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My first fanfic!  Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Training

Training Base 13842, Texas (2065)

"Hurry up!" I heard a voice shout from outside the hallways.  Probably the Captain I was assigned to, so he could test me.

I glaced behind me.  A thing chased me.  It was small, with thin, brown legs.  It scuttled after me in my Viper suit.  I hurridly ran around a corner and grabbed my FR283.  I heard its legs tapping the floor rythmicly as it approached.

As it drew near, I readied my weapon and attached a 'hyperclip' into it.  The assault rifle glowed red.  Finally, I saw the creature turn the corner.  I aimed, and fired.  The bullet sank into its brown hard shell, and peiced its skin.  It flinched, and I saw green blood oze downward into the cracks of the floor.  It screamed with rage and charged.

I barely managed to stepside.  I backed up into a fountain, and got soaked.  Luckily, my 'hyperclip' was still active.  I estimated there was about 10 seconds left of it.  I quickly took a sip of water and fired again.  This time, a rapid strat of bullets.  The bullets seemed to travel slowly.  I watched.

BAM!  As the barage of bullets slammed into the creature, it exploded into green liquid, splatering me me with its blood from head to toe.  I stood strait up.  I saw my officer in comand stride towards me.

"Good job, trainee," he exclaimed.

"Thank you, sir," I responded back.

"You did well.  However, next time, don't waste your valuable seconds drinking water, please.  I will let it pass this time around.  What is your name, trainee?" he responded and asked at the same time.

"Sydney," I responded.

"Well done Sydney.  Go wash off and take a break," he responded, "And call me Captain Stryker."

"Yes sir, Captain Stryker!" I responded and marched off towards my cabin located in the East Hall.

Chapter 2: The Arena

The Arena, Texas (2065)

"Here is the place where the real test begins, Sydney," Captain Stryker announced.  We were standing in a lobby with a set of sliding doors in front of us.

"What am I supposed to do, Captain Stryker sir?" I asked questioning my test.

"You, my friend, have to face off against other solders in training.  It won't be easy, I grant you, but I will offer you some new supplies, as well as a new set of armor and a new weapon,"  Captain Stryker said.

I followed him as he entered a code and slid inside the room behind the doors.  I looked around in amazment.  It was filled with many different types of armors, weapons, and things that I had no idea what they were.

Captain Stryker walked towards a desk and grabbed a iPad.  He touched the screen, and it poped to life.  He selected some options, and tapped the screen a few more times.  I saw, in big bold words, GRANTED, and I watched as a pair of machanical hands grabbed out a suit and a weapon.  The hands dropped it in front of Captain Stryker.

He grabbed the suit strait up for me to examine it.  It was dark green, with a tinted visor.  It was an improvement to my regular, battle-worn suit.  I looked down at my new weapon.  I lifted it up and looked at it.  It was heavy, but it seemed powerful.  It was brownish, with some yellow splecks on it.

"It's called the TB10-LW," Captain Stryker said.

"Oh.  Is it powerful?" I responded.

"IS IT POWERFUL?  It cost 30 Mithril to create.  You bet it's powerful, for a asault rifle, at the least," he exclaimed, "Come.  I want to show you one of my comrades."

"Is he as skilled as you, Captain Stryker sir?" I asked in plain curiosity.

"You will see, Sydney," and with that, he was off, leading us out of the room and back into the hallway.  He walked towards a room marked 'lounge' and opened its doors.

Inside was a large space filled with chairs, tables, snack bars, and that sorts.  Captain Stryker led us to an officer sitting by himself drinking Rasberry Lemonade.

"Hello, Harbringer, my old friend," Captain Stryker said in a warm greeting.  Harbringer was wearing a blue-ish armor and had a long sniper weapon by his side.

"What's the armor he is wearing, sir?" I whispered to Captain Stryker.

"Andromedae," he whispered back as quietly as possible.

"Hello, Stryker," Harbringer noted.  He click a button on his helmet, and his visor lifted.  He had a hard expression.  His eyes glared around.  Yet, he seemed gentle.

