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Perks and Killsteaks are new PvP mechanics introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback.


Perks are passive abilities that take effect during PvP battles with the exception of Mutant Mode. A maximum of three perks can be selected at one time. However, reaching Prestige 4 and 7 can increase the amount to four and five respectively. As a player's rank go up, other perks are unlocked and can be selected instead, allowing multiple different play-styles.

Offensive Perks

Icon Perk Description Rank
AssaultPowerPerk.png Assault Mastery - Power Increases Assault Rifle DMG by 50%. 34
ShotgunPowerPerk.png Shotgun Mastery - Power Increases Shotgun DMG by 50%. 33
RPGBowPowerPerk.png RPG/Bow Mastery - Power Increases RPG/Bow DMG by 50%. 36
SwordPowerPerk.png Sword Mastery - Power Increases Sword DMG by 50%. 37
SniperPowerPerk.png Sniper Mastery - Power Increases Sniper DMG by 50%. 40
PistolPowerPerk.png Pistol Mastery - Power Increases Pistol DMG by 50%. 38
FortPerk.png Fort Increases All DMG by ?% after standing still for 1s. 28
AssaultDexPerk.png Assault Mastery - Dexterity Increases Assault Rifle FR by 25%. 15
ShotgunDexPerk.png Shotgun Mastery - Dexterity Increases Shotgun FR by 25%. 25
RPGBowDexPerk.png RPG/Bow Mastery - Dexterity Increases RPG/Bow FR by 25%. 18
SniperDexPerk.png Sniper Mastery - Dexterity Increases Sniper FR by 25%. 21
PistolDexPerk.png Pistol Mastery - Dexterity Increases Pistol FR by 25%. 43
SwiftlyStepPerk.png Swiftly Step Increases All FR by 15% when moving. 0
ExposePerk.png Assault Mastery - Expose Assault rifles mark targets on the radar and decrease their All DEF by ?%. 0
SprintPerk.png Shotgun Mastery - Sprint Increases Speed by 1 when firing a shotgun. 2
RangePerk.png RPG/Bow Mastery - Range Increases the explosive radius of RPGs/Bows. 3
LongArmPerk.png Sword Mastery - Long Arm Increases the attack range of a sword. 45
BurnPerk.png Sniper Mastery - Burn Sniper Rifles inflict a damage-over-time effect on targets. 13
SlowPerk.png Pistol Mastery - Slow Pistols decrease the target's Speed by 3 when hit. 41
BackstabPerk.png Sword Mastery - Backstab Increases Melee DMG by ?% when attacking from behind with a sword. 47
FocusFlagPerk.png Focus - Flag Increases All DMG by ?% when attacking flag carriers. 4
FocusPointPerk.png Focus - Point Increases All DMG by ?% when attacking point-capturing enemies. 7
RifleThornShellsPerk.png Rifle Mastery - Thorn Shells Bullets deal an additional 1% of the enemy's HP. 50
ShotgunMightPerk.png Sawed-off Shotgun Mastery - Might Strikes the enemy within 8 meters and knocks them down. 50
RPGPrecisionStrikePerk.png RPG Mastery - Precision Strike Blast radius is reduced by 80%, but damage is increased by 5X. 50
BladeStunPerk.png Blade Mastery - Stun Sword attacks blind enemies for a short time. 50
SniperRecallPerk.png Sniper Mastery - Recall Each hit reduces all ability CDs by 1s. 50
PistolDisturbPerk.png Pistol Mastery - Disturb Prevents the enemy from using abilities for 1s. 50

Defensive Perks

Icon Perk Description Rank
AssaultResPerk.png Assault Resistance Increases Assault Rifle DEF by 50%. 0
ShotgunResPerk.png Shotgun Resistance Increases Shotgun DEF by 50%. 2
RPGBowResPerk.png RPG/Bow Resistance Increases RPG/Bow DEF by 50%. 3
SwordResPerk.png Sword Resistance Increases Sword DEF by 50%. 37
SniperResPerk.png Sniper Resistance Increases Sniper DEF by 50%. 13
PistolResPerk.png Pistol Resistance Increases Pistol DEF by 50%. 38
UnswervingPerk.png Unswerving Increases All DEF by ?% after standing still for 1s. 40
HumanShieldPerk.png Human Shield Increases All DEF by ?% when capturing a point. 7
IndomitablePerk.png Indomitable Increases All DEF by ?% when surrounded. 18
ProBloodPerk.png Promoting Blood Healing effects are increased by 50%. 29
EncouragePerk.png Encourage Increases All DEF by ?% when a nearby teammate is killed. 24
BeaconPerk.png Beacon Increases All DEF by ?% when carrying a flag. 4
ToughnessPerk.png Toughness Decreases all damage taken from abilities by 35%.
PreparedPerk.png Prepared Gives a 10% chance of blocking damage when an ability is on cooldown.
ParalysisShellPerk.png Paralysis Shell When taking damage, the attacker's FR is reduced by 50%. 50
CryoShellPerk.png Cryo Shell When taking damage, the attacker's SPD is reduced by 3. 50
FocusedPerk.png Focused Reduces any debuff durations by 50%. 50

