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Fighting Serpent

Difficulty: ★★★★★★★(Tier 3)

The Serpent is the second hardest boss in the game and the fifth boss encountered (If you play the bosses from easiest to hardest)


Serpent is a boss added to the game in version 1.22, which takes place in the map Stadium Arcadium. The initial wave is tricky, since enemies can spawn almost anywhere and there are no safe spots. There are two Mambulls. One will spawn when the wave starts.  It will drop from the roof on the right-center side. This initial wave alone can kill players with weak armor, since the aliens in this wave have buffed up damage which can hit anywhere from 1000-3000 damage. Watch out for Plasma Slugs, as with three people, their plasma bombs can do more damage than Serpent's attacks. The true challenge, as usual, lies in killing the insanely tough boss.

How the health is determined for bosses:

After you finish the initial wave of aliens, the number of players entered the room will determine the amount of health for the boss, but it is unclear by how much. So here are the estimates:

1.Player entering the boss fight: Boss HP 100%

2.Players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 150%

3.Players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 200%

Fighting Serpent

The boss takes the form of a giant snake/Serpent of sorts. Despite its sluggishness and sheer size it is a foe to be feared. It is nearly impossible to take down with small-arms weapons, and even an M-Z7B2 (which has the highest DPS in the game) will take some time to take it out. It has a few attacks, which though slow, hits like a freight train (10000+ damage per strike). A good amount of movement speed is needed to defeat this boss (a speed of 9 is recommended at the minimum).

Start of the boss battle

General Strategy:

Ever thought that "Gee, avoiding a freight train is as simple as staying off the tracks?" This boss is exactly that. Its attacks are very predictable, and some of them are downright sluggish. However, keep in mind the boss hits hard. That meaning anywhere from 7000 to 12000 or more damage PER HIT. Another good strategy is to equip a floating backpack so that you will be not affected by the acids on the ground (though you will still get hit when it is in the air). Aside from that, the only harrowing aspect of the boss is its insanely high HP, though it can be expected from a Tier 3 boss.

Before battling the boss, though enemies can spawn anywhere in the initial wave, one of the best strategist spot to go to is under either corner of the roof, as all the enemy will head towards you -including charging Mambulls and Plasma Slugs- which depends on the weapons that you have (Machine Gun or Assault Rifle or Sniper are recommended) to mow down the enemy all in one single line all-around. Though proven to be effective, remember to move a little away from your "spot" if a Tacorlion is about to shoot its spike at you; also, remember to move quickly away from where you're standing (if you're in the corner) as Mambuls can charge directly at you and if you're surrounded by other aliens, as this will decrease half of your health if you don't move before they charged at you. Another recommendation is to not use Sword if you're staying in the corner, as you will probably receive more damage in doing so, but you can use Sword if you're not staying around in a single shot (mostly Snipers/Recons will be staying around in the corner as they can spot and kill target from a distance away, while Machine Gunners or Sword-users will be on the main offensive line).

Serpent's Attacks:

Please note that the names for the bosses attacks are purely conjectural. These names will not be replaced until they are given official names.

Slithering Charge: It snakes along the ground in a straight line and makes a beeline towards you. It is speedy, so watch out. Though it is predictable, it deals thousands of damage and knocks you over if you are hit. 

Tail Bash: It slides towards a player, turns around, swipes its tail upwards and then slams it into the ground for a small area of effect strike. Watch out when it sweeps its tail beforehand, as it can hurt you for 7000 or more damage on contact, knocking you over and stunning you if it hits.

Acid Ball and Acid Spew: It rears back and launches a poisonous ball onto the ground, similarly to the Poison Pit. However, these are much more lethal and SLOW you down (about 25% of your normal speed) if you are not using a floating backpack (F.L.O.A.T./Blade-Master/D-Wings), damaging you more and leaving you vulnerable to it attacks. For the Acid Spew, it launches a wave of 7 or 8 acid balls as opposed to one. This is usually Serpent's starting attack (combined with the Tail Bash, though it does not target a player).

Note: There is a glitch where in the area where the acid pools disappear, it will still retain the effects of the acid for a few seconds, so try to remember where the acid was.

Portal Rush: It charges towards you and afterward makes a portal on the wall, which it goes straight through. Another portal forms along another spot on the wall and the Serpent charges out of it directly at you before making another portal and retreating again. It makes one more portal and charges out before coming to a rest at the wall. This is fast, somewhat unpredictable and flat-out deadly (10,000 damage as well as a stunning effect). You will be able to see where he will be coming from by looking at the portal on the wall.

Burrow Lunge: It burrows into the ground and slowly drags its body into the hole. Afterwards, it resurfaces at another point (marked by dirt unsettling) and springs towards a player it targets. This attack is very slow, and the boss is vulnerable during the entire attack except when it's underground.

Additional Strategies:

The boss will start to use its Portal Rush attack when its HP is about 50% after doing its Acid Spew + Tail Bash attack (though there's a chance it might not use it at all for the entire boss fight if you do enough damage), so be prepared.

Stay close to a wall while Serpent is doing his Portal Rush. That way, you will get a full view of the arena and can see where Serpent will appear from.

Try not to be too close to the boss, as not only you will be likely targeted, you will also likely to be hit by its Slithering Charge or Portal Rush if you have low speed because these attacks do not consider distance to be a factor (e.g. you are at one corner of the map, the boss is at the adjacent corner; the boss will use either of the two attacks even if the distance is short).


Gold Drops: The gold the boss gives depends on how many players entered the boss room. Also, the next time you kill a boss, the base gold amount will be halved the next time you kill him. The third time onwards, the amount will be 25% of the base amount. For example, the Mantis drops 111,110 gold when killing him by yourself, but the next time you kill him you will only get 55,555 gold for killing him by yourself. These amounts posted are the amounts you will get for killing him for the first time of the day.

If you enter the boss stage with just yourself, the base amount you will get is:

599,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with one other player, the base amount you will get is: (This is 20% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

719,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with two other players, the base amount you will get is: (This is 50% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

899,998 gold

Now multiply those numbers by 1.xx and replace the xx with the amount of "% gold" you have on your armor and backpack combined, which will give you how much gold you will earn for killing that boss with that amount of players.

Mithril Drops:

This boss has a chance to drop between 2-4 mithril. Note that all bosses have the same mithril drop rate (chance), but each boss has a different amount they can drop. Also, each time you acquire any amount of mithril from the boss, the drop rate will decrease for that particular boss until 12 a.m. CDT when it resets.

Recommended Equipment


Weapons for Alien Wave

Weapons for Boss

Tips On Killing Serpent

  • Bring equipment with no speed penalties, as speed is crucial to defeat Serpent. When Serpent uses Portal Rush, get on a wall so you can see which way Serpent will be coming from.