"You look scary," I pointed out blankly.  Captain Stryker elbowed me. 

"Be quiet!" he proclaimed.

"It's OK, Stryker," Harbringer replied, "I get that alot."

"I have been in alot of battles, that's why I look so stern," Harbringer stated, as this statement was pointed towards me, "On the inside, I am as gentle as a lamb."

"We have to go now, Sydney," Captain Stryker observed.  We waved our farewells and left.  I followed Captain Stryker in silence, as he led me to the final part of my test.

"Here we are," he said, after we enter a masive chamber.  It looked like a maze, but with many walls.

"You must get at least 5 kills before the time runs out.  You have 5 minutes.  GO!" exclaimed Captain Stryker.

I jumped in the chamber.  I looked around.  I saw another trainee running around a wall.  I dashed after him.  Immediatly, I fired, right after I turned the corner.

The TB10-LW fired a rapid stream of bullets at the other trainee.  Immediatly, he uttered a cry of pain and fell down, gushing blood everywhere.  I tried not to look as he cried for help.  I heard a 'beep' on my armor's hand peice.  I looked.  It wrote: 1 kill[s].

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my leg.  I turned around.  Someone was shooting me!  I dodged around the wall that was connected to a main, large wall.  I waited.  I did not see the other trainee.  I turned back into the corridor I was in before, and there he was, standing in a daze.

"Blood..."he muttered.  He was staring at the corpes.  I guessed he had never seen blood loss at this rate before.   Before I could regret it, I let loose a stream of bullets.  I grimased as he was shot in the stomach many times.

The hand piece of my armor beeped. 2 kill[s].

I was feeling dizzy.  I felt as if the wound in my leg was about to explode.  I forced myself not to look at it, because I knew if I looked at it, it would hurt even worse.

I ran around the arena, ignoring the sharp pain in my leg.  I looked around and saw a wounded trainee limping across the arena, trying to get to the water fountain.

Don't waste your valuable seconds drinking water...

I rushed foward and stopped the trainee before he could drink water.  He screamed, as if I were attacking him.  Then I realized this was...a kill house.

The trainee pushed me away and ran.  He dropped his weapon.  It was the same as mine.   He could have killed me there... I thought.

I decided to ignore him and find another victim, giving that trainee some pity, after what I had done to the other trainees.

I ran around another corner.  Jeez, this was like a maze.  This time, I saw three triainees walking around, talking to each other.  I believe they were teaming up.  I gulped.  Three on one was not good odds.  I ran around the other way.  If I were to get all three, I would have to do it by stealth.

I ran out and went in another corridor.  I quickly drew my weapon as I got closer.  I rounded another corner, and this time, I saw their backs.  I inserted a 'hyperclip' into my gun, and it glowed at powerful red aura.

I fired at the first trainee.  He went down in a flash.  Trainee #2 pulled out a gun and fired.  It glazed my arm, but I was too busy firing at him already.  He cried as a current of bullets struck him in the chest.  Trainee #3 shot a single bullet into my stomach.  If it were not for my new armor, I would not have survived that shot.  It sunk into my stomach, and blood ozed out.  I winced in pain, but immediately fired my weapon.  Trainee #3 went down, just as I fell to the floor.

I heard my hand piece beep.  5 kills! I thought.  Then, I blacked out.

Chapter 3 Part A: The Promotion

Celebration Hall, Texas (2065)

I woke up in a daze.  I heard a faint noise, as if there was a fly by my ear.  I saw a distorted image above me.  It blinked.  The distorted image turned out to be Captain Stryker.

"She's awake, gents," I heard him say.  I slowly sat up.

"W-What happened?" I asked.  The last thing I remembered was being shot...Oh... She passed the test!

"Congratulations, Sydney.  You passed the test.  You even reminded someone to not spend valuable seconds with drinking water," said Captain Stryker.

"Oh...yea," I replied, still too dazed to respond much.

"I have officially promoted you to a solder!" exclaimed Captain Stryker, "The only bad part is that you might have to stay in bed for a few days.  The doctors said your wound isn't fatal, but can be harmful to your body if you do not rest."

"Yes sir!" I responded, with slightly too much enthusiasm.

Chapter 3 Part B: The War Begins

Restoration Room, Texas (2065) [8 days later...]

"OK.  I believe you are ready to be in action again," prclaimed the doctor, who was watching over me.

"Yes!" I shouted.  It felt good to be back up and walking around.  I watched as the doors slid open, waiting for me to cross over.  When It finally openned, I almost fel backwards.  Captain Stryker was there, standing still, with a frown on his face.

"Come.  I want to give you something," he said.  I could detect a slight smile on his lips, although I stayed silent, not wanting to aggrivate him.

We strode towards a room.  I realized with a sudden shock that this was the room that contained all the Prototype 0 equiptment.  I walked in after Captain Stryker and closed the door.  It slammed shut.

"This is a top notch facility that only a few members can enter.  You should be privlaged to set eyes on this place," Captain Stryker announced.  I looked around.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  There were armors that seemed like they were indestructable.

"Wow..." I exclaimed, once I completed observing the room.

"And," Captain Stryker announced, with a slight smile, "You are free to chose from ANY armor and use it as you wish!"

"Really?!?" I asked, with disbelief.

"Absolutly," Captain Stryker confirmed.

I looked around the room, scanning all sorts of armors.  I read all the tags on them.  Some had weapon power bonuses, some had armor regenration abilities, some had firerate bonuses.  I couldn't decide.  After what seemed like hours, I chose an armor that was red, with yellow markings over it.  The yellow markings glowed every second or so, making it seem amazing.

"Nice choice, Sydney.  This is an armor that I like to use too.  It's called the R.O.M.E armor because its helmet looks like a Roman helmet," Captain Stryker observed, "Now it's time for me to hand you a new weapon."

He led us out of the room and down another hallway.  We stopped in front of a large door, with brass handles.  He heaved the handles, and they gave way, going into a room filled with weapons, from assault rifles to machine guns.

"Pick one," he said calmly.  I walked around, looking for a weapon that suited my new armor.  I found a red gun that went on my hand smoothly.  I also found a green-ish machine gun that had a saw on it.

"Can I have these two?" I asked.

"Two?  I would prefer using one, but if that's what you want, then fine.  The weapon the goes on your hand is classified as a Nail Gun.  Its proper name is White Drill.  The green machine gun is know as the MZ," Captain Stryker answered, "Also, the White Drill shoots nails that seeks heat, but our armors have foil reflectors, so in a real battle, it will only go after aliens."

"Wow...that's really neat!" I exclaimed.  I excited the room and walking down to my room, wearing my new armor, and holding my new weapons.  I placed the MZ on the side of my room, and attached the White Drill to my belt.

BOOM!  I heard several shrieks and screams down the hallway.  I peeked outside of my door.  Part of the roof had collapsed!  I saw a horde or aliens storm in, hissing and howling.

I grabbed my White Drill and started firing.  It killed aliens on cantact, but it fired too slow.  I put my White Drill back on my bed and grabbed my MZ.  I aimed it at the horde of aliens that were slowly, but surely advancing towards my way.  

I aimed, and fired.  The MZ shot bullets like they were made of laser, disintergrating eat monster as it touched it.  Occasionally, it fired pumpkins, which exploded on contact with the aliens.  Apparently, Captain Stryker had forgotten to mention this.

Soon, the whole hallway was filled with blood and alien particles.  I saw Captain Stryker rush towards me. 

"Are you OK, Sydney?!" he asked, too bewildered to ask how the aliens got in.

"Yea.  Somehow, the aliens broke through our unpenatrable roof," I said in a sarcastic voice.

"Stop being sarcastic.  This is serious bussiness.  If the aliens have somehow breached our defenses..." he looked away, lost in deep thought.

I turned around and saw a solder coming.  No wait...he was no solder.  He was a general.  His badges proved it.

