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The meta, or Most Effective Tactic Available, is a series of strategies that allow players to accomplish their goals in the most effective way possible, whether it be beating the game or defeating other players. Like many other games, the meta of Star Warfare has evolved over the years; here you will find a detailed summary of how the meta has evolved as well as the current metas and strategies.

History (Alien Invasion)

Example of a combo

1.20-2.40 (Combo Era, 2012 - Mid/Late 2013)

A typical loadout during the Combo Era


Star Warfare- Twin Snipers -Unscoped Version-

A video by Undead.exe demonstrating Twin Snipers

During the early days of Star Warfare, combos emerged as the dominant meta of the game. Combos were a game mechanic that allowed players to overwhelm enemy players with a barrage of projectiles as well as use both R700-AA and R100-Railgun to perform a technique called "Twin Sniping." Twin Sniping allowed players to fire two sniper rifle shots in quick succession, rewarding players with a near-instant kill should the player hit both sniper rifle shots. A typical loadout during this era would consist of the two sniper rifles and a series of projectile weapons such as Black Stars, Trinity, RPG-21/24/31, and/or Black Disk. As for Armor, Phoenix and Cygni were the dominant armors for several reasons. Phoenix was preferred due to its regen ability. After dispatching an enemy, a Phoenix user could quickly heal and take on another fight with only a slight loss of HP. Cygni was used due to its 20% RPG bonus. As combos were the dominant meta of the game at the time, the combination of the high firepower of an RPG combo and Cygni's high speed made the armor very attractive to top players. Tri-O-Avatar was a popular backpack due to its 85% damage reduction ability, but Jin.Jingle remained the dominant backpack as it allowed for greater speed and power as well as a 10% chance of immunity.

2.50 (Post-Combo Era, Mid-Late 2013)

After combos were removed, combat in Star Warfare became less chaotic and more simplified. Many weapons used during the Combo era, such as Black Disk, RPG-21/24/31, and Energy Glove were now rarely seen, while Black Stars kept its popularity as an AoE weapon to damage players in unhittable areas and corners. Rather than utilizing a full 6-slot loadout, a minimalist loadout of R700 and Trinity became most favored, while M-27B1 was used to some extent. As sniper rifles have always been part of the meta since their inception, R700-AA remained a popular "initial contact" weapon choice for players. Trinity was used due to its high damage output and ease of use, and M-27B1 was used to finish off low-HP players at a distance. Cygni soon fell off as a popular armor due to the removal of combos, while Phoenix remained the popular choice for many players.

2.60 (Knight Era, Late 2013)

Knight Armor Starwarfare Alien Invasion.PNG

Minimalist loadouts of the previous era continued to be the dominant meta. However, the new M-Z7B2 was received with almost instant popularity. The M-Z7B2 was a "jack-of-all-trades," as it could dispatch enemies in close range quickly with its chainsaw and pumpkin attacks while effectively destroying enemies in mid-long range with its superior DPS. While the R700-AA/Trinity meta remained effective, M-Z7B2 users dominated the lobbies. Knight was also well-received among top Star Warfare players with its high HP, good speed, and its ability to raise the firerates of all weapons by 15%, enabling Knight users to deal the highest possible DPS in the game. Phoenix still remained a popular choice, though Knight was clearly the preferred choice of armor. A typical meta loadout during this era would consist of a sniper rifle for initial contact, M-Z7B2 for its high firepower, Black Stars for its fast AoE projectiles, and Trinity as a follow-up to Black Stars.

