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  • Reactor 2.0
  • Pre Halloween
  • Love what Freyr done to the place


Reactor is a medium/large PvP map and was one of the first maps to ever be added. It contains a large central building with a few ramps leading up to the main area and a balcony. Next to it is a smaller building useful for hiding or taking potshots at unsuspecting opponents. The area surrounding the building is wide and open, which can be dangerous if snipers are nearby, so keep an eye on that. Around the main building are two turret-like towers. Their purpose is unknown.

Spawn Locations

The blue team spawns southwest to the central building.

The pink team spawns northeast to the central building.

Golden Fall

In 2.60, Reactor has a Halloween version, which is called Golden Fall. Its buildings and layout are the same as the normal Reactor, but it has a "creepy" light-effect and pumpkins are scattered around the map, along with other Halloween decorations. The spawn points are still the same.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifles- Useful because there are many open spaces where easy firing can take place.

Laser Guns- Like Sniper Rifles, Laser Guns can help you in the wide open areas.

Grenade Launchers + RPGs + X-Max Tree- Recommended for inside the buildings for close encounters.