"Ah.  General SWT.  I see you have found the way to the problem," Captain Stryker retorted.

General SWT was wearing a green-ish armor that I saw inside the armory.  I believe it was called the...Knight?

"Status report, Stryker.  I want a full detailed report on HOW the aliens got in, breaching through our point blank defenses and motion sensors," General SWT commanded.

"Grr...yes sir," answered Captain Stryker, obviously displeased with General SWT.

Chapter 4: First Blood

Outside Prototype Base, Texas (2065) [Examination]

"Sir, why did General SWT send us out to scan the surroundings?" I asked Captain Stryker.

"He doesn't like us, that's why!" Captain Stryker said in an outrage.

"Sir, I see movement in the distance," I said, trying to change subject and do my job.

"Hmmm...that's too large...oh no!" said Captain Stryker.  He pushed a comlink in his helmet.  

"General SWT!  Do you copy?  I need reinforcments!  Immediatly!" cried Captain Stryker, obviously scared.  I looked towards the horizon.  I saw an alien, no larger than 3 feet tall.  Then, it got stomped on.  A giagantic alien, behind, which blended into the scenery, strode out, screech, and flew into the air.  It looked like a gigantic...mantis.  It hovered for a few seconds, then charged at us.  I guessed there was only about 30 seconds before it reached us, going at its speed.

I saw General SWT march outside, with a group of elite solders.

"Status!" General SWT barked.

"Huge alien, headed our way!" I broke in.  Too late for 'status' now.  I saw the alien come closer.  12 seconds now...

"Aim, and fire on command!" shouted General SWT to his men.

The alien was only 50 yards away now, coming closer still.

"FIRE" shouted General SWT.  A bunch of missles rushed towards it.  General SWT grabbed his machine gun and started firing.  In less than a few seconds, the large alien was a mound of limbs and blood.

"Operation finished.  Captain Stryker, you are dismissed.  Sydney...I want you in my office," said General SWT.  I gulped. 

Chapter 5: The Downgrade

General SWT's Office, Texas (2065)

"Sit down, please," General SWT said.  I sat down in a brown chair from across him.

"Not that chair!!!" He exclaimed, "The blue one."

The blue one, was a small plastic shair, almost to small to fit in.  I obliged and sat.

"Now.  Down to bussiness.  Why...did you intefere our 'status' report?" he asked.

"Sir-"He cut me off.

"Don't call me sir.  Please, just call me General SWT.  I glared.

"OK, General SWT, I interupted because we didn't have enough time to do a full status report before the alien came," I responded, partially angry.

"Did you see how fast we handled the alien?  I could have waited another 10 seconds before firing!" he exclaimed, "As of now, Sydney, you are in probation.  I am sorry, but I will have to force you to be inactive for the time being."

"But..." I responded.

"No buts.  Just...leave," he answered firmly.

Chapter 6: Foe or Friend

Sydney's Room, Texas (2065)

I sat on my bed, verge of tears.  I had just been downsized.  I looked at my MZ.  It didn't look as impressive now.

I heard the door creak open.

"Are...are you OK?" Captain Stryker asked.  I shook my head.

"I heard what happened.  I'm sorry," he responded.

"I--" I was cut short.  I heard a loud explosion.  It shounded like it was outside of the building.  I stood up, putting my R.O.M.E armor on.

"I though General SWT said you had to stay inactive," reminded Captain Stryker.

"I...don't take orders from him..." I said through gritted teeth.  I grabbed my White Drill and started ou the door.

Captain Stryker grabbed my arm.

"Are you sure about this?  You could get a punnishment of inactiveness for life," he said.

"I'm sure," I said, with detirmination.

I walked down the hallway, glacing in every direction, making sure there were no aliens.  I saw a hole in the building.  I cautiously walked towards it.  I saw crumbs.  Lots of them, in fact.  Leading into...a path.  I saw a few explosion marks the way the crumbs leaded.  I ran.  Towards the path.

After a few minutes of running, I almost bumped into a...solder?  He was wearing the strangest armor.  A white armor with yellow streaks.  He was holding what seemed to be a RPG, but had 3 launchers instead of 1.  He spoke, in a deep voice.

"Hello," he said.  I fired.  He unfroze, and quickly fired all three rockets.  They brushed past the White Drill's nail, leaving only ashes remaining.  However, the rockets were aimed at ME!

I dodged, still feeling scorch marks on the bottom of my armor.

"I come in peace!" the newcomeer said.

Chapter 6.5: The Interrogation

General SWT's Room, Texas (2065)

"So you claim to come in peace?" asked General SWT to the unknown stranger.  The stranger was sitting on the brown chair (which I found kind of unfair), and was being interrogated by General SWT.


"Sir or General SWT works," noted General SWT.

"Yes, Sir or General SWT," the strnager said blindy.  I facepalmed.  General SWT flinched, but seemed to ignore it for now.

"Why did you come here and how did you find us?" asked General SWT, with an eyebrow raised.

"Well, Sir or General SWT, I came from a village called Xerphony.  I seeked here to find a place to train and stay.  I found you because I am wearing an old armor that was once from your labratories.  It has a tracjing device," the stranger answered.

"How did you find the set of armor?" Asked General SWT.

"I-I found it in the desert near my home.  I also saw a creature thing run away when I came.  I saw the tracking device and decided to come here," the stranger said.

"What is your name, stanger," ask General SWT.

"UntitledBook.  But everyone always calls me UB, Sir or General SWT," he answered.

"Well, since I have decided to be nice today, I guess you can be a soldier.  However, I want to examine the weapon you are carrying with you.  I have never seen anything with the likes of it," quoted General SWT.

"Yes Sir or General SWT!" he shouted, slightly too loud.

Chapter 7: A Sharp Twist

Old Arena, Texas (2065) [After Weapon Examination]

"Sir or General SWT, this is the area that I saw a huge monster.  I saw it while walking over to the training facility," UB said.

"This was one of our old training areas...until it was invaded by...things.  I don't think they were aliens.  They didn't look like them for sure," remarked General SWT.  I was following behind them, watching their conversation.  And listening.  General SWT didn't know I was here.  If he saw me stalking them, I would surely go punnished.  But I couldn't help it.

"Listen.  Don't you hear it.  Aliens.  Everywhere," exclaimed UB quietly.

"Hmmm...there's something fishy-" General SWT was cut off as he heard a loud screech.


"This way, hurry!" shouted UB.  They ran into the old arena and looked around.  There, crawling in the middle, was a mass of mobs.  Suddenly, they vaporized.  A green liquid splattered around, disitergrating everything it touched, including the flooring.  I hid behind...nothing.  There was nothing to hid behind inside the arena.

"Sydney!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" shouted General SWT, very mad.

"I-" I dodged as the creature spit green liquid out of its mouth.  Poison or that sort.

General SWT grabbed his Laser Cannon from his belt, and fired it at the creature.  The beat hit the creature, but bounced off its shell.  UB grabbed a green glove weapon from his belt, and placed it on his hands.  He clicked a button, and started firing.  The glove fired a blue pulsing orb

It hit the creature, and it flinched.  It spit poison like crazy, and I dodged.  UB ran towards the edge of the arena, where there was no poison.  General SWT was unlucky.  He happened to glace at me, while the creature spit its poison.  The poison splattered on the ground in front of him.  General SWT carelessly stepped forward, accidently stepping on the poison.

"Argh!" General SWT shouted.  His boots melted, leaving a barefoot.  He lifted up his foot and stepped back before he was hit with poison again.

"Fire away!" cried UB.

"That's my comma--" He was cut short when he had to dodge another wad of poison.  I started firing my White Drill.

General SWT fired his Laser Cannon at the creature.  It didn't do much, but soon, it was cracking the shell of the creature.  It screamed in rage, and charged.

And for once, I stopped firing.  For a creature that size, it traveled very quickly.  General SWT shouted, but he was too late.  Without his boots, dodging barefoot was very difficult.

The creature slammed into him, causing General SWT to fall backwards.  I ran foward to help him out.

"Oh..." I said quietly.  General SWT had a wound the size of a baseball.  He coughed.

"You..." he barely managed.

"What is it?" I asked quickly, fearing that the creature would once attack.  UB seemed to do a pretty good job kill/distracting the creature.

"I...want to make...Stryker...general.  Tell...him that...please," And with that happy note, he closed his eyes, and drifted away. (Not literally.)

I stodd up and glared at the creature.

"UB, can you distract it for a little bit longer?" I asked.

"Yea.  I think so!" he said.

I quickly ran out of the arena.  I need to get something.  I ran back to the training facility, and raced into my room, heart pounding.  I grabbed my MZ lying on the floor.  I walked back outside. (It's hard to run while holding a machine gun.)  After about 5 minutes, I reached the arena again.  Inside, I saw UB running around, shouting things at the creature like:

"Die, you disformed cow!"

I charged up my MZ, placed a 'hyperclip' in its power engine, and fired.

A barrage of bullets slammed into the creature's shell.  I aimed directly at the spot General SWT had been firing at.  Its shell cracked.  I kept up the torment of bullets, although I knew I was getting low on ammo.  I checked my ammo stock, in the MZ's screen.  1,000 ammo, it wrote. 

I fired once more, this time, cracking a hole in the creature's shell.  However, I had no more bullets.

"UB, this one's all yours!" I said.

"Got it!" he replied.  He fired his...I should call it...Energy Glove.

He fired it once.  He missed the hole. 

"I only have 3 shots left!" he shouted.

"Well use them!" I responded.

UB fired again.  I used my White Drill and fired at his ball of pulsing energy.  The Energy Glove missed by a mile.  My White Drill's nail went strait into the ball of energy.  It guided it right into the creature's open flesh.  The White Drill alone couldn't of killed it.  However, it was mixed with the Energy Glove's ball.

It tore right through the flesh and strait into the heart of the monster.

It screeched, and fell.  I ran foward, and stared at the creature.  It was motionless.  I saw something in the corner of my eye.  I looked.  It was a blue rock, glowing and humming with power.

I grabbed it, and stuffed it in my pocket.

"Are you OK?" asked UB.

"I'm fine, but General SWT isn't," I noted as dramaically as possible.

(Please note this will not be the last time General SWT appears in the story.  He will appear in a later chapter because of --------------------------------------------------------------.  That, was a spoiler.)

Chapter 8: A New Beginning

Captain Stryker' Room, Texas (2065) [After General SWT's Death]

"Wait...what are you telling me?" asked Captain Stryker for the third time.

"As I said: General SWT, UB, and I battled a spider thingy.  It killed General SWT (insert sadface here), and General SWT told me to tell you to be the next general," I huffed, fustrated that Captain Stryker couldn't process things.  He looked down.  Staring at a peice of paper is deffinetly going to help your mind.  Yep.

He looked back up.  His eyes were glazed, as if he were processing some sort of calculations.  He finally took a sip of his coffee, and spoke.

"As a new general, I give you permission to be active in battle again," he spoke in a firm voice.

"T-Thank you," I sputtered with relief.  He placed his cup of coffee to his side, on the sidestool next to his desk.  It was slightly tilted as if he wanted his coffee to spill onto the newly polished marble flooring of his office.  I grabbed a peice of candy off his candy bowl and walked out the door without another word.

Once outside his room, I paced down towards the public library.  I wanted to read a good book before going to sleep.  I was interupted when I heard UB talking to me.

"Where are you going, Sydney?" UB asked, with a slight frown on his face.  He looked dirty, with his armor still on.  He watched as a soldier brushed by, scowling as if the soldier was an alien.

"I'm just going to go read a few books," I remarked.  

UB glared at me.

"W-What's wrong?" I asked.

"Get out of my way," he said with sudden anger.  He brushed past me, with an angry expression on hs face.  I heard him muttering something about hippos.