2.70 (R.O.M.E Era, Late 2013)

Joke on sale.jpeg

The Knight era's meta carried on through to the R.O.M.E era. M-Z7B2 and Knight Armor still remained dominant in the lobbies of Star Warfare. 2.70 introduced the R.O.M.E Armor as well as two new weapons, AST-KK and J.O.K.E. The AST-KK revitalized the popularity of Assault Rifles. Despite this, Assault Rifles continued to be overshadowed by M-27B1 and M-Z7B2 for long-range automatic firepower. In contrast, J.O.K.E reintroduced grenade launchers into the meta of Star Warfare. J.O.K.E was the dominant close-range weapon, as J.O.K.E users could evade the M-Z7B2's saw while J.O.K.E's high-powered grenades made quick work of an M-Z7B2 user. One dominant strategy, coined "J.O.K.E spamming" by the community, consisted of nothing but J.O.K.E. J.O.K.E spammers could make great use of J.O.K.E's tracking grenades to kill enemies around corners while spamming J.O.K.E to overwhelm multiple enemies at once. R.O.M.E, like Knight, was well-received almost instantly. Its high speed, 10% firerate boost, and 20% grenade launcher power boost made R.O.M.E one of the most popular armors in the entire game. While still effective, Phoenix fell off as one of the top-tier armors in favor of the new high HP, high firepower armors of 2.70.

2.80 (Reflection Era, Early 2014)

Atom A.PNG

The weapons and armors of the Knight and R.O.M.E eras maintained popularity throughout the game. 2.80 introduced the Black Hole armor, Reflection, and Spring. Although it can be used effectively, the Black Hole Armor was never very well-received; it had no discernible bonuses compared to Knight and R.O.M.E and its ability was not very useful in combat. Reflection, however, instantly became the most popular sniper rifle. Due to a glitch, Reflection users could fire a beam that had a hitbox as opposed to a hitscan, and enemies running through the beam would be hit with the full power of Reflection. Moreover, due to a glitch, Atom combined with Reflection and Jin.Jingle gave Reflection a boosted power of 10,292. This combination, coined "Reflectionist" by the community, allowed users to one-shot armors with less than 60,000 HP. As a result, Atom became reintroduced to the meta as a glass-cannon type armor. This also marked the end of Phoenix as a top-tier armor and began its relegation to a later mid-tier armor since it could not survive one shot from a Reflectionist user. On iOS, the Reflection hitbox glitch has been patched, but Reflectionist remained in the game. On Android, the Reflection hitbox glitch was never patch and exists to this day.

2.90-2.96 (X-Field Era/Current Meta, Late 2014 - Present)


2.90 saw the introduction of X-Field Armor and TheArrow into Star Warfare. While TheArrow never became a dominant weapon, X-Field quickly became the dominant armor. As if its high speed and power didn't already make X-Field an attractive option already, X-Field's ability to use a shield to convert damage taken into HP made X-Field the clear dominant choice of armor. Enemies would have no choice but to run away and attempt to stay alive for 10 seconds while the shield active. However, there is one catch to the X-Field Armor. A reflected beam from Reflection could bypass the X-Field's shield. This made Reflection an even more attractive choice to players with high-end gear. While 2.93 introduced Star Warfare's final armor and weapons, Wrath Armor, Spreader, and UFO, the new gear never took off as a popular choice for veteran players, and X-Field users continue to dominate the lobbies of Star Warfare today.

As of 2.96, the current meta consists of the following loadouts (you should spend your gold/mithril wisely to obtain these optimal loadouts):

  • X-Field Armor, Reflection/R700-AA, M-Z7B2, most dominant loadout
  • R.O.M.E Armor, Reflection/R700-AA, M-Z7B2, J.O.K.E (optional, recommended), highly popular choice
  • Knight Armor, Reflection/R700-AA, M-Z7B2, can be used effectively
  • Atom Armor, Reflection, M-Z7B2, popular choice due to Reflection power glitch (and hitbox glitch if on Android)

History (Payback)

1.0-1.04 (New Era, Late 2014)


