Twilight is the fourth VOID introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.

When activated, it allows the player to dash 5 yards in the direction they are moving. The distance traveled increases as it is upgraded. It is effective for getting out of swarms or avoiding fast bosses, such as Cerberlisk. At level 3, the dash is capable of dealing Melee damage to enemies in the path. Unlike other VOIDs, which have a cooldown of 40 seconds, Twilight has a cooldown of 60 seconds, which can be reduced by upgrading.


Level Materials Required Distance Cooldown
1 (Base) PureCrystal x 10 PureFragment x 10 5 60 sec
2 PureCrystal x 26 PureFragment x 24 10 50 sec
3 AzureRockCrystal x 80 PureCrystal x 11 CrimsonFragment x 9 AzureModule x 6 10 50 sec
4 PureRockCrystal x 100 AzureCrystal x 26 EmeraldFragment x 24 PureModule x 6 10 45 sec
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