I decided not to go to the library anymore.  No need to anger UB.  I heard a squeak behind me as Captain, no, General Stryker approached.  He stroke carefully, as if he didn't want to dirty the floor.

"Come.  I need you to see someone," he said plainly, with a hint of grumpiness in his voice.  He walked past me, beckoning me to follow.  He said not a word, as I didn't either, to try and be cautious.  He led me to the library, and stalked past a soldier, bumping into him, and shrugging it off.  The soldier cast him an angry glare, but looked down as if ashamed, once he saw General Stryker's stern face.

General Stryker led me down a shelve of books at the end of the library, where there were little people.  He pulled a book out.  It read: The Key.  I thought it was a regular book, until General Stryker placed it into a hole.  I heard it scan the book, and say: Unlocked.  Suddenly, the small part of the wall slid open, relealing a compartment filled with scrolls and battle charts.  We walked in, with General Stryker casually closing the slide door with a loud BANG.

I heard a faint noise of falling shelves.  He led me around a corner and into a room that seemed larger than the training faccility itself.

"Maniac, are you here?" General Stryker called out.  I glaced around and saw a hand pop out of a huge, brown cardboard box.  The hand found its way to a remote, and clicked a button.  Immediatly, the bow openned up, revealing a man.  He was wearing a coat, with dimond encrusted jewels on the sleeves.  He had a wicked, but friendly smile on his lips, as if he were saying: I will gut you and eat you alive.  I shrunk back a few inches.

"Hello there!" the man said in a strange cheerfullness.  He glaced around the room, as if expecting another visitor.

"Mastermind, I'm the new general.  SWT has passed away," said General Stryker.  I looked at General Stryker.  He had a new 'look' on his face.  Like he was in charge now.

"Oh, I see!  Anyways, I believe the next solar eclipse will happen in around 6 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes, and...exactly...14 seconds!" Mastermind say with a strange grin.  Like that would help.

"Ok...ummm...anyways, I want you to give our new soldier, Sydney, a fortune scroll.

"You do?  Well, she'll have to pass a test first.  Normally, I give easy tests.  Like, poke your eye.  But today, I feel challenging.  Your test...will be to defeat 15 ro-bots in under 3 minutes.  Only then, will I give you a scroll of fortune, or as Strykey calls it: A fortune scroll.

Chapter 9: A Test...Again

Mastermind's Ro-Bot Testing C.H.A.M.B.E.R, Texas 92065)

"So what exactly does C.H.A.M.B.E.R. stand for?" I asked, cuirous.

"Circular Hemophelia Anthopedia Manbreopolios Barioso Erianas Robo," replied Mastermind too quickly, so that I only caught part of the name.  We walked in the C.H.A.M.B.E.R.  It had a domed roof, with black tiles surrounding it's sidelines.

"This, is where you will be tested.  Stand aside please," Mastermind said.

"I don't like this," said General Stryker.

"Of course you don't, Strykey," teased Mastermind.  I could tell he had hit a nerve on General Stryker, but he let it slide.  I stepped aside.

Immediatly, a platform raised Mastermind and General Stryker up.  They went near the top of the dome, which allowed access to the entire room.  The room itself was about the size of a football stadium.

"30 Ro-Bots will be released in a moment.  They cannot attack, but they have very very high speed.  You must use a Railgun to eliminate 15 of them within 3 minutes.  And...BEGIN!" Mastermind stated.

I found a Railgun lying on the floor next to me.  I picked it up.  It was suprisingly heavy.  I looked around.  I saw a Ro-Bot running around beeping.  I aim, and fired.  A consistant white beam shot out of the Railgun for a second.  It struck the Ro-Bot right in the middle.  It exploded.  That was easy. I thought.

"I forgot to tell you!  Everytime you hit a Ro-Bot, all the oter Ro-Bots increase in speed slightly!" he shouted from above.