In the early days of Star Warfare 2, players that had moved over from Alien Invasion had to start anew. As a result, everyone during this era began on an even playing field, and high-end gear was rarely seen. Combat during this era was relatively simple in comparison to the current era. The dominant weapons during this era were LDK-4410 Crescent, HBS-VI Phantom, and TII-3 Eternity. As sniper rifles have always been a part of the meta, Crescent was the obvious choice for players who grinded the game. Phantom was used in almost the same manner as Trinity from Alien Invasion as an effective AoE weapon, while Eternity provided players with effective mid-range firepower. Shotguns also were a popular choice for those who could not afford Mithril weapons. Comet-II was the dominant shotgun during this era due to its high rate of fire as well as damage for a shotgun. Krypton was the dominant armor, as in 1.04, Suit Bonuses were reintroduced into Star Warfare 2. Krypton's suit bonus, Phoenix, allowed players to reheal after each kill, similarly to the Phoenix Armor in Alien Invasion. As for Perks and Killstreaks, RPG/Bow Mastery - Range was a popular choice in increasing the effectiveness of Phantom, while Massing Energy Strike, Powerful Attack, and Mighty Bulldozer remained effective. Twilight and Hygeio were popular choices for VOIDs, as Twilight enhanced offensive capabilities while Hygeio enhanced longevity of a player.

1.11-1.12 (Corrosion Era, Late 2014)

1.11 saw the introduction of the VOID Catalyst, the Corrosion Armor, and 3 new weapons: EGT-76 Obsidian, PWC-I Bloodseeker, and UNCC-822 SoulHunter. Corrosion almost instantly became the dominant armor during this era due to its high HP and power. Its ability, Previous Skill, was commonly coupled with Twilight to deal large amounts of Melee damage to enemies. This setup was also commonly used with BloodSeeker for effective close range firepower. Unlike Alien Invasion, which saw relatively little use of swords, swords in Payback became a part of the meta after BloodSeeker was introduced. As a result, Melee shield pickups became more popular to fend off against sword-


wielding Corrosion users. The majority of fights during this era were conducted at close range. However, the crux of the update was Obsidian. Obsidian became the most popular sniper rifle due to its ability to deal 2X damage with a direct shot as well as leave behind a laser beam to damage enemies crossing, similar to the Reflection hitbox glitch of Alien Invasion. Catalyst also became somewhat popular during this era, as a Corrosion user could set off two explosions with a level 3/4 Catalyst and kill multiple enemies at once. TII-3 Eternity fell off as a mid-range weapon during this era, as SoulHunter provided more effective mid-range power. Sword Mastery - Long Arm became a popular perk due to the introduction of swords to the meta. Sniper Mastery - Burn also saw an increase of popularity due to Freyr buffing the perk to deal a percentage of HP damage over time instead of a fixed number of HP. Powerful Attack became a popular killstreak among Corrosion users, as they could user their Previous Skill ability to use a second Powerful Attack to instantly kill enemies. Krypton Armor fell off as it could not compete with the high damage that the Corrosion Armor offered.

In 1.12, Magma was introduced along with TI-14 Firework and FIW-II HolySpear. Magma Armor never saw the same amount of popularity as the Corrosion Armor, and Firework never saw a place in most players' loadouts. However, HolySpear was an effective shotgun as it had high damage and low spread. Despite this, swords continued to dominate the meta at the time.

1.13-1.15 (Harrier Era, Early 2015)

In 1.13, Harrier Armor, as well as F-MTH Meteor and DD2C Whirlwind, were introduced into Star Warfare 2. Meteor was an effective weapon and served as a mid-range follow-up to BloodSeeker. Though it took some time, Harrier Armor became a popular choice to those who could afford it. It's ability, God Blessing appears to be based on the X-Field ability, as it enabled users to use a shield for 5 seconds to turn damage taken into another shield. The Corrosion Armor failed to keep up, as users would use God Blessing when close to dying to maximize its effectiveness. By then both players would have sustained significant damage, but the Harrier user had the edge due to its ability. Corrosion Armor fell off and suffered the same fate as the Krypton Armor. In response to the dominance of the Harrier Armor, Cure became a more popular color combo suit bonus, as it allowed for greater speed as well as an ability to heal 100% of its HP. BloodSeeker remained the dominant weapon during this era while Meteor and Obsidian were used for mid-long range engagements.


