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"All units to sector four, GO GO GO !", shouted Commander Cygnistars, flying around franticly in his Cygni armour and FLOAT backpack. He was supervising a security dispatch on the Hossin experimental base when an unknown force broke in to the high security sector, sector 4.

"Lieutenant, status report !"

"Multiple breaches sir ! All lead out into a tunnel system which leads to the surface, newly dug," said the lieutenant.

"Did they take the Dark Matter Laser Cannon ?"

"I am afraid so..."

"Contact high command- no wait... Yes, contact the army about this, I doubt we're dealing with smugglers here..."

"At once sir, with all details ?"

"Exempt the Laser Cannon if you can, no one but us can know about it."

"Very well."

After closing the intercom link, Cygnistars rushed to join the other soldiers, burners full on."


"Is it done then ? Is the weapon acquired ?" Asked a dark, cold voice.

"Yes sir, it is, it took them hours to notice," replied another.

"Good, and any news of Him ?"

"Fire Falcon is far beyond our reach, sir-"

"That is not the point, he must know, for he is the first who has to fall, in this endless, brutal war. Go ! Make him notice, bring him to me, step by step..."


Chapter 1: