227 Hex8227 9 November 2016


Hello People with which I have not conversed in a few months. I have obviously not been active for a bit. But, well friends, tonight, or tomorrow decides the fate of our dearest 'Murrica. Either we get a lady who isn't very good but at least she ain't the other option. The other option is a sure-to-be Nuclear War, more overweight old white men eating Mcdonalds food and throwing the remote of their TV at black people in the TV, and a sudden increase in hazmat suit sales. Welp. Gudbai

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Hex8227 Hex8227 13 July 2016


Hey guys, I've recently been inspired to write a new fanfic, and don't worry, it hopefully won't be as cruddy as my last ones, and I intend to actually Finish this one, suprise! Welp, hope y'all enjoy. Oh yeah, and I know that alot of people are gonna say that I should finish my previous ones before making this, but the thing is, I honestly don't care for any of my old fanfics, and I wouldn't be able to figure out how to end the fanfics anyway.

P.S. I forgot how to change the title, but I think the name is gonna be something like Project N1-X

X-mas Bunker, 

December 14, 30067.

Medic Squad leader Jeffery Armstrong was sitting at the top of the X-mas Tower. Well, at least thats what the officer leading the defence mission calls it. Scouts had seen…

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Hex8227 Hex8227 26 January 2016

Star Warfare Theories

Ok, so today I was just running around the Front Lines in SW, challenging myself to kill 500 aliens with a Cutter and Fortune Armor, when I encountered an elite Digger, and I slashed at it, but it didn't die. However, it died on the Backstroke (Forgive my ignorance of sword slashing names if thats not what its called), and yes, I know, it Probably died  because it had lower HP from the first stroke, but I was curious, so I waited for another Elite, later, another Elite Digger came around town, and I decided to experiment. To find out which stroke was more powerful, I slashed the first stroke right infront of the Digger, not hitting it. But then I moved closer, as I was slashing the second stroke. Sure enough, the Elite Digger died sooner t…

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Hex8227 Hex8227 24 August 2015

Blood Battalion.

Still waiting for Comunity approval.

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Hex8227 Hex8227 20 August 2015

Some of my photos.

Read the title if your confuzzled. 

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