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Poison Pit

Difficulty: ★★★★★ (Tier 2)


This level takes place in Training Base. The initial alien wave is not too difficult, but it is much longer than Wrath of Mantis's. If one only owns low-tiered armor or weapons, there is a significant chance of dying before reaching the boss. Luckily, there is only one Mambull that spawns. The aliens also make liberal use of Acid Bombers, so be sure to watch your back. However, Poison Pit at the end is the deadliest obstacle.

NOTE: This is the ONLY boss wave that does not have Trilobita

How the health is determined for bosses. After you finish the initial wave of aliens, the amount of players left alive will determine the amount of health for the boss, but it is unclear by how much. So here are the estimates:

1 player entering the boss fight: Boss HP 100% 

2 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 150% 

3 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 200% 

Killing Poison Pit:

Poison Pit is much tougher in terms of HP and offensive strength than the Mantis. In place of any flying abilities, it has the ability to do a body slam with very little warning, which can damage lower tiered armors heavily. This boss also scatters dangerous acid pools, which can be deadly if you don't have a hovering backpack.

General Strategy:

You must be careful on where you walk, as the acid pools that the boss spits can last for awhile and may severely damage you if you do not have a floating backpack (F.L.O.A.T., D-Wings, and Blade-Master). Aside from that, its attacks are much more damaging than the Mantis, so exercise much more caution in avoiding attacks. When its health is below half, and when it uses Spider Rush, it will do it again in quick succession, so make sure you are ready to dodge a second time. Don't stop moving, as it will attempt a body slam every so often, dealing extreme damage to low tier armors.

Poison Pit's Attacks:

Please note that the names for the bosses attacks are purely conjectural. These names will not be replaced until they are given official names.

Acid Spit: It rears up and launches acid balls that pollute a certain area of the ground for a short time. They can very easily kill you if you don't notice them while avoiding the boss. The number one hint is to look out for the olive-colored blobs and avoid them. It can either target one acid ball at you or spawn a bunch at once with out much accuracy. Players with floating bags are not affected by the poison on the ground but they are affected if they are hit directly by the shot.

Ground Pound: It launches itself up into the air and tries to pancake a player. Failure to dodge properly will result being knocked away and stunned for a while. Look for its shadow and avoid it. You'll most likely get hit if you have low speed. At low health, it falls much faster.

Claw Swipe: It rushes up to you and then attempts you slash you with its claws. Just run away while firing your weapon.

Spider Rush: Much like the Mantis's Corkscrew Spin, with the exception of the flying, it runs across the field very fast and bulldoze through anyone in its path. The spider stops running abruptly where the target was when it started sprinting, meaning if you ran, it will only stop where you were when it started the attack. When its health is low, it runs very short distances more often rather than across the field. Stop shooting (especially if you have a gatling/machine gun) and start running when the spider stops moving for a second and a half because it is a tell-tale sign that it is about to do this move.

Additional Strategy

For newer players, Poison Pit is extremely fast and capable of absorbing a lot of hits; while speed is generally recommended for dodging attacks, you may want to ensure you have a good amount of health for taking hits as well. For armors with lower speed, lighter weapons such as Assault Rifles, Plasma weapons or Laser Guns are recommended since they do not impede your speed any further. Machine Guns can deal large amounts of damage to Poison Pit, but it takes significant DPS to stun-lock Poison Pit (generally requiring the Thunder Armor's ability, a Hyperclip, and a Lv7+ M-27B1), so exercise caution if using a machine gun with a slower armor.

Recommended Armor: Thunder Armor and above (Strike Armor can be used, but Poison Pit has fast attacks)

Recommended Backpacks: ECO-03-VI and above (the F.L.O.A.T and Blademaster can be used to avoid the ground poison, but the damage isn't significant)

Recommended Weapons: FL334AR, NOVA27, M-27B1


Gold Drop:

The gold the boss gives depends on how many players entered the boss room. Also, each time you kill a boss, the base gold amount will be cut in half the next time you kill him. For example, the Mantis drops 111,110 gold when killing him by yourself, but the next time you kill him you will only get 55,555 gold for killing him by yourself. These amounts posted are the amounts you will get for killing him for the first time of the day.

If you enter the boss stage with just yourself, the base amount you will get:

199,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with one other player, the base amount you will get is: (This is 20% more gold then just killing him by yourself)

239,998 gold

If you enter the boss stage with two other players, the base amount you will get is: (This is 50% more gold then just killing him by yourself)

299,998 gold

Now multiply those numbers by 1.xx and replace the xx with the amount of "% gold" you have on your armor and backpack combined, which will give you how much gold you will earn for killing that boss with that amount of players.

Mithril Drop:

This boss has a chance to drop mithril one-third of the time. Note that all bosses have different drop rates, and each boss has a different amount they can drop. Also, each time you acquire any amount of mithril from any boss, the drop rate will decrease for only that particular boss until 12 a.m. CDT when it resets.