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The plasma gun: Crab.

These high-tech weapons are lean, mean, plasma-projectile-launching machines! They have a medium fire rate, medium DPS, and average energy consumption for their price, but they also pollute a small area, so they're ideal for taking down land-based enemies such as Digger, Tacorlion, Stalker, etc. The aiming icon/crosshair is quite unique, as it is actually a nuclear symbol. The plasma weapons are deadly weapons in PvE. 

One strategy is to fire at the ground below your enemy's feet so they can step in the weapon's polluted area. This works well in PvP but not so well in PvE. Another good way to use these weapons in PvP is to hit a wall behind which there is an enemy, making them good anti-cover weapons. Avoid using these weapons in close quarters though, as Plasma is weak unless you have it upgraded to match your opponent's weapon.

Similar to explosives, these weapons deal damage to a wide AOE (Area Of Effect) radius. This means that you can hit enemies camping or hiding behind walls, posts, and barriers. However, the pollution damage is significantly lower than that of the plasma projectile, and the damage rates will consequently suffer as well. Plasma Guns aren't suggested to be used in PvP due to their slow firerate. However, they make excellent camper-prevention weapons. Plasma Guns can cost a mid to high amount of gold making them an expensive but useful item for PvE. They are not recommended for taking out bosses and are instead better against smaller and weaker swarms of aliens.

Plasma Neo:

The Plasma Neo is the first plasma gun that can be bought by new players. It is quite expensive for new players to buy, costing $400,000 the same price as you can buy the MCP76, but it is recommended for players to buy the MCP76 instead of the Plasma Neo.


Much more powerful than the Plasma Neo, it is also the most expensive single item that you can buy for gold. Costing $3,600,000 for purchase and 700 damage at rank 8, the Crab also consumes a huge amount of energy (100 energy per shot). It is much more recommended to buy the M-27B1 unless you want to clear lots of aliens with the Crab.


Plasma Neo ENG 35 FR 0.35

Crab ENG 90 FR 0.30


POW 90 (Cost: $400,000)

POW 200 (Cost: $3,600,000)


POW 103 (Cost: $120,000)

POW 230 (Cost: $1,080,000)


POW 121 (Cost: $200,000)

POW 270 (Cost: $1,800,000)


POW 144 (Cost: $280,000)

POW 320 (Cost: $2,520,000)


POW 171 (Cost: $400,000)

POW 380 (Cost: $3,600,000)


POW 207 (Cost: $800,000)

POW 460 (Cost: $7,200,000)


POW 252 (Cost: $1,200,000)

POW 560 (Cost: $10,800,000)


POW 315 (Cost: $1,800,000)

POW 700 (Cost: $16,200,000)