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Hi, I'm PegasusMan! I am active on many different fandoms, but I spend the majority of my time on the Donkey Kong Wiki, where I am an administrator.

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion

Under the name "Pegasus_Man", I've acheived the highest rank in SW:AI (I don't play Payback). If you catch me online, you'll probably see me grinding bosses for Mithril. I also like to help out the lower ranked players by aiding them in their boss battles the best I can!


I occasionally play PvP, either by horsing around in a Garage Free-4-All match (sometimes equipping Viper armor and trolling with the MZ or J.O.K.E... ;D), challenging myself by taking PvP seriously, or joining a newbie's match and trying my best to only destroy the 'Boxes' to give the newbie the best chance at gaining money.

My Armor

For online PvE, I use a Perseus/X-Field/Wrath/Black Hole hybrid armor combination to maximize my money gain. As for PvP, I mostly use X-Field unless I'm feeling adventurous. Oh, and I often equip Pegasus armor; after all, it's my favorite armor as well as my username.

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