Andromedae Armor
The Laser Cannon is the most expensive weapon in the game (tied with the M-Z7B2), and costs a heart-pounding 320 Mithril. The last upgrade costs 18,000,000 Gold and has a maximum damage output of 5250 damage per second (1050 per .20 second ) Note, however, that the Laser Cannon's average damage output is 3500 damage per second when the weapon is considered on its own; this is due to its overheat and cool-down properties. The Laser Cannon may fire for a maximum of 10 seconds, after which the user must wait a mandatory cool down period of 5 seconds. Thus, while the weapon is outputting 5250 damage points per second when it's firing, its overall output is 3500 dps. Also to note that in PvP it can only fire for 5 secs.


The Laser Cannon is a great weapon for small enemies, however it is a poor choice for bosses because of its cool-down. In terms of the first 10 seconds, it deals the most damage per second, even greater than the Gatling Guns. Similarly to the Gatling Guns, the Laser Cannon has a start-up time of one second.

However, many people overestimate the power of the Laser Cannon. The best way to dodge a Laser Cannon is through patience. The Laser Cannon will overheat after 5 seconds of continuous fire, and then must cool down for 5 seconds before it can be used again -- this is an excellent time to attack a Laser Cannon user if they have not thought of using a secondary weapon during the cool-down. Furthermore, if you bring a Laser Cannon in PvP, the time of use lasts 5 seconds as opposed to 10. If you have low tier armor, try your best not to be spotted. Better yet, don't attempt to attack the player if he/she has top tier armor. This weapon is not recommended to be used for PvP due to a glitch that makes Laser Cannon deal no damage to its enemy, even when firing directly at it.

AIMING is one of the most crucial skills to using a Laser Cannon. While the weapon has unlimited penetration, it should be noted that it doesn't possess a large splash radius like the Crab, Black Stars or Trinity. In short, it's basically an extremely powerful laser gun. This weapon possess the second highest DPS (5250) in the game (with M-Z7B2 placing first with 5659 DPS.)

Ammo Usage

The Laser Cannon uses 100 energy every 0.2 seconds, meaning that while firing, it uses up 500 energy per second. This exceeds the energy consumption of the M-27B1 (235 eps), and the Crab (300 eps). Factoring in its overheat mechanism, the average energy consumption of a Laser Cannon when it's constantly fired is 333 eps. While being one of the most powerful weapons available, the Laser Cannon is also one of the most expensive to continuously fire.

The Laser Cannon is suggested to be used with the FREEDOM backpack.

Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon ENG 100 FR 0.2 SPD -1.0


POW 300 (Cost: 320 Mithril)


POW 345 (Cost: $1,200,000)


POW 405 (Cost: $2,000,000)


POW 480 (Cost: $2,800,000)


POW 570 (Cost: $4,000,000)


POW 690 (Cost: $8,000,000)


POW 840 (Cost: $12,000,000)


POW 1050 (Cost: $18,000,000)

^^Thanks to Drexiel for the info

Note: There is a glitch where the Laser Cannon will do no damage to an opposing player, even when the laser is fired directly at it. This will usually happen when the user is close or at mid-range from the enemy. You will need to start over the weapon again if this happens.