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Mithril is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral extensively mined on the human-colonized planets UBW-594244 and UBP1116. These minerals have the potential to be the future suppliers of energy, pushing the borders of human civilization, and thus are collected for Mithril Energy Research. This energy possibly comes in the form of immense radiation or other electromagnetic waves.

After mithril was discovered, aliens began to arrive on the human colonized planets, killing the inhabitants to obtain it.

It is a rare currency in the game. Mithril is used to buy some weapons, armors, and backpacks in the game (meaning that the item has a mithril charge in it). Bosses can drop mithril, but it is rare. You can buy mithril with IAP's (In App Purchases). Also note that Single Player bosses do NOT drop mithril when defeated, only the bosses online drop Mithril. Mithril is used to buy powerful weapons, armor, and backpacks that cannot regularly be obtained with Gold. Mithril is also used to revive instantly in PvP with full HP.

Mithril Drops: These drops are NOT guaranteed, there is only a chance that they might drop each time you kill them. Each boss has its own mithril drop rate. It resets every 24 hours, at 11:00 PM for CST.

Wrath of Mantis 1-2 mithril

Poison Pit 1-3 mithril

Siegfried 2-4 mithril

Double Rages 2-4 mithril

Serpent 2-4 mithril

Xmas Surprise 2-4 mithril

Note: Once you acquire mithril from a boss, that particular boss's mithril drop rate will decrease until 11:00 P.M. CST (Freyr's timezone is specifically based in Chicago) when it resets. It is still possible to get more mithril from the same boss, but it is unlikely because of the decrease in the rate. Also, to help clarify on the boss mithril drops, the amount that they drop (so far) is determined by the amount of mithril they have in the upper right-hand corner of their portrait, it can either be 1 less or the same or 1 more than that amount.

Mithril drops have been clarified by Freyr to be approximately 30% the first time, where a great drop in droprate can be experienced afterwards if the identical boss is fought in the same day.

Earning Mithril:

Many games from the app store now have partnerships with sites like Tapjoy and SponsorPay which allow you to view videos of other games, or download them and earn a specific currency, usually for the rare currency (ex. Gems Mithril). Lucky for you Star Warfare offers Mithril from MANY of these sites (Tapjoy, Flurry, SponsorPay, AdColony, NativeX).

Tapjoy: Download Games - Mithril

Market Place (Videos, Games, Surveys)

Flurry: Download Games - Mithril

Videos - Gold (3000)

SponsorPay: Market Place (Videos, Games, Surveys) - Mithril

AdColony: Videos - Gold (3000)

NativeX: Download Games - Mithril

Reminder: Not all offers work so don't get too grumpy about it. You can delete the app once you get the mithril.

Keep in mind some games cost money to download and many of the various offers cost money, or require you to enter your credit card and other personal information. Mithril can also be earned by going online for 4-5 days straight (2 on the 4th, 3 on the 5th). Days 1-3 will be gold, however.