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Difficulty: ★★★★★★★ (Tier 3)


Siegfried is the 3rd boss in Star Warfare and is quite similar to Cerberlisk.


Siegfried is the third boss in both single player and co-op multiplayer, which takes place on the Lair level. The initial wave you have to fight is long and consists of two Mambulls along with swarms or every other alien. The map has two camping spots (the slopes) that aliens can't spawn on, making them ideal spots to camp and take them out. However, the sheer volume of aliens and the addition of Mambulls make the wave tricky. Also when camping on slopes be aware of Green Ladies, because when camping on the slope toward the back of the plane crash (which is in the centre), as they suddenly come from the right-hand side of the slope and can prove to be disastrous to you if you are somewhere on the downside of the slope. Even the initial wave is not for beginners as it is long and grueling, resulting some easy deaths. Siegfried itself is significantly more challenging than Mantis and Poison Pit for developing players and presents different combat challenges to Double Rages and Serpent (although the latter two are considered more difficult than Siegfried despite having Tier 3 status). However, Siegfried has proved to be the most difficult boss to many players. This is mainly due to its high speed and agility and the small arena in which you fight the boss making it difficult to dodge its speedy attacks. The alien wave is relatively easy.

How the health is determined for bosses: The health and attack strength of all bosses is scaled according to how many players enter the boss fight, and will not scale downwards when a player dies. The estimated HP scaling is as follows:

1 player entering the boss fight: Boss HP 100%

2 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 150%

3 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 200%

Killing Siegfried

Battling Siegfried

Despite its size and appearance as a giant, fire-breathing dragon, Siegfried is highly agile; while most of its attacks are easy telegraphed and relatively easy to predict, its faster attacks come with very little warning. It has massive health, and every attack deals somewhere between 2000 and 5000 HP damage. Do not play aggressively. It's recommended if you can kite the boss, but withdraw fire whenever it's about to attack. (Kiting is basically hit and run)

General Strategy:

Dodge, dodge, dodge. Weaker armors with less than 20,000 HP cannot survive much more than two or three of its attacks at full power, and even players wearing Perseus Armor can fall victim to Siegfried if they're not dodging attacks correctly. You will need at least a speed of 7 to be able to dodge all of Siegfried's attacks.

While the previous recommended weapon strength was at least 500 damage per second, Siegfried is considerably easier to defeat with weapons outputting damage closer to 2000-4000 DPS: in particular, having all players use hyper clips while using the M-27B1 will make it possible to defeat Siegfried within one or two minutes. Otherwise, players will find it considerably harder to defeat Siegfried due to its high health, particularly if they lack HP and/or speed. However, it is easier to kill the boss if you play on your own in co-op and use the M-27B1 and a Hyperclip.

DANGER: The sides of the arena have little nooks and crannies in them. If you use the wall for support while you're dodging, you could easily run into one and get trapped. Watch out.

Siegfried's Attacks:

Flaming Claw: Siegfried will suddenly leap forward and swipe with a flame-powered claw. This attack will knock you down, stunning you, and deals massive damage. This attack has little to no advance warning, so as a rule of thumb stay as far away from Siegfried as possible while firing at him. If you have a speed rating of over 7, you can avoid this attack by just strafing left or right when right next to it. Be warned, however, that Siegfried's relative speed and distance traveled while using this attack increases the further you are away from it, so it's arguably easier to dodge this attack at close range than it is from across the map.

Lunge: It will very quickly snap its head forward. It is similar to the above attack, knocking you down and deals massive damage. Since it doesn't reach out as far, it's easy to dodge this attack.

Fire Breath: It spews out billowing flames that it sweeps around. It is a close range attack but deals massive damage if you are hit. It is easily avoidable if you are always moving.

Meteor Smash: It launches a five-pronged spread attack with flaming chunks of rock, which spreads out in a similar pattern to Trinity's arrows and Mantis's Tri-Wave attack. Each fireball possesses explosive splash damage, so it is deceptively hard to dodge, particularly if you are close to a wall. Even though they have a blast radius, it is not shown in blast form, so the blast radius is actually bigger than it looks.

Flying Charge: This is usually Siegfried's starting attack. When it's flying, it rears up and dashes across the field. This attack is easy to dodge if you run at full speed. If you are hit, you are knocked down and dealt massive damage. One point to note that it will use this attack if the player targeted has enough distance from it; as such, try not to be too far from it.

Razing Flames: While flying, it uses the same attack as Fire Breath, though it is directed at the ground. It is a short range attack, as before. Siegfried doesn't use this often and will start trying to fly towards you before it launches this attack.

Meteor Shower: This is similar to the Meteor Smash attack, except Siegfried only fires one fireball while airborne. It can do this attack in succession. Be warned that the projectiles have explosive splash damage, and are in fact the hardest of Siegfried's attacks to dodge because of the angle and speed at which they travel. A good way to dodge this attack would be to move back as far as possible from the fireball. You will need a good speed to dodge this attack.



Siegfried gives 60,000 EXP online and offline when defeated.

Gold Drops:

The gold the boss gives depends on how many players entered the boss fight. Also, the second time you defeat the same boss in a day, the base gold amount is halved. From the third time onwards, the gold dropped is 25% of its base amount. For example, the Mantis drops 111,110 gold when killing him by yourself, but the next time you kill him you will only get 55,555 gold for killing him by yourself. These amounts posted are the amounts you will get for killing him for the first time of the day.

If you enter the boss stage with just yourself, the base amount you will get:

299,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with one other player, the base amount you will get is: (This is 20% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

359,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with two other players, the base amount you will get is: (This is 50% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

449,998 gold

Now multiply those numbers by 1.xx and replace the xx with the amount of "% gold" you have on your armor and backpack combined, which will give you how much gold you will earn for killing that boss with that amount of players.

Mithril Drops:

This boss has a chance to drop between 2-4 mithril. Note that all bosses have the same mithril drop rate, but each boss has a different amount they can drop. Also, each time you acquire any amount of mithril from any boss, the drop rate will decrease for that particular boss until 12 a.m. CDT when it resets.

Recommend Equipment


In general only armors from the Thunder and above would be recommended for this fight, as Siegfried possesses considerably more HP than Poison Pit and has some fast attacks. Slower armors are generally not recommended.

While it's possible to fight Siegfried using the Strike Armor, this requires experience and familiarity with Siegfried's attack pattern that likely wouldn't be attained until later into the game when the player already has stronger equipment.


Machine Guns

Laser Guns

Laser Cannon