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  • I live in Like I'm Gonna Let You Stalk Me...
  • My occupation is Not much. Perhaps a few murde-- I mean newspaper boy jobs here and there...
  • I am Yes.

Andromedae Oblivion Equinox

Background - The AOE is an elite team of highly trained Andromedae speciallists who dominates PvP against the highest of the highs and top of the line tiers. Only join if PvP is love and is life to you!

Uniform - Andromedae Armor

Leader - AtomicMelon

Motto - Born at Midnight, Awake at Dawn, Death at Dusk

Member List

Blog - Refer to The AOE Blog for more information.

Tags - [AOE] [AOE-] [GOE]

Alliances - (SWT) [TDS]

Memberships - Multiples are fine

Enemies - None

Spots Left:

-Guest: Infinite

-Member: 50

-Expertise: 20

-Master: 10

-Co-Leader: 3

-Leader: 1

There are different tests for each different Rank in the clan.

Member - Andromedae Armor/Rank E-4/1 kill using Andromedae Armor in a 1v1 against a Expertise

Expertise - Andromedae Armor/Rank E-7/3 kills using Andromedae Armor in a 1v1 against a Master

Master - Andromedae Armor/Rank O-1/5 kills using Andromedae Armor in a 1v1 against a Co-Leader

Co-Leader - Andromedae Armor/Rank O-3/7kills using Andromedae Armor in a 1v1 against the Leader

Guest - Any full set of armor besides Viper/Beat X-Mas Surprise Solo

Leader - Using Andromedae, do a perfect domination against the current Leader/Rank O-3

Different Ranks have different tags.

Guest - [GOE]

Member - [AOE-Favorite #]

Expertise - [AOE-E]

Master - [AOE-M]

Co-Leader - [AOE-X]

Leader - [AOE]

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