General Morgan, current head figure of the UNCC.

The UNCC is a Military and Exploratory Organization that appears in Star Warfare 2: Payback.


The UNCC is the Human Military and Exploratory Force the Player (PT003) will be representing for the Campaign mode of Star Warfare 2: Payback. PT003 receives commissions from the UNCC to complete certain objectives, where such dialogues generally serve as the narration and tutorial for the Campaign. While there is very little background information regarding the UNCC, it is possible more will be revealed in the near future as the story, and subsequently the game, progresses.

The Military Component of the Organization is mobilized to respond to the rising threat of Alien activity resulting in abundance of Mithril ore. The Aliens spawn on mithril-rich territories through the use of portals. The UNCC Forces are commisioned with planetary landing tasks to obliterate these portals and delay the Alien onslaught.


A UNCC shuttle

The UNCC also seems like a well-funded organization, as it has integrated a laboratory (Exploratory Purposes) into the Banished Battlefield. In the same map, it can be seen that the UNCC is able to afford military hardware such as anti-aircraft emplacements and battle tanks. The UNCC also initiated the UNCC Family of Military Equipment, which is the fruit of UNCC's R&D (Research and Development). The equipment from this family of hardware can be purchased from the store, with the prefix UNCC. However, such equipment are considered basic when compared to end-game equipment, which are forged with alien technology. The Organization can also afford automated defense systems, armored personnel carriers, and various models of spacecraft.

Affliations with PT003



The Organization seems to have coerced the Player (PT003) into military service by kidnapping Dr. Cunningham, who is a key figure to the Mithril Energy ResearchNotably, after Stage 2-4, Lt. Bill will assure PT003 that the hostages are released and have safely returned home.

PT003 generally does not have confidence in the UNCC, as he states that "He decides to explore the core with the only force that he can trust. Himself". 

Strangely, the UNCC abducted a scientist involved in Mithril Energy Research, even though the UNCC is commissioned to defend the colonial human interest in Mithril Energy.


The abduction of human hostages suggest that the organization may not be a governmental agency, but instead a large Paramilitary Force established to counter the Alien onslaught, where the mobilization of government troops are futile in suppressing the Alien hordes. This is reinforced by "UNCC rule number 56- if you can't beat them, join them". This is perceived to be a rather aberrant statement. This is furthered by a quote by Henry John Temple Lord Palmerston featured in one of the missions: "No country has permanent friends, only permanent interests."

However, there is a possibility the organization may be affliated to a government. Although governmental agencies generally do not commit to such measures to acheive its objectives, the rising alien aggression may be a desperate predicament where agencies like the UNCC exploit such means to recruit elite combatants for their military operations.

The UNCC consists of more than one scientist since it states that "UNCC scientists" developed the equipment in some in-store descriptions.

Known Members

Name/Surname Position Status
Morgan General Alive
Lance Lieutenant Alive
Bill Lieutenant Alive
PT003 Unknown/Determinant Alive
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