Star Warfare Alien Invasion 2
UBW-594244, the planet on the edge of human civilization. "They" had come to wipe out all life forms and inhabit the planet. Their main goal is to drain UBW-594244 of its Mithril.

While the aliens (also known as 'They') have all necessary qualities to rule the universe, we humans decided to create our own form of life, one which is much stronger, much faster, and much smarter.

Astronomical Designation: UBW-594244

The image taken from an orbital perspective suggests that the planet lacks a visible atmosphere (the surface can be seen clearly with no cloud obstructions), with the immediately visible surface consisting 40% hydrosphere and a majority 60% solid surface, much like planet Earth.

There is a star visible in the distance, marking the epicenter of the planetary system. The star has a distinct blue tint, suggesting that the planetary system is relatively young.

UBW-594244 has a Space Station in orbit, the Ark Spaceport. The planet seems to lie along a commercial flight path, since an entire Space Station dedicated to Space Shipping/Transportation as well as a Terminal for passengers and spacecraft to re-route, transfer and re-fuel. 

Game Opening Text (Verbatim)

UBW-594244, a beautiful and peace planet located in human border world.

People here found the newest material Mithril and grow quite fast.

Until 'they' appear......

No one would forget the day he saws the floods of aliens comes from the portals over the sky.

There's even no so-called defend happen, nor respond from other planet.

People continually fall back until they find the Alien seems looking for the Mithril......

Finally, the last shield  for capital 'trailblazer' is about to break.

That very night, Prototype-02 was made by our top scientist.

And Now, The last hope......


Go soldier!


While UBW-594244 might have plenty of mithril, finding them is one of the hardest tasks to complete as a Prototype-02. All of the sectors are explained in Camping Spots. These are also home to nesting grounds for 'them'.

  • Recommended equipment based on offline PvE. Other informations are included.

Sector 1: Front Line

Main Article: Front Line


Common Aliens: Speedling, Scorpion

Recommended Equipment: Viper Armor ~ Fortune Armor

Sector 2: Energy Core

Main Article: Energy Core

Difficulty: ★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Panther

Introduction to Aliens: Acid Bomber, Plasma Slug

Recommended Equipment: Fortune Armor ~ Hydra Armor

Sector 3: Space Station

Main Article: Space Station

Difficulty: ★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Energy Fly

Introduction to Alien: Rhino

Introduction to Boss: Wrath of Mantis

Recommended Equipment: Tank Armor ~ Strike Armor

Sector 4: Lair

Main Article: Lair

Difficulty: ★★★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Acid Bomber.

Introduction to Alien: Armored Armadillo

Introduction to Boss: Siegfried

Recommended Equipment: Strike Armor ~ Perseus Armor (for Siegfried online/offline)

Sector 5: Training Base

Main Article: Training Base

Difficulty: ★★★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Energy Fly.

Introduction to Boss: Poison Pit

Recommended Equipment: Hydra Armor ~ Draco Armor (for Poison Pit online/offline)

Sector 6: Fire In The Hole

Main Article: Fire in the Hole

Difficulty: ★★★★★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Plasma Slug, Panther

Introduction to Boss: Double Rages

Recommended Equipment: Thunder Armor ~ Perseus Armor (for online Double Rages), Titan Armor ~ Pegasus Armor (offline survival)

Sector 7: Stadium Arcadium

Main Article: Stadium Arcadium

Difficulty: ★★★★★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Rhino, Acid Bomber

Introduction to Boss: Serpent

Recommended Equipment: Thunder Armor ~ Perseus Armor (for both online Serpent and offline survival)

Sector 8: Crazy Carnival

Main Article: Crazy Carnival

Difficulty: ★★★★★★★★

Common Aliens: Speedling, Plasma Slug, Panther, Rhino, Energy Fly

Introduction to Boss: Xmas Surprise

Recommended Equipment: Cygni Armor ~ R.O.M.E Armor (for both online Xmas Surprise and offline survival)