These are the known version releases and their key update features (based on the iOS release schedule):

  • italicised text indicates words not quoted verbatim from Freyr announcements
  • Original text sourced from iOS AppStore page

Version 2.96 <Posted November 21 2018>

Bug Fix. (Mandatory version update)

Version 2.95 <Posted January 29 2016>

Bug fixed!

Version 2.94 <Posted January 8 2016>

Bug fixed.

Version 2.93 <Posted December 17 2015>

  1. Add two new weapons added (U.F.O. and Spreader added)
  2. Add new Armor suit (Wrath Armor added)
  3. Add a new backpack (Specter backpack added)
  4. Fix minor bugs

Version 2.92 <Posted January 29 2015>

Lag Bug fixed.

Version 2.90 <Posted December 15 2014>

  1. Add one new armor. (X-Field Armor added)
  2. Add one new weapon. (TheArrow added)

Version 2.81 <Posted September 21, 2014>

  1. Sniper rifle Reflection bug fixed.

Version 2.80 <Posted April 21, 2014>

  1. New armor Black Hole
  2. New sniper jump in (New aiming system for the Reflection)
  3. A special weapon (Presumably the Spring)

Version 2.72 <Posted Jan 23, 2014>

  1. Minor bug fixing

Version 2.71 <Posted Dec 20, 2013>

  1. Minor bug fixing
  2. Sniper Rifles have been un-nerfed as seen from version 2.60

Version 2.70 <Posted Dec 4,2013>

  1. Added New PVE boss/ new stage (X-MAS Surprise, Bunker Party)
  2. Added new X-Mas PVP mode (C.M.E.)
  3. Added new armor/ weapon! (R.O.M.E., D-Wings, AST-KK, J.O.K.E.)
  4. As of now, players cannot play in any other map except Bunker Party and X-Mas surprise for the gamemode C.ME.
  5. Sniper Rifles have been nerfed to have a slower reload time.

Version 2.60 <Posted Oct 21,2013>

Updated  !  !

  1. Added Halloween items (Knight armor, S.H.I.E.L.D, M-Z7B2; Added Golden Fall, a Halloween version of Reactor)
  2. Minor bug fixing

Version 2.51 <Posted Oct 4, 2013>

  1. Item using Caused Crash Bug fixed
  2. UI Optimization

Version 2.50  <Posted Sep 26, 2013>

  1. Added new PvP mode(VIP mode)
  2. Optimized shop page
  3. Optimized memory and reduced crash on 4th generation device
  4. Combos removed

Version 2.41  <Posted Sep 12, 2013>

  1. Minor bug fixing <Patched up Microwave walls>
  2. A content update is around 1 week later

Version 2.40  <Posted Mar 28, 2013>

  1. New PvP map added <Microwave map added>
  2. Several bug fixing, a Tapjoy reward related bug fixed
  3. Discount on weapons
  4. Thunder ability's power bonus is activated in PvP
  5. New ways to get free mithril

Version 2.30  <Posted Jan 08, 2013>

  1. iPhone 5 full screen optimization in battle
  2. Fixed mithril not received bug via purchasing and Tapjoy

Version 2.20  <Posted Dec 10, 2012>

Updated for Christmas !  !

  1. Snowy PvP map, Christmas guns and armor <Ancient Vision reskinned into a snowy map, introduced the Dec.24 Armor, Xmax-Tree and the Jin.Jingle>
  2. Bug fixing

iPhone 5 optimization delayed to Jan

Version 2.11 <Posted Sep 29, 2012>

  1. Fixed a bug which may cause crash
  2. Fixed display error of Chaos armor <equipping the Chaos Chest previously caused all Hand armor aside from the Chaos Hands to appear separated from the main body>
  3. Adjusted special effects of some bags <the X028-FREEDOM and TRI-O-AVATAR glow patterns now flashes in actual gameplay, whereas it previously only flashed in the Store or Customize screens>
  4. More Ads offers <inclusion of a mithril reward for installing Amazing Runner>
  5. Adjusted UI and summary page
  6. Fixed PvP exploit where it's possible to damage a dead player upon respawn by shooting their dead body (exploit is possible because player corpse stands up for a split second before being teleported to the respawn location)

Version 2.10  <Posted Sep 05, 2012>

  1. A new CTF Free for All Mode <All for One>
  2. Added a new Chaos suit
  3. Added 2 very special weapons <White Drill and Black Disk>
  4. More free mithril for Ads
  5. Bug fixing

Version 2.00  <Posted Jul 24, 2012>

Update! Catch the Flag mode!! Bug fixing:

  1. New CTF Mode!!!!
  2. Fixed a Free Mithril not earned bug; Adjusted reward for watching video <switched to earning gold>
  3. Fixed boss HP bar bug in 3 ppl online mode
  4. Fixed ground graphics in serpent boss. <pink squares surrounding poison>

Version 1.23  <Posted Jun 18, 2012>

  1. New map, weapon and armor
  2. Increased the mithril drop rate
  3. Added ways to earn free mithril,bug fixing and difficulty adjustment

Version 1.22  <Posted May 07, 2012>

  1. Added new boss and PvP maps,new armors
  2. Improved graphics and support to iPad 3
  3. Bossess accessible in single mode
  4. Separated gold/mithril drop pool among bosses.
  5. Bug fixing

Unknown updates (Prior to Ver 1.22)

Listed in approximate sequential order from latest to earliest:

  • Windblade introduced

Version 1.21  <Posted Apr 10, 2012>

New equippables and improvement to PvP mode

  1. New guns! Enjoy railgun, the bloody killer
  2. PvP reward added
  3. Incrased Mithril drop rate
  4. Adjustment to PvP balance and UI
  5. New PvP map and bags

Version 1.20  <Posted Mar 21, 2012>

Online PvP mode!! Incrased change to get mithril twice a day

  1. Added two maps for team death match and free for all modes
  2. Incrased mithril drop rate for first and second time per day
  3. Added two suits, one backpack, and one weapon <Draco, Phoenix, VISNU, Morpheus>
  4. Fixed zero reward for guest users bug
  5. New leaderboards added

Version 1.11  <Posted Feb 28, 2012>

Bug fixing

  1. Fixed sound bug in iOS 5.0.1
  2. Increased Mythril drop rate. NOTE: drop rate decreases after a player get it once today and is reset next day.

Version 1.10  <Posted Feb 25, 2012>

20% new contents!!!Boss drop mythril;melee weapon; guests log in co-op mode; password and rank limitation for multiplayer rooms.

  1. Added one map,one boss(duel boss challenge!!), six weapons, one suit and two bags 
  2. Added random drops of Mithril in boss maps
  3. Added higher ranks(FREE promotion for users already bought Staff Sergent)
  4. Users without Game Center accounts may play online mode as guests
  5. Fixed a few bugs


Version 1.01  <Posted Jan 24, 2012>

Bug fixing

--Fixed a potential compatibility bug

--Fixed bugs on UI

Version 1.0  <Posted Jan 19, 2012>

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