Space Station (Ark Airport)

Difficulty: ★★★

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Space Station is the third sector of PvE. It comes with 5 main levels and one infinite level. The Wrath of Mantis boss takes place here.


This space station appears to be in orbit of UBW-594244. There is a main lobby and three corridors on the sides. Evidence confirms that this sector is an airport by the name of "Ark," as a monitor screen displays the name "Ark Airport." It appears to be a new-medium old type of place. It is mostly colored blue and purple as you can tell from the picture on the right.


Enemies are much tougher here than they were at Energy Core. Players with low speed must beware of the rapidity and numerous spawn patterns of these enemies. The Plasma Slug (along with its mutation with the Black Mayfly) is introduced in this map, so players busy with close-range enemies must also avoid incoming missiles launched from afar. 

Recommended Weapons

Recommended Lowest Armor