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Pickups are new mechanics introduced in Star Warfare 2: Payback. Pickups spawn at set locations across maps and are marked by green dots on the radar. All pickups give a buff to the player that last 30 seconds, with the exception of Time Controlled and Vehicle pickups.

Note: Rage and rampage do not last the time they say they last. (They last 10 seconds.)

Offensive Pickups

Image Name Effect
RagePickup.png Rage Increases All DMG.
RampagePickup.png Rampage Greatly increases All DMG.
ImmolationPickup.png Immolation Surrounds the player in a fiery aura, damaging any who get too close. Enemies killed by it will have a ImmolationKI.png kill icon.
VampyrismPickup.png Vampire Heals the user by 50% of any damage they deal.

Defensive Pickups (PvP Only)

Image Name Effect
BulletShieldPickup.png Bullet Shield Greatly reduces BulletDMGIconSW2.png Bullet DMG taken.
EnergyShieldPickup.png Energy Shield Greatly reduces EnergyDMGIconSW2.png Energy DMG taken.
ExplosionShieldPickup.png Explosion Shield Greatly reduces ExplosionDMGIconSW2.png Explosion DMG taken.
MeleeShieldPickup.png Melee Shield Greatly reduces MeleeDMGIconSW2.png Melee DMG taken.
ReflectionPickup.png Reflection 100% of damage taken is also reflected back to the attack. However, the player is still damaged. Enemies killed by it will have a ReflectionKI.png kill icon.

Support/Utility Pickups

Image Name Effect
SmallHealthPackPickup.png Small Health Pack Heals the player by 30% of their Max HP.
LargeHealthPackPickup.png Large Health Pack Heals the player by 100% of their Max HP.
LightAmmoPickup.png Light Ammo Greatly increases Firerate.
SpeedBoosterPickup.png Speed Booster Greatly amplifies Speed.
TimeControlledPickup.png Time Controlled Instantly reduces all ability cooldowns by 30% and greatly increases FCD for 40 seconds.

Vehicle Pickups

Main article: Vehicles

Rare to spawn, Vehicle pickups spawn a vehicle for the player to use.

Image Name Effect
FortPickup.png CPT-I/II Fort Summons either a CPT-I or CPT-II Fort for the player to use.
BulldozerPickup.png (Super) Mighty Bulldozer Summons either a Mighty Bulldozer or Super Mighty Bulldozer for the player to pilot.
CorvettePickup.png Corvette PvP exclusive. Summons a Corvette for the player to drive.

Removed Pickups


Before Update 1.13, special Gift pickups could spawn instead of a normal pickup. They resembled red presents with green wrapping. When picked up, it would give one of three gifts:

  • Survival Gift: Greatly reduced a player's speed, but regenerated 15% of Max HP each second for 10 seconds.
  • Killing Gift: Inverted a player's movement controls, but increased All DMG.
  • Unknown Gift: Gave the player a random Killstreak, even ones they didn't have equipped/unlocked. Did not give Fort, Bulldozer, or Terminal Energy Strike Killstreaks. (flashed the player screen like the Same-Way Flares.)


  • Using the Promoting Blood Perk will increase the healing effectiveness of Vampyrism and both Health Packs by 50%. (75%, 45%, and 150% respectively)
    • Inversely, being affected by an enemy SoulHunter Assault Rifle can reduce the healing effects by 80%. (10%, 6%, and 20% respectively)
  • The Supply Bag Killstreak can instantly spawn four random pickups across the map.
  • The Glory backpack can share a pickup's effect to all other allies during a match, but with a halved effect/duration.
  • The VOID Passive Skill, Energy Armor, can double the duration of a Vehicle pickup, increasing it to a full minute.