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<tabber>SW:AI=Laser Guns are medium-powered, fast-firing weapons that are similar to Assault Rifles, in that they are well balanced. These versatile weapons work well with all fighting styles, whether in PvP or PvE. They not only have efficient attack power, but their beams can also pierce through enemies, allowing for multiple kills at once.

As of Star Warfare Version 2.40, every weapon in the Laser Gun class (as well as certain Assault Rifles) is subject to a peculiar fire-rate glitch: After playing one PvP match with a Laser Gun equipped, the weapons' firing rate increases dramatically. The change varies for each laser gun, but the increased rate of fire does NOT raise the weapon's total damage output and only the sound of the fire-rate is increased. It is not recommended to get the LG002B as it is much harder to get than the M2456S, and it has a significantly lower DPS. The Morpheus and Spreader also show the penetration trait of laser guns.


The first laser gun and costs only 8 mithril. It is the starting laser gun and is much hard to get than the M2456S, which only costs gold. Only 50 energy consumed per shot.


More powerful than the LG002B, it costs only $320,000 and has a slight increase in fire rate.


It has the fastest fire rate of all laser guns, .25 second fire rate and high damage. Most players can use the NOVA27 if they haven't acquired the LIT07 yet. The NOVA27 is slightly expensive which costs $750,000.


The LIT07 has higher damage than the NOVA27 and has a slower fire rate (0.29 versus 0.25). The initial damage it can deal is 190 per shot and can be bought for 95 mithril. It is recommended to get the AST-KK for PvP, but the LIT07 is best when paired with the Atom or Dec.24 armors.

Laser Guns

Laser Guns

LG002B ENG 22 FR 0.30 (0.20 when glitched)

M2456S ENG 30 FR 0.30 (0.20 when glitched)

NOVA27 ENG 45 FR 0.25 (0.16 when glitched)

LIT07 ENG 65 FR 0.28 (0.18 when glitched)


POW 50 (Cost: 8 Mithril)

POW 90 (Purchase: $320,000)

POW 140 (Purchase: $750,000)

POW 190 (Purchase:95 Mithril)


POW 57 (Cost: $25,500)

POW 103 (Upgrade: $96,000)

POW 161 (Upgrade: $225,000)

POW 218 (Upgrade: $405,000)


POW 67 (Cost: $42,500)

POW 121 (Cost: $160,000)

POW 189 (Cost: $375,000)

POW 256 (Cost: $675,000)


POW 80 (Cost: $59,500)

POW 144 (Cost: $224,000)

POW 224 (Cost: $525,000)

POW 304 (Cost: $945,000)


POW 95 (Cost: $85,000)

POW 171 (Cost: $320,000)

POW 266 (Cost: $750,000)

POW 361 (Cost: $1,350,000)


POW 115 (Cost: $170,000)

POW 207 (Cost: $640,000)

POW 322 (Cost: $1,500,000)

POW 437 (Cost: $2,700,000)


POW 140 (Cost: $255,000)

POW 252 (Cost: $690,000)

POW 392 (Cost: $2,250,000)

POW 532 (Cost: $4,050,000)


POW 175 (Cost: $382,500)

POW 315 (Cost: $1,440,000)

POW 490 (Cost: $3,375,000)

POW 665 (Cost: $6,075,000)^

|-|SW2=Energy Rifles (same as laser gun in SW:AI) are fast firing weapons that are similar to assault rifles except that these weapons have the ability to penetrate through your enemy and damage others behind it. Energy Rifles should also not be used as a primary weapon because of its weak power with the exception of FXVV Light, which has an extremely fast firerate.