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Full-set bonus for loyal UNCC soldiers.

–Set Bonus Description

Neon Armor is the second set of armor availible in Star Warfare 2: Payback. Compared to the previous Helium Armor, Neon armor is considerably better in terms of offense and defense. The full suit can be purchased using only Gold, making it more desirable for beginner to use while gathering Mithril.

Wearing the full Neon suit will confer the Grace set bonus, which increases Gold and EXP earned by 10% and and All DMG by 20%.

Previous suit: Helium armor

Next suit: Eagle armor


Armor Cost Color Polarity PvP Level Unlock Bonuses
Health Damage Speed Gold EXP
Helmet GoldIconSW2.png35,000 Blue 2 600 --- --- --- 5%
Chest GoldIconSW2.png50,000 Blue 6 1000 --- --- --- ---
Gloves GoldIconSW2.png24,000 Green 3 300 --- --- 5% ---
Boots GoldIconSW2.png40,000 Green 4 350 --- 0.5 --- ---
Total GoldIconSW2.png149,000 Grace 2250 --- 0.5 5% 5%
  • Note: Total stats do not include the set bonuses.


  • In reality, Neon (symbol: Ne) is the 10th element of the periodic table and the second element of the noble gases. When placed in a gas-discharge tube, Neon glows an intense red, which the armor is colored.