Just a completely un-important fact Mastermind forgot to mention.  I saw 3 Ro-Bots running in sigle file line.  I got behind them and did a quick shot without scoping.  I missed.  I tried again.  This time, I used the scope on top of the Railgun.  I fired.  The white bean shot through the back of the first Ro-Bot and through all 3 Ro-Bots.  4 down, 11 to go.  I figured I had about 2 minutes left.

I turned the corner and shot another one, dead smack in the head.  Poor Ro-Bot.  I heard a beep behind me, and I spun around and fired.  It hit a Ro-Bot in the arm, and it exploded into a pile of wires, which then melted into ashes.

I went in another corridor, only to find 2 more Ro-Bots.  I aimed, and chipped one's head off.  The second ran with unimaginable speed and turned a corner.  I ran after it. 

Once I turned the corner, I found a small section with 7 Ro-Bots in it.  I hit 2 Ro-Bots lined up together, I fired at a third, causing his chest to explode.  Poor little fella.  I got another one on the head again.  Wow.  I was really getting used to this.

The remaining 3 fled for the exit, only to be shot in a single beam of destruction.  14 down.  1 left.

I heard my arm peice beep.  15 seconds left.

I ran towards a basin.  I dipped into a stairway.  I saw a Ro-Bot.  It ran.  I could barely even lift my Railgun before he was gone.  10 seconds left.

I gulped.

I looked around.  Nothing.  7 seconds left.

I ran foward.

6 seconds left.

That timer was getting really annoying.

5 seconds left.

I was getting horidly thirsty, and I saw a water fountain.

4 seconds left.

Don't spend your valuable seconds drinking water...

3 seconds left.

I ran and I tripped.

2 seconds left.

I fired my Railgun on accident.

1 second left.

It hit a Ro-Bot that was wandering around.

TIME'S UP! It beeped.

I did it!  I got 15 Ro-Bots!

Chapter 10: The Scroll of Fortune

Mastermind's Fortune Room, Texas (2065)

"What were the chances of that?" mutter General Stryker.  He looked at a bookshelf.  The 'bookshelf', as I thought I saw it was, in fact, a door with book paintings on it.

"This room, the Fortune Room, is the closest place in the whole facility to Death," said Mastermind.  He grabbed a book and threw it in mid air.  I heard an unnatural silence, and suddenly, the book vanished in mir-air!

"As you can see.  Anything that is not stable will perish in existence.  Which is why I always test soldier before entering here.  The energy in here is too strong for some people.  It will take them and they will perish.  Gone forever.  Not in hell, not anywhere.  Just...darkness..." stopped Mastermind, obviously trying not to freak me out.

"On that happy note, just give Sydney the scroll," said General Stryker.

"Sure thing!" Mastermind laughed.  His eyes glinted in the dimmed light as if to say I will roast you and slowly eat your heart with glee.  Uh oh.

Mastermind grabbed a key and inserted into a black box, which was labeled 'DONT TOUCH'.  That just makes it more tempting...

The black box poped open, revealing a scroll.  It was brown and parched, and also covered in dust.  He coughed.  I patted off some dust on the cover.  It wrote: DIE!

"Don't touch!" shouted Mastermind with sudden alarm.  I stepped backwards, knocking over some boxes.

"S-Sorry," I stumbled.  I kneeled down, grabbing books, which fell out of the boxes.  I hurridly placed them back in their original boxes.  I turned to grab another book, one labeled: The Future.

"I could gut you right now," Mastermind said.  He glaced at Stryker and looked back down.  I gulped nervously.

"But if I gutted you, you would not survive long enough to summon the time war--" he stopped talking.

"I almost said the future there.  If I actually told you there, our lives would've been changed.  I got it from the book you're holding there," he pointed at the book in my hands.  Suddenly, I felt as if the book was a ton.

"So I'm going to--" Mastermind cut me short.

"Shut up!  Do you want to die?!?" he asked, bewildered.  

-I shall stop here because I want to start the next chapter.

Chapter 11: Enter Miles Jagdtanker

Main Lobby, Texas (2065)

He walked, no, should I say- hovered, in the main                  

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