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"Classic little piece of wood with a rope," you might think. Wrong. These weapons are high-tech energy bows that launch arrows with deadly power and are capable of outmatching many guns. Each projectile explodes on impact and deals splash damage to all enemies in the blast radius.

Consequently, the Trinity is one of the best close and mid-range weapons in all game modes. These weapons are great for cleaning up aliens, but they aren't the best choice when coming to boss fights since they are slow flying through the air. Trinity is most effective at close range because you must be relatively close to your target for all the arrows to hit. The more distance you are away from your target, the harder it is to hit since the arrows are slow moving and spread out as they travel.

Crosshair for Light Bows in Alien Invasion.

Light Bow:

Rank 1 Power: 100

Firerate 0.50

Energy: 40

Cost: 28 Mithril 

Rank 8 Power: 350

DPS: 700

A simple bow with an explosive arrow that travels slowly in a straight line. It costs 28 mithril, which could be either a lot or cheap due to different people's opinions. The power isn't that bad at all. When fully upgraded and equipped with Perseus Armour, it uses around 4 arrows to kill a Digger in a Serpent boss fight. Also, the fire rate isn't that bad, as well as the energy cost.


Rank 1 Power: 150x3 (total of 450 damage)

Firerate 0.65

Energy: 130

SPD: -1

Cost: 200 mithril

Rank 8 Power: 525x3, Total of 1575 damage

DPS: 1575

Known as one of the deadliest weapons in the game. It was claimed to be the strongest before the 2.70 Christmas 2013 update came out. It shoots a different arrow than the Light Bow, and it also shoots three arrows instead of one, so it deals massive damage when all the arrows hits the target. It is said that it's only useful for PvP where close range combat it crucial. The arrows spread as they travel further where it drops some accuracy and it travels slowly, so it's not a good weapon to aim at a target at a long range.

Note: The Trinity is now useless in PvP since its arrows deal no damage to enemies

On PvE, it's not very ideal. It's heavy, the arrows travel slowly and only works at close range, which is not a good idea on PvE.  It would be better to use Machine Guns than this. In PvP, it works extremely well in close range.

The Arrow:

Rank 1 Power: 210

Fire Rate: 0.50

Energy: 200

Cost: $2,200,000

Rank 8 Power: 735

DPS: 1,470

A new bow that was released in version 2.90 (Christmas 2014). Instead of arrows, plasma energy balls are released when the weapon is fired, similar to the Energy Glove. However, the high energy cost will be a factor if one wants to save energy for boss fights. The weapon can be bought with gold, allowing players to save mithril on other equipment they might need.

Light Bows

Light Bows

Light Bow ENG 40 FR 0.5

Trinity ENG 130 FR 0.65 SPD -1

The Arrow ENG 200 FR 0.5


POW 100 (Cost: 28 mithril)

POW 150 x3 (Cost: 200 mithril)

POW 210 (Cost: $2,200,000)


POW 115 (Cost: $90,000)

POW 172 x3 (Cost: $750,000)

POW 241 (Cost: $660,000)


POW 135 (Cost: $150,000)

POW 202 x3 (Cost: $1,250,000)

POW 283 (Cost: $1,100,000)


POW 160 (Cost: $210,000)

POW 240 x3 (Cost: $1,750,000)

POW 336 (Cost: $1,540,000)


POW 190 (Cost: $300,000)

POW 285 x3 (Cost: $2,500,000)

POW 399 (Cost: $2,200,000)


POW 230 (Cost: $600,000)

POW 345 x3 (Cost: $5,000,000)

POW 483 (Cost: $4,400,000)


POW 280 (Cost: $900,000)

POW 420 x3 (Cost: $7,500,000)

POW 588 (Cost: $6,600,000)


POW 350 (Cost: $1,350,000)

POW 525 x3 (Cost: $11,250,000)

POW 735 (Cost: $9,900,000)

The SW2 exclusive Energy Bow/Sword has the ability to switch between an Energy Bow and a Sword. To switch forms, double tap the fire button to switch into a sword, and hold down the fire button while in sword to switch into an Energy Bow. The Energy Bow deals energy damage, while the sword does melee damage. So far, only one Energy Bow/Sword exists in the game, the HBS-VI Phantom. This weapon fires out 2 energy blasts that, unlike the Trinity in SW:AI (arrows spread out), close in onto your target, making it much easier to hit an enemy with both energy blasts. This weapon should be used as a primary weapon due to its strength and ability to turn into a sword. It is a very effective weapon in PvP, killing players with ease.