During this era, many players realized the great importance of VOID attributes. Rabbit's Foot and Dexterous Hands were the most effective 1st Attribute, while Flappy Fire and especially Steel Shell became the most effective 2nd Attribute. Rabbit's Foot simply gave users greater speed, while Dexterous Hands allowed user to combo their attacks together by shortening the delay in firing after switching weapons when firing. Flappy Fire simply increased the user's firerate, and Steel Shell received a buff allowing the user to only take up to 30% instead of 40% of damage in one shot. This mean that players could survive one full shot of Obsidian while practically relegating Crescent to a mid-tier Sniper Rifle, as it would take a minimum of 4 shots from Crescent to kill an enemy with Steel Shell. The introduction of shields into Star Warfare 2 greatly increased the relative time-to-kill of the game compared to Alien Invasion and earlier eras of Payback. Player longevity became the name of the game, and assist items such as FCD and Shield Potions saw widespread use.

1.20-1.24 (Cure Era, Late 2015-Present)

The battle between Harrier and Cure carried on into 1.20, where Star Warfare 2 saw its last armor and weapons being introduced. The Wrath Armor, although made to complement the sword era of the previous year, never took off as an effective armor in terms of longevity compared to the Harrier Armor and Cure. A22CA Earthbreaker somewhat became popular due to its high damage as well as +1 speed attribute. However, the introduction SRM-331 Kaneria reintroduced pistols into the meta of Star Warfare 2, as Kaneria became the most dominant weapon ever seen in Star Warfare. Its high DPS as well as its laser ability made it a very deadly weapon; fighting a laser Kaneria user is almost guaranteed to be a failure.

Possibly the most important update to the meta of Payback was the introduction of new perks. Cryo Shell and especially Paralysis Shell instantly became crutch perks, and anyone not using these perks were put at a massive disadvantage. The introduction of Paralysis Shell effectively doubled the time-to-kill of the game, as players' firerates were cut in half while in combat. This made hitting shots with Obsidian much more important, as BloodSeeker was no longer the melee powerhouse it was throughout the Corrosion and Harrier Era. Later on, players discovered that the Prepared perk could reduce the effectiveness of Cryo Shell and Paralysis Shell by halving the duration of these debuffs. While other perks such as Shotgun Mastery - Might and RPG Mastery - Precision Strike were used to some extent, some players optimized their perk loadouts to create the most effective pistol loadout. Pistol Mastery - Slow and Pistol Mastery - Disturb became essential picks for those attempting to utilize Kaneria to its greatest effect. If one user was dominating the lobby with Kaneria, it was almost a guarantee than the entire lobby would end up switching to a pistol setup. VOID Attributes remained ever important; Flappy Fire was an necessary attribute to maximize the firepower of Kaneria. By this time, most players already had a Steel Shell VOID if not a Steel Shell Twilight. Killstreaks such as the Mighty Bulldozer, Powerful Attack, and Massing Energy Strike soon fell off in favor of Charge Forward, Supply Bag, and Deceleration Energy Strike due to their effectiveness in combat.

The battle between Harrier and Cure came to an end, as Cure became the dominant setup due to its high speed and ability to regenerate HP. In response to the dominance of Cure, SoulHunter became introduced into the meta, as its ability effectively shuts down Cure's ability to regenerate HP. Though Harrier is still widely used by players, the dominance it had in 1.13 has been handed over to Cure. Specter became a necessary backpack to have, as it guaranteed 1 free immunity every 30 seconds while increasing the power of the user during this time.

The Current Meta

As Payback has an incredibly more complex meta than Alien Invasion, several loadouts and strategies will be recommended, as there is no one dominant loadout.