Utility Perks

Icon Perk Description Rank
RadarPerk.png DEV-O Radar Increases radar's detection scope. 0
ThiefPerk.png Thief Increases Speed by 1 while holding a flag. 4
BeBackPerk.png Be Back Reduces Respawn timer by 2s. 32
AngelisticPerk.png Analgesic Increases Max HP by 20% for 15s after respawning. 19
TakeOffPerk.png Take Off Increases Speed by 2 for 15s after respawning. 11
GrenadePerk.png The Same Way - Grenade Drops an explosive grenade on death. Damage scales with weapons. 8
FlarePerk.png The Same Way - Flares Drops a flash on death, blinding nearby enemies. 26
BloodthirstyPerk.png Bloodthirsty Recover 10% HP after killing an enemy. 46
AssaultTroopsPerk.png Assault Troops Reduces all Killstreak requirements by 1. 22
AssistsHandPerk.png Assist's Hand Every three assist counts as a kill. 35
AssassinPerk.png Assassin Invisible to radars. 14
RevengeMarkPerk.png Revenge Mark Defeated enemies are marked on radar for 30s. Marks Assassins. 39
AwakenPerk.png Awaken Increases All DMG by ?% after three deaths until next kill. 0
DoubleSupplyPerk.png Double Supply Pickups last twice as long.
AnalyzeBattlefieldPerk.png Analyze Battlefield Allows the user to pick where to respawn.
TreasureChestPerk.png Treasure Chest Increases SPD by 0.5 every time an item is used. This effect will stack until killed. 50
ConcussiveShotPerk.png The Same Way - Concussive Shot Drops a concussive shot on death, reducing the SPD of nearby enemies by 8.


Killstreaks are special abilities that can be activated during PvP battles once a player has reached a certain amount kills without dying. Only a maximum of three different Killstreaks can be selected at a time. Once a Killstreak has been used, it cannot be regained by reaching its count again. The user must die to be able to regain the Killstreak. The only exception is Corrosion Armor's ability, Previous Skill, that allows a player to use their last used Killstreak. When a Killstreak is used, a message is broadcasted to all other players in the match.

Icon Perk Description Killstreak Broadcast Rank
SupplyBagKS.png Supply Bag Drops four random pickups across the map 3 "User" lands 4 pickups, hurry up to seize. 0
RadarScanningKS.png D-EVO Radar Scanning Displays all enemies on the radar for 20s 3 "User" calls in D-EVO Radar Scanning. 5
SatilliteScanningKS.png P-330 Satellite Scanning Displays all enemies on all teammates' radars for 20s 4 "User" calls in P-330 Satellite Scanning. 6
CPTIIFortKS.png CPT-II Fort Constructs a powerful but immobile Fort 6 "User" summoned CPT-II Fort. Bunkered in. 19
InterferenceEnergyKS.png Interference Energy Disables all enemy radars within 20m for ?s 6 "User" used EMP to disable radar. 13
MassingEnergyStrikeKS.png Massing Energy Strike Allows the user to launch a high-damage Energy Strike anywhere on the map 5 "User" calls in Massing Energy Strike into play. 0
MightBulldozerKS.png Mighty Bulldozer Summons a movable sawtooth vehicle 7 "User" summons Mighty Bulldozer. 20
PowerfulATKKS.png Powerful ATK Greatly increases All DMG for until you die 7 User becomes powerful to seckill all! 27
TerminalEnergyStrikeKS.png Terminal Energy Strike Kills all enemy players on the map, ends the match and the victory goes to the user's team 15 "User" released terminal energy to restore peace. 44
ChargeForwardKS.png Charge Forward Increases Speed by 2 and Max HP by 50% for 20s 3 User is burning up the hunt! 0
CPTIFortKS.png CPT-I Fort Summons a immobile Fort 4 "User" summons CPT-I Fort. Bunkered in. 16
UnsteadyEnergyStrikeKS.png Unsteady Energy Strike Allows the user to launch three, but inaccurate Energy Strikes anywhere on the map at the same time 5 "User" calls in Massing Energy Strike into play. 10
SuperMightyBulldozerKS.png Super Mighty Bulldozer Summons a powerful movable sawtooth vehicle 6 "User" summons Super Mighty Bulldozer. 42
DecelerationEnergyStrikeKS.png Deceleration Energy Strike Allows the user to launch a Decelerating Energy Strike anywhere on the map, reducing enemy Speed by 5 for 20s 7 "User" calls in Deceleration Energy Strike to slow down players. 32
ContinuousEnergyStrikeKS.png Continuous Energy Strike Allows the user to launch a high-damage Energy Strike that repeats every 6s for 18s anywhere on the map 9 "User" calls in Massing Energy Strike into play, take cover! 23