Please note, due to my sometimes busy schedule, if I don't log in about a span of a week or 2 that's ok. I'm still part of the community.

To make things short, I am JEAN9999, a Mass Effect, Ghost in the Shell, Final Fantasy, and Star Wars fan as well one of the admins of the wiki and therefore it is my job to check & regulate the wiki. I have played both Star Warfare games albeit I am dedicating fully to Payback now under the name Nazara.

You're most likely to see me in chat when I come around. If you have any problems or any questions feel free to let me know, I'll gladly help. Also, make sure to visit our Writers' Block, a conglomeration of user made stories based on the game, as well the fan fiction wiki, where a few of us come and talk/read about stories.

NOTE: I might be a bit mad, perhaps. Chances are it's 2AM, I have not drank from my virtually endless supply of Coca-Cola/Pepsi in about 5 hours straight, or simply being at my most pure state of mind: one of entropy, inverse shadows, and eldrichness.

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