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The year is 3000 earth became a toxic wasteland due it life being used up.But humanity was able to survive by moving to a planet full of life.It had very similar features to earth making the planet very adjustable.Now finally the newly called earth was at peace,or so they thought.Deep inside the planet was a blue-like material, mithril.After it's shortly finding,Greedy and jealous consumed the people turning them into evil objects.But near the North Pole of the planet was a military base.It purpose was to defend and change the people back.They were also miners so they can take all the mithril to prevent further despair and mayhem.But little did they know company awaited them down there.....


One of a hundred privates named Jason was mining and saw a object.It was very fast,had sharp teeth,and evil eyes.Jason took his sword and stepped closer to the mysterious object.Then next think you know the object was biting him trying to eat his arm but he was able to escape fearfully.The object took the mithril Jason harvested and began consuming it.For now he realized it was the people.Escaping with fear and thousands of other soldiers right behind him,he then saw more and more objects.Now at the base,tramitized he nearly fainted.The door in his room swung open and there stood a man with six star on his suit and a heck of a gun he carried.It was the general himself.He knew what happened down in the mine and ready to train Jason and many other as well.The general took all the privates to a steel chamber.He then took five privates and placed them in the room.Jason look through the glass window.General said,"All of you guy must defeat these aliens.Ready,BEGIN!"These robot like aliens then started to walk towards the five privates."Pull the leaver to shoot!" Said the general.Then it hit him it was the object.Jason thought people + greed = AILENS!Jason then fainted causing many to worry.When he awoke the general told him to relax and calm down.Now in the chamber with four other privates he was about to face a robot version of his nightmare.         


Jason then saw the ailens move.He started to shoot but had to stop due to a strange noise.By each passing second it grew loud and loud.He fell to the ground and the general came in.But as the general was helping him outside the ground quaked with fear the ceiling opened and everyone looked.The general put jason down and went to look.He asked what was it.But everyone was shocked with fear.He looked up and saw The MANTIS!So he went and geared up with a new design built to cause a lot of "chaos".Now Jason who just woke up screamed "The MANTIS is coming!"He then went out and looked at the  ceiling less ceiling and saw the general and MANTIS battling.He then looked around only to find everyone shocked with fear.The MANTIS was  strong but stood no watch against the general.The generral laughed a little but the victory was short lived as a serpent rose form the ground and swallowed the general whole.The serpent vanished back into the hole for now the military was weakless.Jason walked toward the palce of the general before he got swallowed and was about to honor him but there was a key-like thing lieing where the general was.Then the voice hit him again.And for now he knew what to do.He went to the armor,weapon,and pack room and found a hole behind the thing the general took.Jason then put the key into the hole and found many amazing items.For now he knew what to do.....................


Five days later the military base got weaker and weaker each day the general wasn't there.The key Jason found and the contents inside the box was never seen by anyone but Jason.He started to train and adapt to the contents.For now Jason was ready to begin his destiny......He geared up with a heavy suit but gave immense amount of HP.The weapon he used is a laser cannon that could tear a suit apart.The pack he used was a floating bag that was able to give 2 speed for thrity seconds.Jason found the serpent home and was ready to destroy it.Now facing the serpent."RWAR RWAR RWAR RWAR RWAR" the serpent growled angrily."you took the general now I'm going to destroy you!"Jason then shot skillfully as the weak less serpent suffered his powerful attacks.But the serpent was able to injure Jason badly by slamming it body into him.patting,"it's over serpent" he then slowly walked toward serpent who was now terrified.Out of no where Jason could hear the general's voice.Then plop, the general was out of the serpent!He quickly thanked Jason for saving him and told him that he survive by using his suit ability to burn the toxic and cook it's flesh to eat.The general was now ready to help him finish of serpent off.They both used their attack and the serpent fell.The general said,"Now shall we have a party due to my return!""Yes"said the Jason who was glad to have the main military body back.At the party, everyone thanked the general for destroying serpent but the general knew the real hero was Jason.So talking to Jason in the corner the general gave Jason a badge and made him the bodyguard of the military.