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Microwave is a small map in PvP. It was released in the 2.40 update. It has a few ramps, two floors, and a central tower. The map appears to be a cross between the mazes of Kill House and the ramps of Reactor. It looks like it could be inside a microwave due to the computer chip designs on the map.

The map has a lot of bugs and glitches. This makes it very tricky to climb on the platform.

Spawn Locations

(Using the picture as a reference) The pink team spawns in the trench to the right of the platform where the character is standing.

The blue team spawns at the far opposite trench.

Recommended Weapons

Sniper Rifles- Useful for shooting people in the trenches and in the tower.

Laser Guns- Highly recommended since they would be very helpful in the trenches and up on the second floor.

Light Bows- They should be used in the trenches since the trenches are small and great areas for ambushes. 

Black Disk- Also useful for the tight corners in the trenches.

Grenade Launchers + Plasma- Useful for drawing players out of cover, while they are hiding in the tower or in the trenches.

General Strategy

The general strategy whether in Team Deathmatch or All For One is to get your opponents down on the lower levels of the map and keep them down there. In the Star Warfare series, like in many other shooter games, the advantage of height is huge! Very often, just dropping onto someone from above in the Microwave map spells death for that player. 

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