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The Slasher class is a new class that has been introduced in the Version 2.10 update on September 5th 2012.

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The Slasher (such as the Black Disk) is a very good weapon in PvE, but it has limited usage in PvP due to its slow projectile speed and low rate of fire. It is most effective in PvP when used in confined spaces and narrow corridors, as the disk can be made to rebound off the walls to strike an opponent multiple times.

The projectile can fire through multiple aliens, but are not recomended against Mambulls, Plasma Slugs and Elite Demsters. They also can ricochet off of walls or explode.

Description: "Splashes energy disk saw and destroys anything on the path. " The Black Disk will usually explode on impact if it collides with a wall at an angle greater than 45 degrees (in other words, it  explode if it is too head-on relative to the face of the wall). At angles of 45 degrees or less, the Black Disk usually rebounds, and this is a particularly effective mechanism to use in narrow corridors and small, confined spaces. If it goes on for too long, then the energy will run out and the Black Disk will disappear.

In PvE, you can use it like a laser gun, the only disadvantage is that the disks aren't as fast as laser or machine gun projectiles, and it has low a firerate as well.

The Black Disk is most effective in small spaces, particularly corridors.

The Black Disk lacks efficiency in most situations, so it should not be used for general-purpose means. It should instead be treated as a personal-defense weapon, and implemented in battle with strategy. For example, it's most effective in the Kill House mazes, as the rebound feature causes the Disks to behave like a boomerang and ricochet off walls, the same projectile damaging players repeatedly. In this map, the mazes can be used to protect oneself while holding the Flag/VIP aura while firing the Black Disk.

If you are wearing a low tier armor, try not be spotted by a person using this weapon. It is arguably better not to use a sword against a Black Disk user because it will be difficult to avoid the disks. The ammo consumption of the Black Disk is 187 energy per second, with a dps of 507 at level 1. The Spring fires projectiles similar to the Black Disk's.



Black Disk ENG 280 FR 1.50


LV1: POW 760 (Purchase: $2,200,000)


LV2: POW 874 (Upgrade: $660,000)


LV3: POW 1026 (Upgrade: $1,100,000)


LV4: POW 1216 (Upgrade: $1,540,000)


LV5: POW 1444 (Upgrade: $2,200,000)


LV6: POW 1748 (Upgrade: $4,400,000)


LV7: POW 2128 (Upgrade: $6,600,000)


LV8: POW 2660 (Upgrade: $9,900,000)


As of 2.51, Black Disk, along with White Drill, had its target reticle removed. When equipped in the first slot, there will be no target reticle unless it is switched, where it will take on the target reticle of the last weapon used before switching into it. This is possibly due to the UI Optimization described in the update notes of 2.51.