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Star Warfare 2: Payback is a third person shooter/action-arcade IOS and Android game developed and published by Freyr Games. It is the direct sequel to the game Star Warfare: Alien Invasion, and was released on October 2nd, 2014.

The Star Warfare: Alien Invasion successor varies vastly from its predecessor by introducing a fully-fledged campaign opposed to the horde mode that served as the single player campaign. An anchored protagonist, PT003 a.k.a. Prototype-003 is the hero that is played throughout the campaign missions, introducing said character that was not included previously in the first game.

The game includes new mechanical and aesthetic changes, such as the ability to customize armor colors and the contemporary VOID crafting system. An overhaul of new weapons, armours and set abilities have also been included, with the apprehension of a new soundtrack. Each armour piece has a color type. Mixing different colors will give you effects that can help you fight enemies. While wearing an armour set with the same name, you will get a full-suit effect. 

There are five missions on each stage so far, with the boss as the final mission. Throughout each mission, players are given objectives to complete while playing each individual mission. Although not absolutely mandatory, these objectives help players gain resources faster. After successfully completing an objective(s), players are awarded with Mithril; which increases as players progress further.

Something new that was released with SW2, is the addition of a timer for aforementioned missions. If players are unable to complete the main objective of the mission, they will have to start over on that particular mission. However, players will still receive gold for the aliens they killed and the pickups they occurred. Each stage also has a level called "Explore" where players can kill aliens to gold grind. (This "Explore" level is synonomous with Star Warfare: Alien Invasion's "Infinity" levels.) On the loading screen however there is a tip for "Explore" that tells players to equip their best weapon and armor and kill a massive amount of aliens (specifically 2,147,483,647) It is unknown that if you reach that massive kill count, you win Explore.



Star Warfare Alien Invasion 2-Gameplay Trailer-0

Star Warfare 2 Trailer #1


SW2 preview

Star Warfare 2 Trailer #2



  •  The introduction of the new VOID crafting system
  • Armour Customisation
  • An improvised new soundtrack
  • Graphical alteration (glow and colour correction options)
  • A third-party sign in feature opposed to Game Center
  • A friends list

PvP (Player Versus Player)

  • PvP Rank system (max level is 50 & level 1 - 7 prestige)
  • Perks
  • Killstreaks
  • Custom Loadouts
  • Random buff pickups (resemblance to Quake)
  • Small chance it is a vehicle or turret instead
  • Mini radar

PvE (Player Versus Environment)

  • Campaign
  • A harder "Heroic" difficulty mode
    • Minions can spawn while fighting the boss on Heroic mode
  • Objectives and sub-objectives
  • Mini-radar
  • Random buff pickups (resemblance to Quake)
    • Small chance it is a vehicle or turret instead. 


  • Titles have been added to the game, each title represents an achievement; the title can only be seen by your friends.
  • Avatar borders were also added into the game. You will find the avatar border on the outside of your profile picture.
  • They are obtained by completing Game Center achievements, and although not every achievement grants a new title, most of them do.
  • A list of Titles/borders and their requirements to earn them are found here. *Note that some of these titles/borders have never been seen before in the game and are vaguely described in how you earn them.


Armor pieces can give bonuses based on their color combination. Combining armors of the same suit gives you a suit bonus.

The player can also put on any combination of suit pieces and receive a bonus based on the colors of each armor piece. This feature makes it so that every combination of armor pieces yields a set bonus. Because many pieces of armor share colors, not every combination of armor pieces will provide a unique set bonus. Buffs given by the suit include boosted damage for the various weapon types, boosted health, boosted defense against the various weapon types, active abilities (health restore, speed boost, health boost, etc.), gold bonuses, experience bonuses, regeneration, etc.