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(SWT)Dragonfighter 38 (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 18 April 2015

The Age of the Bloody War Chapter 9

(100 years prior to the current events)

There was once was a magnificent kingdom,ruled by a mighty and power king. Although originally thought to benevolent,his personality went deeper than a few kind and charitable acts. He was a sick man.Cruel and psychotic at the most. In the few lesiurely hour he had,he would do such acts that too a live human being, would be the most gursome and revolting thing one coudl possibly seen. Though many spent their time with the king,none came back….until one of now.After living like this for years,the mystery that shroud the king would become questioned by many. Thought one person in particular would be one too show the kingdom and its people that they were led and tendered by a false shepherd.But I must a…

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(SWT)Dragonfighter 38 (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 3 January 2015

The Age of The Bloody War Chapter 8

It wasn't before long that the beast began to show and roar in pain.Though J and the men were twitching a muscle...The beast curled and an odd substance oozed out, the skin tore and a fresh new demon appeared...Its eyes shown red blood terror.And it was over enough to send all men into despair. None could feel there body .A feeling akin to being frozen in place.The demon rushed at them...The bang roared throughout the once-was-city.The two men,scared by the fear of being dead, took off in the other direction .J how ever still frozen through terror,was able to hold onto his AST-KK.

The demon was only a few steps from crushing J under it's massive weight. " Avenge my fellow brothers..."The demon lifted his foot appearing to step on J.He close…

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(SWT)Dragonfighter 38 (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 3 October 2014

The Dragon is back!

I'm back to the wiki fully guys! It's been a long time since I last edited a page so I hope to be a part of the lovely community again.I can't wait to see the "wiki boom" again but with the oldies that left.So I would like to say, (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 is officially out of retirement!

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(SWT)Dragonfighter 38 (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 23 August 2014

The Age of the Bloody War Chapter 7

J felt much different, this armor wasn't the same.It felt more advance this his Andromedae counterpart.Light-weight and no ability.He has to get used to it over time.J stood up and walked out the door and found the men staring out a wide window,looking at the ongoing destruction continue.They noticed J and turned toward his direction.They pulled up a sniper rifle and aimed it towards J.He put his arms up,"Guys I'm on your side!"The men responded,"Don't move..."J gulped his breathe and didn't move.A shot flew by and grazed his new armor.A dying sound chilled through J mind.The men lowered there gun.A energy bug was behind him.

They signaled him to come to their location and J obliged."That's the monster we are going after, pointing out the w…

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(SWT)Dragonfighter 38 (SWT)Dragonfighter 38 13 August 2014

The Age of the Bloody War chapter 6

J awoke.Head bobbling.Eyes blurred.Body bruised and bleeding.He got up and looked around.His vision was still a big blur.He barely made out two distance object heading towards him.He could not distinguish whenever it was friend or foe.J then searched for his gun....Dam.It was missing.He crawled up and leaned his back against the wall.His vision was barely getting better.He thought to himself,"Where am I?".He looked around once more.The two distance object were getting closer and not having the energy to run,he sat there trying to stay conscious.

They were carrying what looked to be new weapons.Reinforcements he thought.One of them picked J up and brought him outside.And J had seen a new world that he had never seen before.The wondrous build…

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