All-Rounder Cure

  • Cure Loadout (preferably Falcon Head, Wrath Chest, Wrath Hands, Harrier Boots)
  • EGT-76 Obsidian, UNCC-822 SoulHunter, PWC-I Bloodseeker
  • Sniper Mastery - Burn, Paralysis Shell, Treasure Chest, Sword Mastery - Long Arm, Prepared
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Twilight (Dexterous Hands, Steel Shell)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

This setup is commonly used as an all-rounder to counter most threats. Contact with SoulHunter to remove Specter shield as well as prevent healing for Cure users. Hitting shots with Obsidian is necessary. Follow up with Twilight and BloodSeeker. Use SoulHunter as necessary.

Roaming Cure

  • Cure Loadout (preferably Falcon Head, Wrath Chest, Wrath Hands, Harrier Boots)
  • EGT-76 Obsidian, A22CA Earthbreaker
  • Sniper Mastery - Burn, Paralysis Shell, Treasure Chest, Cryo Shell, Prepared
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Twilight (Rabbit's Foot, Steel Shell)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

For anyone who likes to snipe and engage at a distance. This setup gives you the highest speed possible (minus Haste Potion). Contact with Obsidian while maintaining distance. Hitting shots with Obsidian is a must. Twilight can be used for either its evasive or offensive capabilities. Remain mobile at all times.

Ultimate Pistols

  • Harrier Armor or Cure Loadout
  • SRM-331 Kaneria, A22CA Earthbreaker, EGT-76 Obsidian
  • Pistol Mastery - Dexterity, Paralysis Shell, Pistol Mastery - Slow, Cryo Shell, Pistol Mastery - Disturb
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Twilight (Rabbit's Foot, Flappy Fire)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

The best pistol setup for most engagements. Pistol Mastery - Slow and Cryo Shell render your opponents almost immobile, making it easier to hit your shots and charge your pistols. Flappy Fire effectively increases damage output by increasing the firerate. Paralysis Shell decreases the effective DPS of your opponents. Twilighting into a pistol duel with Specter active practically gives 4 seconds of immunity from all damage sources.

Anti-Cure Harrier

  • Harrier Armor
  • EGT-76 Obsidian, UNCC-822 SoulHunter, PWC-I Bloodseeker
  • Sniper Mastery - Burn, Paralysis Shell, Treasure Chest, Sword Mastery - Long Arm, Prepared
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Twilight (Dexterous Hands, Steel Shell)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

Pretty much the same thing as the All-Rounder Cure, except with Harrier. SoulHunter isn't very effective against Harrier, but depending on the situation, this setup is only good for one life. Slower speed, but effective against Cure when used with SoulHunter.

Roaming Harrier

  • Harrier Armor
  • EGT-76 Obsidian, A22CA Earthbreaker
  • Sniper Mastery - Burn, Paralysis Shell, Treasure Chest, Promoting Blood, Prepared
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Hygeio (Rabbit's Foot, Steel Shell)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

Similar to the Roaming Cure setup, except with Harrier and Hygeio. Hygeio gives Harrier healing abilities, while Harrier still has its God Blessing shield. Very effective for longevity provided you hit your Obsidian shots.

Close Range Cure

  • Cure Loadout
  • UNCC-822 SoulHunter, PWC-I Bloodseeker, F-MTH Meteor
  • Swifty Step, Paralysis Shell, Treasure Chest, Cryo Shell, Prepared
  • Charge Forward, Supply Bag, Deceleration Energy Strike
  • Twilight (Dexterous Hands, Flappy Fire)
  • FCD Potion, Minor Shield Potion, Shield Potion

An effective loadout for close range engagements. Contact with SoulHunter, Twilight with BloodSeeker, combo with Meteor. Use SoulHunter as necessary, use Meteor to hit opponents around corners or opponents that are running away.