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Hi Everyone! 

I’ll be giving a whack at writing Fanfics. I plan to make Operation Freedom a seven-part series which progresses through the seven maps currently found in Star Warfare (Frontline, Energy Core, Space Station, Training Base, Lair, Fire in the Hole, Stadium Arcadium). My first Fanfic will take place in Frontline, the next will occur in Energy Core, and so forth until the finale at Stadium Arcadium. Well, that’s all I have to say for now. Enjoy! 

Operation Freedom: Table of Contents

Chapter One (Prologue): Frontline

Chapter Two (Part I): Energy Core Part I

Chapter Two (Part II): Energy Core Part II

Chapter Three: Space Station

Chapter Four: Training Base

Chapter Five: Lair

Chapter Six: Fire in the Hole

Chapter Seven: Stadium Arcadium

Chapter Eight: Epilogue