• I just reached level 40 and now I can't do pvp bc Connection Timeout disconectioned I get the message every time I try to join a match or edit my pvp player I think i might be banned if so please unban me im not a hacker I just like playing Swf 2

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    • Unlike what you may pressume, I do not work at or for Freyr, the devlopers of the Star Warfare games. I am but a simple college student. This means I am unfortunately unable to help in your predicament, although I suggest you try to email them for a potential solution.

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    • Can I get their email?

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    • Ask Aazelion or Undead. They know the link.

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    • Let's see, courtesy of information provided by ShowStoppaYT from over here:

      Social Recruitment Email:

      Campus Recruitment Email:

      Customer Service: 

      Ios Platform:

      Android Platform:

      WP Platform: 

      Company Address: Shanghai Putuo District No. 1255 Xikang Putuo Technology Building, 12th floor 

      Tel: 021-58331778 (Contact Wang/Miss Xiong)

      Most of us normally used the "" email, but you might want to try "" if you're on Android side.

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    • Doubt he/she/wolfkin is looking for a job at Freyr. I supposed either or will do.

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    • I think it has something with my armor(despair head feet and hands and falcon chest) or something because when I tryed playing mutant mode when I die my screen says Connection timeout disconnected so I changed my armor and now I can respawn. But I can't change my pvp armor but I can still get into a match every once in a while. Btw jean wont they just send me a auto reply?

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    • They'll do, and hopefully reply back in person within a 24 hour period. Otherwise I'd try restarting your device to see if it solves anythong.

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    • Gmail or email?

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    • I sent a bug report on my android and they sent this back. 2 of 26       


      AutoReply: [StarWarfare II]Report Problem[Android]

      Inbox x

         [1]{| cellpadding="0" class="cf gJ" style="border-collapse:collapse;margin-top:0px;width:auto;"

      Star Warfare ios <>

      Nov 23 (2 days ago)
      to me

           Dear customers:Your email is recieved. Due to time difference, we will reply after around 10 hours.   It's an auto-reply email, please don't reply. Regards, |}

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    • Thank you for all your help.

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    • JEAN9999 wrote:
      Doubt he/she/wolfkin is looking for a job at Freyr. I supposed either or will do.

      Yeah, I found the recruitment emails somewhat amusing. They didn't strike me as the type of developer who would be hiring, unless they're after PR or marketing roles.

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    • Oh ye btw I have 3k+ mithril in swf 2 anyone recommend a armor?

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    • I don't believe either JEAN or I are really into SW2 that much to talk about the current metagame, but you might want to take a read through Armor Set Bonuses to get a rough idea of all the set bonuses and abilities you can use.

      From what I remember though, quite a few of the SW2 PvP players who were around here mostly used armour pieces that were at least Krypton-level. I say "armour pieces" because people did actually use hybrid armours (particularly the "Cure" set-up, which you can look up in the link above), so their exact armour pieces varied a bit -- but for the most part, you'd probably want to choose the pieces that give you the most HP or some other stats if you're going to try building a hybrid.

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    • Do you know anyone who knows more about prestige because I dont know if it relocks everything in your inventory or does it delete everything in your inventory.

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    • Prestiging will just set you back to Level 1 in PvP, which makes you unable to use the items you bought until you level up again. It won't delete anything in your inventory.

      Prestige levels don't apply for PvE or Mutant mode, so in those game modes, you can use anything that you own.

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    • @CrazyPhantomTheUnused I would suggest you buy Wrath chest (Gives 20,000 hp), as well as giving 10% extra damage, 20% extra gold, and an extra .5 speed  which cost around 2,500 mithril. But, then again you could purchase harrier boots. Both have their ups and downs.

      Also, your not banned. "Connection Timeout" means you internet connection cut out. Check your wifi/data connection. That's why you get kicked out the game. 

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    • Ok thanks for all your help btw it just randomly fixed itself....

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    • A FANDOM user
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